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Kitchen Cabinet Colour Ideas and Tile Pairings for 2024

kitchen cabinet colour ideas


Looking To Makeover Your Kitchen In 2024? Here Are 10 Cabinet Colour And Tile Pairs To Inspire You!

It is very easy to get inspired by the latest home décor trends and wants to shake things up around the house, and redecorating your space is a great way to channel your inner creativity. However, neither is it practical nor feasible to refresh your whole home every year – however tempting the newest trend may be!

If you want to avoid going all out and redecorating your whole home or even one room, repainting your kitchen cabinets and getting new tiles is a great way to breathe some new life into the kitchen without doing a full remodel.

Since cabinets are easy to paint and repaint, you do not need to worry about committing to the colour for a long time – you can easily paint them again during your next renovation.

Currently, some of the hottest colours contain some classics and some surprises. That said, it is expected that the use of bold and unique colours will be in vogue in 2024 and pairing these colours with a timeless tile will ensure that you can keep changing the colour of your cabinets without having to retile them again and again.

Here are some of the trendiest colours for cabinets that will look beautiful with tiles

1) White

White kitchen cabinet

White is evergreen, and white is always on top of the trends, especially when it comes to kitchens. Though difficult to maintain, white cabinets have a classic and timeless look. The white look imparts a sense of openness and spaciousness to space – an extremely important aspect in smaller kitchens.

White cabinets can easily be paired with marble tiles or wooden tiles for a cohesive, minimalistic look. Wooden tiles can help add a touch of warmth to your kitchen, while marble tiles can make the space look and feel luxurious.

2) Black

Black colour kitchen cabinet

Black kitchens were unheard of until a few years ago when they suddenly started becoming popular all over. Black kitchens are usually minimalist and clean and can work well with a number of colours, thanks to the versatility of black. Black is usually a moody colour and very difficult to get right, but black kitchens have a dramatic look that makes them the showstopper of your home.

While black cabinets can work well with almost any colour, grey tiles are preferred the most since they add the perfect contrast to the space and are light enough to reflect light and brighten up the space, despite the use of black!

3) Grey

Grey colour kitchen cabinet


Grey is a versatile shade that works well in modern as well as traditional setups. Grey is often used when you want to add a chic look to the space or elevate the look of the space. Available in a variety of shades from light grey to charcoal, you can never go wrong with grey!

Grey and brown kitchen colour cabinet


Grey cabinets can be paired with grey tiles for an all-grey look – add a few metallic elements to the space to give it a sleek, industrial look. It can also be paired with wooden tiles to add some warmth and character to the space.

4) Green

Green colour kitchen cabinet


Green has a very strong connection with nature and helps create an informal and rejuvenating ambience- which is perfect for a kitchen that doubles up as a dining space for the family. A soft sage will work well in a country-style kitchen, while a deep forest shade works better in a classic wooden kitchen.

Green colour kitchen cabinet idea


While green cabinets work best with wooden tiles, marble tiles can also be used to up the ambience of the kitchen. Remember to match the undertones of the tile with the shade of green for a more cohesive, put-together look.

5) Blue

Blue colour kitchen cabinet idea


Blues are very common in the bathroom but are slowly making their place in the kitchen too. With a striking look that oozes calm, blue cabinets can completely change the look of your kitchen with a single coat of paint. Be it a dark midnight blue or the softest of baby blues, the colour blue will transform your kitchen and how.

Blue cabinets pair well with most colours, with darker colours pairing well with lighter tiles, while lighter colours pair well with darker and metallic shades.

6) Cream

Cream colour kitchen cabinet idea


A versatile colour, cream works well with almost all colours, especially with those that have warm undertones. While a classic shade, cream is low on the list of colours, a person might choose for their kitchen cabinets. Despite being versatile, its subtlety makes it less sought after in this age of bright and bold colours.

If you wish to opt for an all-neutral look, you can opt for soft brown or beige floor tiles.

7) Red

Red colour kitchen cabinet idea


Red makes for a stunning choice in kitchens that are inherently dark and do not receive much sunlight. The bold colour helps brighten things up and makes the space feel light and airy. You can emphasise your red cabinets by using lighting or décor pieces in red to tie the whole look together.

Red colour kitchen cabinet idea


Red cabinets work best with neutral shades in order to prevent them from looking overly loud and gaudy. You can also opt for tiles that replicate the look of natural materials, such as wood or stone, in order to tone things down.

8) Pink

Pink colour kitchen cabinet idea


If you wish to add pink cabinets to your kitchen, you need to be very careful – one wrong shade and your kitchen will end up looking like someone dropped a bottle of gelusil in it. Opt for richer shades of pink as opposed to neon shades to create a space where you can stand in for a while without getting a headache due to the brightness of it.

Pink cabinets pair well with soft shades of wood as well as shades of cream and ivory. Tiles with subtle brass or gold elements can also help make the space look stunning.

9) Yellow

Yellow colour kitchen cabinet


Yellow is bright and exudes happiness – a nice vibe to have in the space where you spend a major chunk of the day cooking or eating. A bright and sunny yellow can brighten up your kitchen and make it look and feel spacious. As with pink, avoid opting for too bright or neon shades as they can hurt the eye and stick out like a sore thumb.

Yellow pairs very well with deeper shades of blue, purple and orange and can be used in conjunction with black and grey too.

10) Brown

Brown colour kitchen cabinet idea


Brown reflects nature and has a warm quality about it that instantly uplifts the look of the space and makes it feel relaxed and inviting. When we think of brown cabinets, we often picture wooden cabinets or cabinets covered by a layer of wooden laminate. These cabinets can give your kitchen a timeless look and add an old-world charm to it.

Brown cabinets can be paired with white or grey tiles, natural stone tiles and wooden tiles. You can choose the tile depending upon the look you want to go for – white or grey floor tiles can give it a chic modern look, while the use of natural stone tiles can give the space a more rustic look. If you wish for an old-timey, classic kitchen, opt for wooden tiles.

Are you looking forward to changing up things in your kitchen and using a new combination of paint and tile for it? Remember, the darker and brighter the colour on the cabinet, the lighter and more subdued it should be the floor and vice versa. Also, do make sure to match undertones while choosing shades to ensure cohesiveness. Which colour pairing did you love the most? Let us know in the comments!

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