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7 Balcony Design Ideas To Inspire You In 2023

Balcony Design Ideas

The balcony is a multifaceted space where you can relax, exercise, meditate, rejuvenate and even host – it is like the superman of spaces! In cities where homes are smaller, balconies can be designed to work as an extension of their room, allowing you to expand your space and make optimal use of every inch of space.

In larger homes, larger balconies can be modelled into a space where you can begin your morning relaxing, evening rejuvenating and special occasions hosting.

Are you looking to give your balcony a makeover in 2023? Read on for some inspiring ideas!

1) Enjoy The Tranquillity Of Nature With This Balcony

How often do you just sit and do nothing? Not too often, right? Well, this balcony will change that! Take in the sounds of nature, enjoy the fresh breeze and just stop thinking and just live in the moment.

If lush green trees surround your home, this balcony is just for you. Add a few comfortable chairs, a central table to hold your coffee (or something even stronger), and lay turf to really hone the natural feel of the space. If space and infrastructure allow it, lay a patch of real grass – the feel of walking barefoot through dew-laden grass in the morning is unparalleled! If you do not have the space for grass or turf, add a few potted plants.

Adding some hexagon tiles is a great way to up the look of the space. The honeycomb-like design fits right into the natural ambience you want to create, all the while providing you with a smooth surface to walk on.

This is the perfect space to have a cuppa on calm mornings or wind down at the end of the day with a drink while you just listen to the sounds of nature.

2) A Cosy Corner With A Tropical Touch

This balcony is ideal for those places that do not receive much rain since the furniture may not be able to endure the constant onslaught of moisture. But, if your area receives minimal rain during Monsoons, you can opt for this balcony without any hesitation.

The soft pillows, the warm blanket, the detachable lamps and the addition of plenty of plants make this balcony the perfect cosy nook for you to read in or just cuddle with your partner.

The addition of stone tiles to the balcony is a great way to create a warm and cosy ambience without taking away from the overall tropical feel of the space. Stone tiles that have a matte finish are a great choice for this balcony – they add understated rusticity to the space and provide you with a safe surface to walk on.

The light wood furniture contrasts the darker door and window frames of the home, visually detaching the balcony from the rest of the home and making it feel like it is a world on its own.

3) Relaxing With A View

This clutter-free balcony is ideal for those who love minimalistic open spaces and do not like to fill their space with excess furniture and décor pieces.

Most of the time, your balcony does not need to be a multifaceted space. You can use it to simply relax and take in the view. A comfortable recliner is all you need! Rattan furniture is good for all weather conditions; neither does it get too hot in summer nor too cold in winter, and it does not stay wet for long during monsoons.

Adding Orientbell Tiles’ cool tiles to your balcony is a great way to keep your balcony cool and pleasant at the end of hot summer days. These light-coloured tiles are made using patent-pending technology and reflect maximum light, retaining minimal heat. Even on the hottest days, cool tiles are a lot cooler than the surrounding atmosphere. Don’t believe us? Click here for proof.

4) Dine Outdoors In This Timeless Balcony

This timeless balcony has a soothing look and is ideal for those who love sitting outdoors for extended periods of time.

If your space allows, add a small dining table and chairs so that you can take your meals in the fresh air. The rattan chairs add a classic look to the space, invoking images of the 70s. The subtle beige cement tiles, the brick tiles on the wall and the white border on the French doors all add to the quaint charm of the space.

5) Less Is More With This Balcony

Let’s face it: many of our “balconies” in cities are glorified flower beds. If you are one of those with a tiny balcony, fret not, we have ideas for you too!

With small balconies, the first thing you need to do is downsize. Switch out the bulky furniture for something that is sleek, like this two-seater sofa and the small centre table. Also, push all your furniture up against the wall, as opposed to the centre of the space. This allows for more space for movement and also provides more space for more people to stand in. You can also use light-coloured paints and tiles to make the space feel brighter and bigger.

6) Making The Most Of A Small Balcony

This balcony is the perfect marriage between form and functionality and makes maximum use of the small space. This balcony is ideal for those who have small balconies.

The furniture placed on this balcony, such as the pouffe and the “side table”, as well as the décor pieces, such as the potted plants, are completely movable. So, you can relax alone on the pouffe with your cup of tea alone, or move the furniture indoors and have an on-floor picnic with your guests. The string lights add a whimsical touch to the space while providing the balcony with an additional light source. The tiles, with their striking pattern, add to the beauty of the space.

7) Give Your Space A Quaint Goan Feel

The balcony reminds us of the quaint bungalows one sees in Goa. The pristine white fence, the cosy furniture and the stone tiles – it is like someone has transported a piece of Goa. This space is ideal for an evening chai session with lots of gossip as you sip and relax with family and friends. The addition of potted plants adds a fresh element to the space and makes it feel natural and rustic.

The balcony is an extension of your home and can be designed to reflect your personality. While designing your balcony, keep in mind the area you are working with as well as the purpose you wish for the space to serve. We hope these balcony ideas have inspired you to give your balcony a makeover soon!

How Can Orientbell Tiles Help?

Orientbell Tiles has a wide variety of tiles available, including balcony tiles. These tiles are strong, hardwearing, have low porosity and are easy to maintain – making them an ideal choice for your balcony. Want to check out the range of tiles available at Orientbell Tiles? Click here to view all the tiles and make a purchase or visit a store near you.


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