They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. That’s true but what can also not be denied is that even building houses takes time. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of research, and a lot of time to build a place that you can call your home.

It’s you who decides whether the space will sparkle with super glossy tiles, or be a smooth matt finish product. Whether the entire place will follow a theme, or every room will sport a different concept, you can tile it in a classy monochromatic concept or combine different colours in a way that they exist in perfect harmony. All in all, you can and shall do whatever makes you feel at home.

All of this sounds really nice and heartwarming until you realize the hurdles you’ll face during the process. This is where Orientbell comes in. Orientbell believes in giving homeowners the home of their dreams by working towards smoothening all the issues and making the entire process a convenient and hassle-free one.

Introducing TruLook

TruLook is a tile visualization service provided by Orientbell to help everyone, be it the homeowners, architects, or interior designers. Let our experts design your interiors with the tiles selected by you to leave almost no room for error or confusion.

Say, if you like a tile but you don’t really know how it will look in the particular space that you’re planning to mount it. You apply for this service by Orientbell, fill a simple form step by step, and our experts will give you many possible design options, pattern options, and various concepts you can create with that tile. It’ll be a digitally created 3D imagery of that particular space with all the previously mentioned options. Convenient! Isn’t it?

How does it work?

For homeowners and interior designers, this is nothing less than a boon. With numerous options available in the market, many tiles can take your heart away and make you think that they are the perfect choice for that particular space. Trust us, it happens. So, when it does to you, you don’t have to worry. All you have to do is, select the tile that you like, go for TruLook, fill the form, and Kaboom! You’ll have the exact design of how that tile will look in that respective space. Let us take you through the step-by-step details of the form.

Step 1

Once you reach the form, you’ll have to fill in some basic details like your mobile number, the state that you live in, your name, etc. One of the most important parts of the first step is uploading the image/drawing of your home. That’ll help us serve you better. Once you fill in all the details and provide us with an image/drawing, click on Next and we shall proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

This step is divided into 3 simple parts.

Choose the space you want to tile from the options provided, choose whether the tiling requirement is for your floor or walls or both, and then finally, put your Mathematics skills to test and punch in the dimensions of the space you wanna tile. Basic details like room length, width, and height will be required.

Step 3

Here comes the interesting part. Choose and add the tile that you want for your space. You’ll have options, suggestions to choose from, and a search bar where you can look for any tile that you want. Our catalog is your playground. Choose wisely!

Step 4

We always believed in revising our answer sheets before submitting them and we try to install this quality in all our customers, colleagues, and fellow industry friends. This little step is just the final revising before submission. You’ll get to see the summary of what you’ve uploaded and chosen for your space. Revisit everything, set your mind to it, punch in your email id where asked, and finalize it.

Step 5

We don’t know whether this step will be the favorite or not but we assure you that it’ll bring you some amazing results. Step 5 is the step where you pay a very minimal and basic amount for the TruLook service. Once we are through with this, all that remains is Step 6 and that is just…

Step 6

…us saying thank you for believing in this service and trusting us with the space that is so special to you. We assure you about the elite and inch-perfect service that’ll be provided. Just sit back and relax. We got this.

Benefits of TruLook?

When you apply for this service, you receive expert help on anything and everything, starting from the design of the place to how the tile will look in that setting, and the different options you can explore when it comes to mounting that particular tile.

This tile visualization service especially comes in handy for architects and interior designers, but is very useful for homeowners as well.There are situations when architects need to present a design and take approvals from clients.

All they have to do is log on to the Orientbell website, select the desired tile, fill in the form that requires basic details like dimensions, pictures of the space, etc and they’ll have access to a digitally created 3D design of that place. This will help create a better understanding of that space so that it is easier for them to take their work forward.

It is always better to be sure than to be sorry. Tiling is a long-term investment and you should not be taking chances when it comes to this decision. We don’t want your money to be wasted, the enthusiasm of building a home to be ruined, and the memory of getting a new home to be eclipsed with the thought that you had to spend extra unnecessarily or that you didn’t get the desired result. That is why we bring to you this revolutionary service, the TruLook.

When people tell you that there is no possible way of knowing beforehand how the room will look after tiling and all you’ve got to do is take your chances, smile a little, direct them to the Orientbell website and introduce them to TruLook.