Just like other professions and businesses, the building & construction, real estate and conjoined professions are also facing the heat of the situation.

In our latest series of Facebook live sessions – Architects of Change, architect Jinu Kurien spoke with our CMO, Alok Agarwal on the impact on business for architects post-Covid.

Read excerpts here:

How to become an architect entrepreneur? How to find your market?

Co- Founded DesignWorks along with his batchmates Ajay & Abraham. The trio explored various options and then started working on some projects on their own. You find opportunities driven by your own passion, your own strength, and what your immediate network recognizes you for. Their mentors introduced them to new clients outside their immediate social network, and that’s how the business grew.

What’s the vision for your firm in 30-40 years?

They would aspire to do impactful work. And be agile & nimble to meet customer aspirations as they evolve.

How to build a brand?

There are lots of social media options. However, contribute and make an impact. As you do so you will be recognized for what you can do, what you stand for. Even during the pandemic, An architect designed a PPE and is now selling it. His work is getting recognized because of his relevance.

How will real estate change post-Covid?

Different sectors will have different responses.  Co-working spaces were earlier focusing on density maximization. So 40 sqft per person was desirable as compared to 120 sq ft. That will flip completely as norms for social distancing set in. They are also re-inventing themselves as THE offices near to your home. So you don’t have to travel from the suburbs to the city center just to work. Co-living is more complex. And like education, it will have a couple of iterations before it settles. Residential should pick up. We were moving towards rentals being preferred. Covid-19 may possibly reset & bring buying the residence back as a priority.

How is architecture education going to evolve?

We can improve our focus on business, on financials, on entrepreneurship as well as align more to the industry. However, on the other hand, education is best placed to research, explore & push boundaries way beyond what the industry is willing to accept. 

How will your decision making process change?

Architects placed a lot of value on the tactile aspect. Post-Covid touch sounds almost scary. So building material companies will evolve new ways of doing things.

Watch the entire episode of our series Architects of Change, to hear what experts have to say about the current situation and the best ways to deal with it. We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below.

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