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Bathroom Renovation Ideas To Transform Your Space in 2024


In any home, the bathroom is one of the most special spaces and it requires as much attention as any other room. People often think and ignore bathrooms to be just a space where they can clean themselves up but this is a misguided notion. A bathroom that has been designed properly can become one of the best and most comfortable spaces in the house- a mini spa or a grand oasis for the owner. This is why designing the bathroom in a way that suits your personal choices is so important. While thinking of renovating a bathroom a homeowner must think about how they can manage a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal so that their bathroom becomes perfect. Think of it as an investment towards luxury and comfort. This is where this blog comes in as it allows you to explore why your bathroom deserves more consideration than you might have realised by providing you tips and ideas that can help you begin your bathroom remodel journey today.

Ideas for Bathroom Renovations and Bathroom Reconstruction

A good bathroom remodel is not a difficult thing to plan if you remember to always maintain a balance between two basic things- aesthetic appeal and functionality. While redesigning a bathroom that is updated and suits your dream home, a homeowner should always remember how they can combine style with functionality in such a way that the bathroom is also accessible. This often includes the use of the latest technologies along with good quality and efficient materials. By consulting experts, homeowners can find out about the latest designs and elements that are available in the market that can enhance bathroom makeovers by manifold. So, if you’re thinking of starting your bathroom remodel journey, read on!

1. Redesigning A Bathroom: A Brief Look At Assessment and Planning
A man and a woman are looking at a picture of a bathroom.

Embarking on a bathroom renovation is like setting out on a journey where Assessment and Planning become your trusty guides. It all kicks off with a careful evaluation of your current bathroom setup – a close look at what’s working and what needs a makeover. A homeowner should consider everything while redesigning the bathroom including basic aesthetic and practical changes to a complete rehaul that will match not only the popular trends but also your aesthetics. Once this plan has been created, it is necessary to create a proper budget that includes everything including labour charges, materials, equipment needed for the rework, and any unexpected expenses. With proper assessment and planning, you will be able to undertake the renovation of your bathroom in a comfortable and seamless manner so that it goes smoothly without any major bumps on the way.

2. Bathroom Makeovers: Design and Layout
A person drawing on a piece of paper with a ruler.

When thinking about bathroom makeovers, it is necessary to think from two important angles which are aesthetics and functionality. Combining both of these can allow you as a homeowner to have a bathroom that has a lot of utility but does not compromise on beauty and visual appeal and proves to be a good reflection of your style and aesthetics. Choosing the design and layout of the bathroom renovation is important as this decision sets the tone for the entire makeover journey. As you delve into the Design and Layout phase, explore layout options that enhance functionality and suit your daily routine. Try to think of ways in which you will be able to integrate and combine both functionality and visual interest. 

3. Bathroom Addition Ideas: A Look At Fixture and Fittings Upgrades

A white bathroom with two gold mirrors.

As mentioned earlier, a good bathroom remodel plan tries to seek a balance between two major factors which are aesthetic appeal and ample functionality. By creating a plan that considers both these factors equally important and relevant, a homeowner can create a bathroom that is not only stylish and stunning, but is also full of features that can be used by anyone. A homeowner can truly update their bathroom by making a combination of aesthetic and functional changes which can upgrade their bathroom. 

Simple and affordable updates to the bathroom are updates that any layman can perform on their own without even having to consult a renovator or an expert. Something as simple as changing the faucets and lights in the bathroom can end up breathing a new life in the space in no time and that too with a very limited budget. 

4. Bathroom Makeover Ideas: Flooring Finishes

A modern bathroom with a bathtub and shower.

A bathroom makeover involves carefully selecting flooring finishes that marry durability with aesthetics. Consider timeless wooden tile floors for a warm and classic touch, adding a touch of nature to your sanctuary. Patterned tiles offer an opportunity to infuse personality, transforming your floor into a canvas of creativity. It is necessary to focus on making the bathroom safe and secure for all ages and a simple way to do this is by installing handles and supports at proper locations along with using anti-skid tiles

5. Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Wall Finishes

A bathroom with green walls and a green plant.

Along with the flooring of the bathroom, the walls of the bathroom play a major role in defining the style and aesthetics of the space which is why a good wall finish can change the overall personality of your bathroom quickly and efficiently. The choice of materials and finish for bathroom walls is almost endless which includes everything from high-quality waterproof paint, and stylish tiles, to even waterproof and eye-catching wallpaper. Another finish that has become quite popular recently is wall cladding which can add a touch of sophistication to the bathroom walls instantly. Let your bathroom walls become a canvas where your style comes to life, making your bathroom uniquely yours.

6. Bathroom Renovation Ideas: Storage Solutions

A bathroom with a towel hanging on a shelf.

A good bathroom-  whether small or large and spacious, should still have ample space for various things that are required in a bathroom. Some of these things include toiletries, linen, cleaning agents and equipment and more. Some storage options that can be used in the bathroom while remodelling it include having cabinets behind the mirrors, installing recessed shelves, adding floating shelves, having full-length cabinets, etc. 

7. Bathroom Renovations: Lighting and Ventilation

A modern bathroom with a white toilet and sink.

