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Latest Modern Bed Back Wall Design

Your bedroom is a special part of your house, a place for relaxation and your own personal sanctuary. Designing it should be taken seriously to create an environment that feels comfortable and inviting. One way to freshen it up is by jazzing the bed back wall.

This stylish trend is sure to add a touch of sophistication and flair to any bedroom. From bold geometric patterns to subtle accents, there’s something for everyone. But that’s not all – this versatile look also provides practical benefits like sound reduction and improved insulation.

This article discusses the latest modern bed back wall designs, so you can make sure your bedroom looks stylish and updated.

26 Modern Bedroom Bed Back Wall Designs

From pops of colours to statement wall art and monochrome theme, there’s so much you could do to the back wall of your bed! Here are 26 latest bed back wall design ideas to try out:

1. Add a Pop of Colour



Adding a pop of colour to your bed back wall design will add class, sophistication and modernity to your bedroom while also giving it an instant refresh. Subtle colours will create a calming atmosphere that is perfect for winding down after a long day. But you can also go for a bolder colour if you want to add some character to your space.

2. Create a Bohemian Feel


Creating a boho-inspired modern bedroom bed back wall design makes your space cosy and inviting. Bohemian style often features bright jewel tones like turquoise, magenta, and hot pink, but muted earthy tones are also popular in this type of interior design.

3. Go for a Rustic Look



A rustic look creates a cosy atmosphere by using natural materials like wood. Add wooden shelves on top of your earthy-toned rustic bed back wall for a raw look.

4. Use Wall Art and Portraits


A fab modern bedroom bed back wall design idea is to add wall art or portraits that can give your bedroom a unique and eye-catching look that won’t sacrifice any of its sophistication. They’re perfect for bringing life into your room without committing to anything permanent.

5. Go Bold with Black



This daring choice is guaranteed to add an eye-catching touch of sophistication. Go all black and pair it with wooden flooring to enhance the room’s beauty. Experiment with textures and patterns for added interest and you will be in awe of the result.

6. Make a Statement with Wall Art



A modern piece of wall art for your bedroom’s bed back wall design will bring an instant vibe and create a stylish and interesting look to create a space in which you can relax in style.

7. Bring in the Lights



Wall lightings are the latest hit! If you don’t want to change the entire bed back wall, you can experiment with it by installing fun-shaped lights to illuminate your bedroom in style.

8. Add Shelves to Your Bed Back Wall



This unique design will give any room a sophisticated yet modern vibe. A bed back wall with shelves provides much-needed storage without taking up too much space in the room.

9. Consider Adding a Wall of Tiles



Although the tiled wall looks perfect in a bathroom and kitchen, it’s not limited to staying over there! Bring a wall of tiles to your bedroom through a bed back wall and jazz up the space with colour and texture.

Explore our popular wall tile designs!

10. Bring a Sense of Symmetry


Mix different materials like paint and wall panels to achieve this symmetrical bed back wall design idea! Pair it with a tufted or plain headboard with soft furnishing to achieve a modern look

11. Spruce Up the Space with Textured Bed Back Wall Wood Panelling


A textured bed back wall wood panelling can bring life to the space with the right colour combination. Pair your double bed with a viva magenta textured wall panel and a headboard of the same colour.

12. Play with Geometrical Lines


Incorporating modern geometric lines with different shapes in your bed back wall can jazz up the space and create a lively and young vibe in your bedroom.

13. Go Monochrome with Marble


Go monochrome by pairing white marble and grey or black veinings with a white bed and wardrobe.

14. Get Minimalistic with Chalkboard Wall


If you can’t decide on one design, have a chalkboard as your bed back wall! Bring the best of both worlds by getting creative with your bed back wall design and utilising it as a writing space with this minimalistic design idea.

15. Bring the Bed Back Wall Live with a 3D Effect Texture


If you’re looking for a unique and stylish way to add an extra flair to your bedroom, consider adding a white patterned textured bed back wall design idea! This creates an interesting visual element that adds a layer of comfort.

16. Back to Basics with a Brick Wall


Add the industrial panache to your bedroom with a brick wall paired with marble flooring and copper accessories to accentuate the feel of your space.

17. Mark Your Bed Back Wall with a Wallpaper


You must have heard of wood wall panelling as bed back wall before, but what if that design isn’t your scene? Wallpapers are here for your rescue! Get a catchy bed back wall wallpaper and instantly elevate the space.

18. Create Drama with a Wardrobe Bed Back Wall

Create Drama with a Wardrobe Bed Back WallDesigning the wardrobe as the bed back wall creates drama and makes the room appear spacious and clean.

19. Leather It Up


Add a twist to your space by blending the headboard into the back wall and cladding it with leather! To amp up the room, try to have a bed with a lighter shade of the same colour.

20. Get a Wall Moulding


This simple yet stylish treatment creates a modern, professional look without the effort or expense of other options. Whether you prefer a traditional look or something more contemporary, there’s sure to be an option that speaks to your personal taste.

21. Go Wabi-Sabi


The Japanese philosophy, Wabi-Sabi, brings rustic elegance while appreciating the imperfections of a design. Incorporate this bed back wall design idea with a huge window and enjoy the view!

22. Make it Quirky


Bring funky elements to your child’s bedroom with wallpapers printed with fun and quirky elements to add a little fun. Choose matching elements and add other artefacts to create a cohesive theme throughout the room for am amped-up look.

23. Turn to Nature


Add a touch of nature to your bedroom with a grey-coloured bed back wall and shelves carrying plants and hanging lights. Choose from various indoor plants that are meant for relaxing spaces like bedrooms. The more textures and shades of green you can add, the higher will be the interest quotient giving your room a vibe that is unmatched.

24. Create Luxury with a Cut-out Frame


Go classy with a black and white themed circle-shaped wall cut-out frame for a modern yet cosy and inviting feel like you see here. But don’t limit your creativity. Cut-outs work well in a variety of shapes and in a wide range of colour schemes, so explore your options and choose one that you fall in love with.

25. Get Raw with an Industrial Bed Back Wall Design


Make the back wall of your bed stand out with a raw industrial feel, and pair it with a charcoal grey tone bed and an old clock to make it unique. Experiment with different finishes and colour schemes to match your personality.

26. Speak Luxury


Make your bedroom appear spacious with a 3D bed back and gold linings. To make it appear posh, pair this with wooden polished flooring. You can also choose from different metal finishes, such as rose gold or even silver with crystals. There’s no end to luxury, so go all out here – you deserve it.

With these 26 ideas, you are sure to find something that you instantly fall in love with to help you revamp your bedroom. So, give this some thought and then get started!

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