It also happens to be a space where you can unwind yourselves after a long day.

A long hot shower is all you need to get rid of a long day’s hard work.

A good-looking bathroom not just leaves your guests impressed but also gives you a space to feel rejuvenated and happy.

1.Go for Patterns

If you want to add some character and life to your bathroom, mix and match different patterns for walls and floors. Pattern tiles offer a whole new look to bathroom tiles. The mix and match of different shapes and designs make the bathroom visually attractive and draws the eyes instantly.

Go for Patterns

2. Classic Glossy White

White glossy tiles are evergreen for your bathroom. They are classy and make your bathroom look simple and attractive. It gives your space a soothing character while the light white hue adds a little light to it.

classy glossy bathroom tile

3. Monochrome Magic

A classic black and white palette never goes out of style. If you are partial to rustic reaks or modern spaces, this color combination is always full of style and character. This color combination is versatile- you can choose stripes, patterns, or blocks of solid hues.

Monochrome Magic

4. Mocking your Way

You can now opt for wooden tile for the bathroom floor without a hassle. They are super easy to clean, durable, and add sharpness to the bathroom by giving it a modern and edgy look.

mocking your way

5. Match Them Up

Match your backsplash to your tiled floors and shower walls, to create a similarly high-impact and cohesive aesthetic feel. Opt for bright colors to add the much-needed character.

6. Grayscale

If you are someone who would prefer a minimal color palette but want to add a bold character to your bathroom at the same time, grayscale tiles are the ones for you. The grayscale tiles create an attractive graphic pattern without making it appear visually chaotic.

grayscale tile for bathroom

7. Pastel Blue

Pastel blue is a sensible choice while tiling your bathroom. Pair it up with a light hue like off-white or cream and you are good to go. It also goes well with the wood-tone fittings in the bathroom. For example, white large tiles can be paired up with a soft blue tone and the result would be completely soothing and pleasing to the eyes.

Pastel Blue tile for bathroom

8. Mint Green

Mint green tiles will add that zing to your bathroom. It will add more character and would be visually attractive. It will give your bathroom a little playful touch while the minimal neutral tones add some much-needed warmth.

mint green tile for bathroom

9. Make a Statement Wall

Choose a wall and get creative with it. Add patterns, shapes, and solid colors while keeping the rest of the bathroom very minimal. The statement wall will add much-needed character and boldness to the bathroom while the rest of the bathroom balances it out with light hues.

Make a Statement Wall in bathroom

10. Make your Shower Standout

If you are opting for plain, simple, and lighter hues for your bathroom floor tiles, you can make your shower stand out by using color and shapes. Make it bold. Or you can do it the other way around.

standout shower idea

11. Be Colourful

Don’t be afraid to go bold and playful with colors. Opt for brighter hues that complement the fittings of the bathroom. For example, use a peppy color like yellow for your backsplash. Stronger and brighter hues will make your bathroom look less boring and more fun.

colourful bathroom idea

12. Bold Stripes

Use big and bold stripes in solid hues while opting for neutral floor tiles. The neutral floor will balance out the boldness of the striped walls. It will make the bathroom look balanced and structured.

use bold stripes in bathroom

13. Turquoise Pop

You can make an accent wall pop by using the turquoise hue while keeping the other walls and the floor of the bathroom in neutral tones. The bright soothing hue of turquoise adds a boost of personality to your bathroom setup.

Turquoise colour tile for bathroom

14. Checkered Floor

Make your bathroom floor stand out by creating a checkered pattern using solid hue tiles. For example, you can pair up black and white or brown and white. These color combinations are forever in style. Keep the walls in neutral tones and keep the floor creating all the drama.

15. Varied Tile Styles

While going for a minimalistic and modern bathroom, don’t forget to stick to neutral tones. If you want to keep things interesting, do so by varying the tile styles and layering different tiles made up of different materials for different sections of the bathroom.

16. Think Out of the Box

Get playful with your tiles. Use them up in different angles and ways. Mix and match with different tiles styles and materials. Unconventionally use them. For example, use hardwood tiles and marble tiles together for your floor. Don’t follow any strong boundaries, instead make your pattern or a shape on the floor with these tiles.