If you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom to make it look better and feel fresh, it can be a good decision to invest time and money in planning the lighting and ventilation of the space. Good lights along with excellent ventilation can prove to be some of the best things for any bathroom as they can revamp the area in a dramatic fashion. Consider adding ample natural light and natural ventilation to the bathroom so that it looks bright and feels fresh thanks to the sunlight and breeze. Along with natural lights, you should also think of the types of artificial lights and lighting options that you want to include while bathroom redesigning it. 

8. Bathroom Reconstruction: Tub and Shower Upgrades

A white and gold bathroom with a tub and shower.

Revamping your bathroom? Think about upgrading your tub or shower for a fresh feel. Consider modern shower partitions using tiles for a contemporary touch, exploring innovative designs that suit your style. When choosing, keep inclusivity in mind by installing safety features. Remember, as a homeowner your mission while remodelling any space in your house- including the bathroom should be creating a space that has both aesthetic appeal and ample functionality. 

9. Bathroom Remodel: Vanity and Mirror Selection

A bathroom with black hexagon tile and wooden fixtures.

Say goodbye to plain and basic mirrors forever and instead try to choose mirrors and vanities that are designer and bold. Good quality mirrors are an integral part of any bathroom as they can not only add a lot of visual interest to the bathroom but are also quite functional. To make your mirrors pop, consider installing functional and ambient lights around them. You can also add tiled frames around the mirrors to make them stand out. Nowadays, the market is full of digital and electronic mirrors that have built-in lights and other similar functions.

10.Bathroom Redesign: Personal Touches and Eco-Friendly Options

A bathroom with a sink, toilet and mirror.

Trends, especially interior designing trends often prove to be fads in the end i.e. they are hardly relevant for more than a couple of months. If you try to follow trends, your space will end up looking outdated in no time, which is why most professionals nowadays recommend homeowners get inspired by their personal tastes and aesthetic choices instead of blindly following any trend or fad. By incorporating and investing your style in remodelling any space in your dream home including the bathroom, you can add a timeless charm and beauty to it. While remodelling, do not forget to use sustainable accessories and materials as these are a good way to not only save money and the environment but also make your bathroom a stunning space.


While considering bathroom reconstruction or bathroom renovations, homeowners have a multitude of design ideas to choose from, which is why it is ultimately the homeowner who must decide what updates they want to add to their bathroom while remodelling it. You can always find excellent remodelling and interior design ideas by looking at the Orientbell Tiles blog available on the Orientbell Tiles website!


  1. What do you remodel first in a bathroom?

    When diving into a bathroom remodel, think about what bugs you the most or what needs a fresh look. Maybe that leaky faucet or the outdated tiles are crying out for attention. Start with the nagging issues – fix that wonky plumbing or upgrade the creaky cabinet. Then, move on to the fun stuff like picking out new tiles or adding a stylish mirror. It’s like giving your bathroom a mini-makeover, focusing on the quirks that bug you daily. So, whether it’s the peeling wallpaper or the ancient tub, go ahead and tackle what irks you the most – your bathroom will thank you for it!

  2. How do I budget for a bathroom renovation?

    Embarking on a budget bathroom renovation involves careful financial planning. Start by jotting down the necessary changes, focusing on needs before desires. A good and relevant budget bathroom remodel needs to be detailed and must include the cost of materials, the charges of labour, and any unforeseen and unplanned costs.

  3. How can I add value to my bathroom?

    Transforming your bathroom into a valuable space requires thoughtful enhancements. As a homeowner, it is possible to add value to the bathroom through various means such as updating fixtures and lights. It is also recommended to allow it to reflect your style so that your bathroom looks and fits perfectly with your house. Do choose environment-friendly and durable materials and accessories when you plan to remodel your bathroom.

  4. What are the factors that are considered to be the most expensive about a bathroom remodel?

    Navigating bathroom remodel cost options or bathroom renovation cost plans requires a keen understanding of cost factors. Labour costs, especially for intricate plumbing changes, often contribute significantly. Choosing high-end materials and opting for custom features or structural alterations can further elevate expenses. Being mindful of these aspects helps manage the budget effectively.

  5. How do you upgrade bathroom tiles?

    Bathroom tiles can be upgraded by either changing them completely or going for deep cleaning and selective changes. This includes using accent tiles to enhance the already present tiles on the floors and walls of your bathrooms. If tiles are damaged or outdated, selectively replacing them or experimenting with different patterns provides a cost-effective facelift.

  6. How can I update my bathroom without renovation?

    For bathrooms that are very old and have become outdated, as a homeowner you must think of renovating it instead of trying to salvage it in one way or another. But for the time being and for bathrooms that are in good shape, you can update the overall look and functionality in an affordable and quick manner by making a few changes. For example, just changing the towels and shower curtain in your bathroom can make it look quite different and new and all this can be done by spending little to no money!

  7. How long does it take to do a bathroom renovation?

    Any bathroom remodel process can vary from case to case and it also includes the time that may be needed to renovate or remodel a bathroom. This is why it is highly recommended that a homeowner seek proper guidance from an expert or a professional before you even begin to think of remodelling your bathroom. Generally, simple changes in the bathroom can be finished within a few days to a week, but more elaborate and complex changes and updates will take a lot longer. A comprehensive renovation involving structural alterations and extensive planning could extend the timeline to several months. Balancing efficiency and quality ensures a successful and timely renovation process.

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