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BabyProofing Your House: Tips for Parents

baby proofing your house


As a new parent, you are always concerned about protecting your newborn from every possible risk. One of the main concerns, especially when your infant gets mobile, is how to make your home safer for them.

To solve your dilemma of securing a safer place for your baby, we bring you a guide on baby-proofing tips for parents.

Tips for Parents to Baby-Proof the House

1) Make Your Bathroom Safer

Make Your Bathroom Safer for Baby


The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for your little one. Due to the space being slippery, there are chances that your baby, especially those not secure on their feet, might slip and fall. To prevent this, you can install anti-skid tiles in your bathroom to make it less slippery.

And also, it is the place where you store all kinds of cleaners, detergents and other products. It is best to keep them in closed cabinets, with child locks on them, so your child doesn’t get their hands on any of them.

One of the most important things to do with respect to the bathroom is to keep it shut at all times to prevent your child from entering the space in your absence.

2) Be Familiar With Crib Safety

Be Familiar With Crib Safety


It is often seen that most injuries to children under the age of five involve cribs and crib mattresses and have resulted in visits to the hospital. Avoid adding too many pillows, soft toys and crib bumpers to your child’s cribs – a younger child may suffocate due to them, and an older child may use these to propel themselves over the wall of the crib.

Also, as your child gets older, make sure you raise the crib wall so that they are unable to get in or out on their own from the crib. This helps reduce the risk of injuries from falls.

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3) Pick the Right Flooring

a) Use Germ-Free Tiles


Picking the right flooring tile for your baby


You may make your house safer by installing germ-free floor tiles. Babies usually crawl on the floors and are in contact with the germs on the floors, which can make them sick. In such a scenario, germ-free tiles can be of great help. Germ-free tiles come with an antibacterial coating that fights germs, kills 99% of them on contact, and works well between cleaning cycles.

 B) Install scratch-free tiles


Install scratch-free tiles


Children are always in a playful mood, and their playful mood might let them strike off your home flooring and walls. This will cause damage to the inshore of your home, and your children will also get hurt due to scratching. To avoid this kind of situation and to protect your home from any scratch, you can install scratch-resistant tiles to protect your floors.

Scratch-resistant tiles do not easily get damaged and are long-lasting. You can find a lot of designs and colours in this category. So, you can go ahead and find the most suitable option for your interior.

C) Use Anti-Skid Tiles


Use Anti-Skid Tiles for baby


To make your flooring safe and less slippery, install anti-skid tiles. These tiles have an anti-slip surface that maintains strong friction even when the surface is wet and soapy. This eliminates the chance of slipping. Anti-skid tiles are also suitable for outdoor use as well since they are resistant to grazing and blemishes, lending a feeling of timelessness to the designs. This type of tile is ideal for baby-proofing because it prevents babies from slipping on the floor and keeps them safe from injuries.

4) Watch Carefully For Heavy Things In And Around The House

Watch heavy things around your house


Children are forever moving around. As infants, they’ll crawl and try to get into anything and everything and hold anything to pull themselves into a standing position. As toddlers, they will scale and climb any surface, no matter how shaky it is. It is imperative that in such scenarios, you either fix things to the floor and walls.

For example, open shelf bookcases that an infant may hold onto or a toddler may scale should be screwed to the wall so that it doesn’t topple on your child or hide away heavy stuff that may fall on them – for example, heavy vases or decor pieces that may fall on their head.

You can also install matte finish tiles as they are non-shiny and therefore non-slippery as well and are well-suited for crawling babies and toddlers.

5) Use Gates Around Staircases

Use Gates Around Staircases for baby


It is always advisable for parents to exercise caution around stairwells by installing safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs or securing doors that lead to stairwells. A semi-permanent gate that is screwed into place offers several advantages, including the fact that it won’t collapse, that you can leave it open when not in use, and that the absence of a bottom bar means you won’t be tripping around.

Make sure you keep increasing the height of the gate as per your child’s height, and get a gate with vertical bars to prevent them from climbing over the gate. Also, the flooring around the staircase should be safe and water-resistant, so you can install stair tiles as they are durable, have a matte finish and reduce the chances of slipping and falling.

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6) Create A Secure Space For Them To Play

Create A Secure Space For Baby To Play


It is dangerous for babies to be crawling around on the floor while parents are busy with work or chores – they may get into spaces they shouldn’t be in, crawl into your workspace, or just generally get triggered by the lack of attention. For younger kids, the best way to keep them entertained is by using a playpen. With a playpen, they remain within a particular space, and the addition of an adequate amount of toys will ensure that they do not get bored.

For older kids, especially toddlers, keeping them contained in a particular space can be difficult. But you can use teepees and play tents to create a play space for them. If you have a separate kids’ room, ensure that it is completely babyproof (no open outlets, windows or doors) before leaving your child in there alone.

A home is a place where everyone seeks comfort and safety. Babyproofing your house will protect people of all ages and not just children. Your children, who are still learning about life, deserve a pleasant atmosphere to help them have a safe and enjoyable childhood.

Orientbell Tiles can help you achieve this atmosphere. After all, this is the time during which newborns primarily learn and adapt. These baby-proofing ideas will keep you and your child safe from all kinds of calamities. So follow these tips to babyproof your house.

How Can Orientbell Tiles Help?

With Orientbell Tiles, you can be assured of receiving a quality product that is durable and long-lasting. From anti-skid tiles to germ-free tiles, we strive to make your space safer for all its inhabitants and visitors. You can check our tile collection on our website and at a store near you.

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