Tiles are an inimitable part of our lives. Usually, we do not pay much attention to the floors and walls of our spaces, but once you need to transform your home or office into an Eden, one of the first things one looks for is tiling options. There are so many great options for tiles, but Orientbell’s Full body tiles are head and shoulders above most options you find in the market!

A fine-grained variety of naturally-available limestone, Kota stone is famous throughout the country as one of the best flooring options for all kinds of spaces. Quarried in Rajasthan’s Kota area, the stone comes in beautiful shades that make it a desirable option for all. Natural stone is one of the chicest materials in the world of interior design right now.

Much better than plain old Kota stone, Orientbell’s Sahara P Kota Green, one of the shades in full body tiles range, is one of the hottest options when it comes to flooring. There are many reasons why it is vastly superior to regular Kota stone.

Wear And Tear

A great option for rooms with heavy foot traffic, the Sahara P Kota Green tiles are hardy and durable. These tiles are homogenous and made via the vitrified process, which is why they have better scratch hardness than Kota stone. These tiles are six on the Mohs’ scale of hardness while the Kota stone measures at only three to four. Hence once the Kota green tiles are installed, they are ready to take heavy footfall and don’t allow wear and tear. In Kota stone, invariably there is slight chipping of the top layers, but Orientbell’s Sahara P Kota Green keeps the aesthetic appeal of the surface intact for a long long time!

wear and tear of kota stone tiles

Stain Resistance 

When installing flooring at home or commercial spaces, one must keep in mind the importance of having a stain-resistant material. Stone is a natural substance, and thus it takes on stains easily. Tiles don’t allow any kind of stains to remain on the surface due to the invisible glaze layer on them. Kota stone is easily tarnished with stains from household items like ketchup, jam, or polish, whereas Sahara P Kota Green tiles keep the house beautiful and stain-free. The floor will not get sticky or ugly with these tiles on!

Stain resistence Sarah P Kota Stone Tiles

Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance is an important thing to check when it comes to flooring, especially in industrial centers. While at home, we might use light chemicals to clean the floor, commercial hubs like hospitals and hotels clean their floors with a must stronger mix of chemicals, which has the power to take away the beautiful sheen of Kota stone. Natural Kota stone tends to react with acids and starts losing its bright luster and aesthetic appeal. Orientbell’s Sahara P Kota Green from the Sahara Range is full-body tiles that don’t react with acids at all, as proven by our R&D team with vigorous tests done in the laboratory (except hydrofluoric acid), and thus make for great options because of their chemical resistant nature.

Sara Kota Tiles Chemical Resistance

Water Absorption

One of the first things homeowners and interior designers look for when it comes to tiling options is the water absorption level. People obviously gravitate towards flooring with lower water absorption. Full body tiles have almost negligible water absorption, which is less than 0.08%, whereas stone has a slightly higher approximate water absorption level–up to 0.31%. This is another reason why the Sahara P Kota Green tiles are superior to the Kota stone. You can easily install these tiles in areas where there is exposure to water and moisture, like bathrooms, verandahs, porches, etc.

Water absorption Sara Kota Tiles

Slip Resistance

In spaces with children and elderly people, slipping is a concern, which is why flooring with slip resistance is preferred over sleek and slippery floors. The Sahara P Kota Green tiles are matte finish and slip-resistant flooring options unlike Kota stone, where sometimes highly polished stone tends to become slippery and high risk. For this reason, many educational institutes like schools and colleges, as well as old-age homes, are replacing their Kota stone flooring with our full-body tiles to keep the floor safer for everyone!

Slip Resistance Kota tiles

Installation Process

The installation process of flooring differs according to the laying substrate. Tiles are a readymade material that can be installed at once as soon as the surface is prepared but Kota stone is a much longer material to install. You need to polish it several times after installation, which is a lengthy, noisy, and cumbersome process. Kota stone actually even might require you to polish it every three to four years to maintain its sheen. Hence, to avoid this mess and shorter time for laying, we recommend the full-body Sahara P Kota tiles which are much easier to install and manage, and will stay in mint condition for a long time.

Building Weight

It is always good to opt for choices that are not heavy and awkward to manage. Cutting down on material weight is a great way to bring down the building weight. For every 600x600mm size of the Sahara P Kota Green tile, our 9.5mm full-body tiles weigh approximately eight kilograms, whereas, for Kota stone flooring of a similar size and thickness, 15mm weighs around 20kg–thus making the surface weight higher. This ends up making the overall weight of the building structure higher as well, which is not optimal.

Colour Variation

Full body tile shades have very little variation, calculated to be around five to ten percent. However, as stone is a natural product, both the quality and shade of the stone are unpredictable. Hence, tiles give a better aesthetic look when compared to Kota stone, and are a good choice for overall aesthetics. The Sahara P Kota green comes is a gorgeous green hue that is pleasing to the eye and is aesthetically pleasing, making it an excellent option over regular Kota stone.

Using nature-inspired materials is in vogue at the moment and Orientbell’s Sahara P Kota Green is a prime specimen when it comes to exciting flooring options. Kota Green comes in a regular size which is 2by2 tiles and has a beautiful matte finish. The well-crafted tiles leave any space shining brighter than before.

If you are looking for a beautiful, durable, and lovely tile to make your home or office look its best, this tile choice will be perfect for you. Orientbell’s Sahara Range is beautiful and rustic and is full of trendy aesthetic options for your space.