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18 Design Ideas for a Bedroom with Study Table

Having the right study table is essential to spark creativity and productivity, especially if you work from home.

But selecting the right study table design with the bed is important to make the room look put-together while it is functional as well.

Here are 18 different study table design ideas for your bedroom:

  1. Simplistic Study Table Design with Bed

    Simple yet classy, this bed with study table is placed in a white and wood-themed setting, giving a modern look. When mixed with a simplistic bed, the smooth surface with no visible compartments or drawers gives a modern and minimalistic aesthetic.

  2. Functional Study Table Attached to the TV Unit

    Another great way to incorporate a modern study table in your bedroom is right underneath the wall-mounted TV unit. This is a functional way of getting things done if you don’t have enough space in your bedroom for a separate study table. To get more creative and make your bedroom look more stunning, you can use wooden tiles as an accent wall for the mounted TV unit.

  3. Bunk Bed With Study Table

    A bunk bed with a built-in study table is a practical and space-saving solution for any bedroom, making it a popular choice for kids, teenagers, and adults. Bunk beds with study tables can be made in various styles and designs to fit different room sizes and styles. For instance, a bunk bed with a built-in study table and storage compartments is ideal for smaller bedrooms, as it provides ample storage space without taking up extra floor space. On the other hand, a bunk bed with a desk and bookshelves is perfect for a larger bedroom, as it offers more workspace and storage options.

  4. Hidden Study Table Design in Bedroom

    Get creative with your study table design in a crowded bedroom space by utilising the existing area. You can install a hidden study table inside your wardrobe or get a foldable wooden wall attachment as the table.

  5. Small and Savvy Corner for Study Table

    If a bulky study table design in your bedroom is not your scene, you can go for a simple and small study table that can be seated in the corner of your bedroom to keep things minimal. Keep a small desk near the lampshade beside your bed so it won’t take up much space while still giving you enough area to keep your things on it.

  6. Separated Study Section with a Wall Mounted Unit

    Keeping a separate study section in your room allows you to divide your personal space. Get a wall-mounted study table with open wooden floating racks for keeping your books as a display shelf. It gives you enough space to keep other stuff while providing you with the necessary privacy.

  7. Modern Bookshelf Blended with Study Table

    Although simple, this style of study table design in your bedroom brings functionality for a productive workspace in your space. It features a clean, modern design with a sturdy wooden frame and white laminated tabletop, providing ample space for working, studying, and organising books and other study materials. The bookshelf at the top of the study unit offers easy access to books and files without cluttering the work surface.

  8. Attached Wardrobe with Study Table Design in Bedroom

    This space-saving and practical solution is great for small bedrooms or home offices. It is attached to the wardrobe, creating a streamlined and cohesive look. With this design idea for your study table in the bedroom, you have enough space to keep your books, papers, or other office supplies while also not compromising on giving away the wardrobe area. A perfect way to create balance!

  9. Low Height Study Table in Bedroom

    Contemporary and stylish, a low-height study table beside your bed gives a sleek and minimalistic vibe. This is a perfect setting for home offices where you need a casual yet comfortable space to work in. A separate shelf accommodating your books, laptops, and other stuff will make the corner an ideal work/study area.

  10. Multipurpose Bed, Study, and Storage

    Luxurious but compact and unique, this multipurpose platform bed with a study table design seamlessly installs a study unit with the bed to fit in the space. The elevated bed frame provides ample storage space for clothes, shoes, and other personal belongings. And the study table is positioned on one side of the bed, providing a functional and comfortable workspace for working, studying, or browsing the internet.

    Pairing this wooden-powered aesthetic with wooden floor tiles gives the room a clean and elegant look. This flooring option is easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for a bedroom.

  11. Combined Home Office, Bedroom and Study Room

    Compact and versatile, you can combine your study table design in your bedroom with your home office for a multifunctional space. It’s minimalistic while still creating a stylish and comfortable environment.

  12. Spacious Study Table with Bed Design

    A spacious bed does not mean you must compromise on your study table design. Utilise your space wisely by locating the study unit in the corner of your room, attached to the wall. This gives the table ample amount of space to keep your items organised.

  13. Open Storage for Study Table Design with Bed

    An open storage study table design in the bedroom gives you sufficient space while not taking a significant room in the area. The desk in this image has open shelving units on either side, which provide plenty of storage. And since the shelves are divided into shelves, varying in size and height, it allows for more flexibility in organising and displaying items.

  14. Ceiling-to-Floor Design for a Study Table

    This ceiling-to-floor study unit perfectly passes as a sleek and modern workstation. Starting from the floor, it spans the height of the wall where the desk is fixed to the wall. With multiple shelves and compartments, this study setting provides ample storage space.

  15. Bedroom Study Table Design Ideas for Kids

    Kids love vibrant colours, so why not make the study table in their bedroom more interesting with colours and various shapes? Whether their study unit is attached to the wall with multiple cabinets for storage or has a simple desk with drawers, adding colour instantly makes the atmosphere more inviting! If you don’t have the constraint of space in your little one’s room, think out of the box to create an environment that encourages them to study.

  16. Classic Wooden Design for Study Table

    Nothing beats the elegance and durability of dark-coloured wooden furniture. Incorporating wood into your study table idea in the bedroom and combining it with a classy and comfortable chair can bring the best out of any space.

  17. Near the Window

    Windowpane is the best location to place your study table. It allows more natural light into the room and allows you to utilise your space wisely since it doesn’t take the centre of the area.

  18. Utilise Ample Storage

    If you have the space, you won’t regret expanding your study table further in the bedroom! There’s nothing like “too much space” when you know exactly how to utilise it. Extend the study unit attached to the wall and fill it with ample shelves and compartments.

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