How to keep your home germ-free?

A person’s home is their castle, but the problem with castles is that they are very hard to maintain. Keeping a home clean and sanitized is a priority, but households having children and pets often end up becoming a hotbed for bacteria and viruses. Left unchecked, this could lead to severe illnesses and raise health concerns. Often, just brushing off the dust that finds abode within your house a few times a month is not enough.

With the concerns about health skyrocketing, it is imperative that everyone keep their homes germ-free and clean. Here are some ways to keep your house hygienic and safeguarding your family from those pesky viruses.

Follow a cleaning routine

mopping the floor

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Set up a cleaning routine for your space and follow it rigorously. You must clean your house either every day or every alternate day. Share the plan with all members of your family, and employ their help to keep to the schedules. Do not leave soggy clothes, dirty footwear, and undone dishes lying around the house. Divide and conquer the chores so that one person does not have to take on the whole house. Try and deep clean your house at least twice a month, particularly tackling problem areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. Cleanliness is very important to keep your home free of germs and maintaining a proper clean up routine will help keep that up.

Store Toiletries Properly

Store Toiletries Properly

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Keeping your toothbrushes and hair combs clean and sanitized is a crucial step in cleanliness that most people forget about. The human mouth contains about 100 million microbes per milliliter of saliva. Those microbes eat the same food you do, and when you brush, food particles and bacteria stick to your toothbrush. Try to keep your brushes clean, and invest in toothbrush covers for your family. Do not leave your combs with hair in it, as that can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mites, and other pests.

Invest in Germ Free Tiles

germ free tiles

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A house is rife with areas where germs can breed. Especially in a country like India, with its many unmappable weather changes, there is a huge possibility of bacteria and germ circulation that can create uninhabitable conditions within homes. Germ-free floor tiles come with a unique specialty that kills more than 99.5 percent of disease-causing bacteria. The added benefit of these tiles is that they are safer than ceramic cookware, which assures your family’s health. You should consider investing in floor tiles, as well as wall tiles that are made with this germ-free technology. This is a great option for those with low immunity as well as households with children and pets.

Ensure proper ventilation

Ensure proper ventilation

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Enclosed spaces free from any kind of sunlight or air are very much prone to germs, which is why one of the most important tips on how to keep your home germ-free is by ensuring proper ventilation within your home. Every room or space of your house should be well-ventilated, letting air flow freely, especially the bathrooms and the kitchens. It is good practice to make it a habit to open doors and windows at least once a day to allow natural sunlight and air into your home. Not only will this keep your house from becoming a den of diseases, but it will also reduce your electric light usage, as you begin to depend on the abundant natural sunlight India has to offer.

Keep Areas Dry

Keep areas dry

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It is a commonly known fact that high content of moisture and humidity are the most favorable conditions for germs like fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc. to breed in, so it is important that you take care, especially in the rainy season. The easiest way to deal with the problem of moisture and humidity to keep your home germ-free is by properly utilizing fans. Whenever you go to the bathroom or clean your floors, make sure you switch on your fans. You can also opt for water-resistant tiles, particularly for the bathroom and kitchen areas. This will enable your rooms to stay dry and will decrease the mold, bad odour, and bacterial activity.

This year, make sure you keep your home neat and tidy and your family far far away from germs. That’s a good 2020 resolution- and it’s never too late!