17. Over the Top

Make your ceiling stand out. Keep the bathroom floors and walls neutral and make the ceiling do all the talking. Go bold. Choose patterns, different shapes, and solid or bright hues. Get imaginative with the ceiling and it will stand out and add character to your entire bathroom.

18. Stick to one Color Family

Choose colors that are youthful and timeless. Play with different shapes and patterns within the chosen color family and design your bathroom in a manner that fits your personality well. It will give the bathroom a more personalized touch.

19. Non- Repetitive Patterns

Choose a non-repeating tile pattern. Such tiles invoke visual interest. The colors and shapes ensure enough consistency and it doesn’t make it look formulaic or too mundane.

20. Incorporate Natural Stone

Natural Stones make a bold statement of elegance and style. Whether it is a floor, walk, or ceiling, natural stones will give them a unique approach.

21. Go Glossy

Ditch the matte finished tiles and go for the glossy and polished ones. They’ll make the bathroom walls look classy and elegant. Durable and easy to maintain glossy tiles will add to the luxury of your bathroom while keeping it modern.

22. Floral Patterns 

Floral patterns are classic and never go out of fashion. Floral patterns enhance the walls of the bathroom and give it a creative touch. You can check floral tiles here to explore more.

23. Blue and White

Blue and white is a timeless color combination. Choose a pattern in this color combination for the floor of your bathroom while keeping the walls white. Your bathroom will surely remind you of Greece and will radiate calming energies.

24. Vintage Vibe

It’s not necessary to keep your bathroom modern. Dive into history and give your bathroom a vintage look. Opt for colors and patterns which speak vintage. For example, use turquoise square tiles and speak of the 1930’s vibe.

25. Bring in the Boho

Opt for tiles that radiate Boho vibes. For example, choose the tiles which are inspired by the block prints of India and install them on the floor while keeping the walls neutral. The floor would make a Boho statement.

26. Play safe with Chevron

If you are too scared to play and experiment, go for the timeless Chevron pattern. It can never go wrong. You can still experiment with the colors while going for this pattern. Make sure to opt for a color that compliments the entire bathroom space.

27. Max Drama

If you want your bathroom to speak for drama, opt for dynamic hexagonal tiles. Play with colors, go for the bold hues, and let the tiles do all the talking. Make sure you opt for the colors which complement the fittings of the bathroom and together they’ll cast a glamour spell.

28. Subway Tiles to the Rescue

If you choose to go for an all-white bathroom, unconventionally use subway tiles to save you from making it look dull. Grey-grout subway tiles help in adding dimension to your all-white bathroom.

29. Cemented Tiles

Cement floor tiles add just the right amount of pattern and grey shade to the bathroom. They are cool and fresh for bare feet and provide great grip. It’s desirable for your bathroom. Plus the durability and easy maintenance of these tiles are what make them a favorite. It can make your bathroom look rusty and classy at the same time.

30. Make Way for the Grout

If you want to move past an all-white bathroom and make way for the new, opt for a neutral grout. It plays up the earthy tones of the space. It’ll make the bathroom look classy and elegant with minimal effort.

31. Balanced Colours

Use the power of colors to maximum capacity. Add the lighter and softer hues to the walls, it’ll help in making the space look well lit and spacious, and balance them by installing darker shades to the floor.

32. Marbles

Marble tiles are the most elegant tiles of all time. They look sophisticated and classy and will add more personality to your bathroom. Marble Tiles are durable and easy to clean and maintain. Opt for a white marble with grey and you will have a bathroom that oozes minimalism and sophistication.

33. Honeycomb

Honeycomb patterns are the new favorites. They are dynamic and can spice up a dull space. If chosen in apt hues, Honeycomb patterns will surely make your bathroom look insta-worthy. They will add more edge to your bathroom and are not getting out of trend any time soon.

34. Retro is My Style

If you are all hearts for retro, why not make your bathroom living evidence of it. Opt for patterns like a hexagon with daring colors such as pink or turquoise. Choose the fittings which complement the colors of the tiles and you are good to go.

35. Small Spaces, Big Impact

Make the small spaces and corners of your bathroom stand out. Opt for edgy patterns and bright hues which complement the entire bathroom and let these small spaces and corners add soul to the bathroom. You can also opt for hand-painted tiles for these spaces as the requirement of the tiles would be comparatively low as compared to the big sections of the bathroom.

36. Experiment

If you wish to push your boundaries and go the extra mile for space, try and experiment with different shaped tiles. For example, pick up the hexagon tiles and go beyond just the flooring. Follow the pattern up to the walls to some extent. Remember to create a non-repetitive pattern to avoid making it look rigid and too matchy. Keep the edges irregular and nonlinear to add more character.

37. Penny Tiles

Penny tiles have recently been in trend and have received a lot of attention. The unique design is an instant hit with the homeowners as well as the people from the industry. It is not every day that a tile attracts this huge audience. One should definitely go for these if experimenting with a new look is not an issue.

38. Half and Half

We’ve often seen an accent wall and how it enhances the look of a particular space. But have you thought about how space would look if it has different tiles in the bottom half of the walls and a different set for the other half? The answer is, that if done smartly, they will look awesome and eye-catching. You shall definitely try this out if you are looking for something unique for your bathroom.

39. Play with the Hues

Colors play a very important role when it comes to designing or tiling a bathroom. One should be smart enough to play with the hues. The right combination can work magic for your space. If you’d ask us, a royal blue wall tile with a copper bathtub, maybe? What do you say?

40. Black and White for the Win

A black-and-white colour scheme does not have to be monotonous or boring. A black and white tiled wall, as well as hexagon patterned flooring, add visual interest to a bathroom.

41. Color of the waters

Bathrooms have since forever donned the watery blue coloured tiles and haven’t looked dull ever. You should definitely try the age-old wonder for your space too as no one can go wrong with a watery blue coloured theme for a bathroom.

42. Florals

Who doesn’t like flowers? Floral patterns have always been a hit when it comes to bathroom tiling. There are no boundaries as to where they look best. You tile the design on walls…it looks great. You tile the design on the floor…it looks amazing there too.

43. High Ceilings Should be Highlighted

Use a backdrop of floor-to-ceiling tiles to draw attention to high ceilings (they also bring so much more texture than paint). In a bathroom, a single pearl-like sconce can be a fun way to experiment and create different, unique bathroom vignettes—plus, it helps to break up the wall.

44. Geometrical Tiles

Geometric tiles are more than just another type of tile; they bring a sense of depth to your decor. The floor’s geometric black and white pattern provides just the perfect amount of panache to an otherwise plain bathroom.

45. Waves

Tiling a wave design in bathrooms sounds just about right. It feels like the design and space were meant for each other.

46. Go Sunny

It is not a common colour to be used in a bathroom but we’ve seen one real good bathroom sporting this colour in the most perfect way possible. We’re talking about the colour yellow and you should try the color out if you’re a little confused about what color to go for.

47. All Eyes on Me

Another very popular way of styling your bathroom is designing the whole space by keeping one piece and center. For example, you have a beautiful bathtub, so, you can design your bathroom in a way that everything supports and enhances and brings highlights to that bathtub. It’s like building a team around Cristiano Ronaldo. It always works.

48. Feel Immersed

The elaborate tiles that surround the bathtub and cover the floors and walls make you feel as if you’re in a museum rather than just staring at a bathroom. Create something so immersive with your tiles that you feel a part of the decor. Solid greys can help you achieve this.

49. Unusual colors

As we’ve time and again realized how important the right colors are for a particular space, but who decides what the right colors are? Nobody but you. You can wake up on a Sunday afternoon and think that you will tile your bathroom with orange tiles and it will look perfect if done right. Never shy away from experimenting with unusual bathroom colors. They work.

50. Movement

Movements can turn out to be a great addition to the design of your bathroom. The tiles won’t move, obviously, but the pattern on them will suggest a certain movement, give your space a certain depth and that can work wonders for the decor.

51. Do what you like

In the end, what matters is your likes and dislikes. One can come up with 50 different suggestions but keep your instincts at the top. It’s your bathroom, do whatever you like and it shall make you smile.