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15+ Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeover Ideas

A modern bedroom with grey walls and a white bed.

Here is to the world of rejuvenation and relaxation – your bedroom! A bedroom with a proper and desirable design is not only a place for rest but a space that greatly influences your health and overall well-being. It is that heaven where you can relax, refuel, and escape the stresses of the day. From choices of furniture arrangement to choosing relaxing colour schemes, the design of your bedroom has a direct influence on the quality of your sleep, giving out a good start to the day. Thus, making our bedrooms peaceful and inviting is not a luxury but an essential investment for the state of mind as well as physical health. 

So are you ready to invest time and effort into a bedroom makeover that enhances your space’s aesthetics and creates a personalised haven for you? Let’s dig in!

Transformative Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Get ready for an upgrade with our bedroom makeover ideas. From changing layouts to adding soothing touches, these ideas are here to refresh your space. Let’s explore easy ways to transform your bedroom into an aesthetically comfortable spot. 

1. Assess Your Current Bedroom

A drawing of a bedroom with a hand holding a pair of gloves.

Cast your eyes upon your bedroom in its current state. What do you like? What could use a change? This is the first step in giving your bedroom a makeover. Check the layout, the colours, and the furniture. It’s like figuring out what you want to keep and what you want to freshen up. Following are the steps you need to do to start planning your bedroom upgrade most practically:

  • Pay attention to your existing decor and furniture 

Before you give a bedroom makeover, look around and check out what you already have – like furniture and decorations. See what you love, what seems old, and what might need a little update. It’s like figuring out your wardrobe before a style change – making space for new stuff and making sure everything fits right in your cosy space. 

  • Analyse what can work and what doesn’t

A pink blanket on a wooden floor.

You should conduct a thorough assessment of your bedroom and take some time to think about which objects may no longer be useful and what items could use a new look. Experiment with rearranging objects to get a better feel for the space. Remember to prioritise what should be removed and what you will work with.

2. Set a Budget for Your Simple Bedroom Makeover

A man and woman working on a laptop at a desk.

Start by figuring out how much you can comfortably spend on your makeover. This budget will be your guide, ensuring you make choices that align with your financial comfort.

  • Establish a realistic budget

A person is putting coins into a jar.

Once you get an idea of your total budget, break it into categories. Consider how much you can allocate to each aspect, like furniture, decor, or paint. A realistic budget helps you make decisions without any financial stress.

  • Prioritise the essential changes

A man and woman are hanging a poster on the wall.

Create a wishlist of all the desirable upgrades, such as a new bed, a fresh coat of paint, or any particular decor items. Then, prioritise the essential changes to ensure that the most important areas receive the earliest attention.

  • Consider your functionality and layout

A man and woman pointing at a wooden shelf in a room.

Take a good look at your bedroom’s layout. Consider how you move about the room and how it may better meet your requirements. Simple modifications, such as repositioning furniture for better flow, can have a significant impact.

  • Switch up the layout

A man and woman moving into a new home.

Do you have a brave streak? Go ahead, change it up. Switch the bed’s spot and juggle the furniture. It’s a free way to freshen your space and find an arrangement that fits you best.

3. Get New Bedding, Pillow Cases and Curtains

A bedroom with a white bed and gray blankets.

Boost your room’s look by switching up your bedding, cushions, and drapes. Start by choosing your favoured hues and designs. It’s best to stick with soft materials like cotton or linen for your sheets and cushions. Think about getting a duvet or quilt for extra cosiness and flair. New curtains can add a touch of style and control how much light comes in. For curtains, materials like light cotton or elegant linen can enhance the overall look. These simple bedroom makeover tricks make a big difference in how your bedroom feels. 

4. Paint Around

A person is painting a room with a roller.

You can paint the walls in a new colour to instantly change the vibe. Don’t stop there – old furniture can get a new life too. Sand down your nightstand or dresser, pick a bright colour, and paint it. For example, give an old bookshelf a colourful revival or even paint a small decorative piece, like a mirror or a chair, to complete the transformation. It’s a budget-friendly and creative way to make your space feel refreshed and entirely your own.

5. Choose Your Flooring Wisely

A white bedroom with wooden floors and a black and white bed.

You may make a tremendous difference by selecting the appropriate flooring. When it comes to bedroom makeover ideas, flooring design takes centre stage, covering the greatest space and setting the tone for the entire room. You can try cosy carpets for a warm feel, or go for sleek wooden floors for a modern touch. Another great option is tiles – easy to clean and come in varied designs. Opt for marble tiles or wooden tiles for durable and stylish flooring that can withstand the daily hustle and bustle of your bedroom.

6. Pick Smart Storage

A white and wood closet in a small room.

Give your bedroom makeover a practical and functional touch with clever storage options. You can think about using beds with pull-out drawers underneath. These hidden spaces are perfect for stashing away extra blankets, pillows, or even seasonal clothes, keeping your bedroom neat. We have some more options for you:

  • Maximise storage options 

A baby's crib with two gray baskets under it.

Giving your bedroom a new look is all about discovering clever spots to store­ your items. Special bins below your be­d can keep toys, garments, or publications organised and out of sight. You may also utilise a bookshelf to arrange your pre­ferred reads or showcase­ nice decor items. By making the most of storage choices, you’ll fre­e up space to have fun and unwind without a mess.

  • Include multi-functional furniture 

A white vanity with pink flowers and a mirror.

Multi-functional furniture allows you to maximise space and functionality within a room. A single piece­ can take on multiple roles, acting as a ve­rsatile utility player rather than re­maining static in its purpose. Consider a desk that has the­ power to morph its form – with the flip of a panel or swive­l of a top, it can go from a workspace to a vanity station. With multi-functional options, you harness hidden tale­nts in each piece and avoid clutte­r.

  • Add pull-out drawer beds, baskets and closets with more shelves

A bed with a drawer under the bed.

Picture a bed where you can pull out drawers. These­ drawers provide an exce­llent spot for storing your most beloved pyjamas or playthings in an orde­rly manner. Organising baskets will maintain your little be­longings together in one location, he­lping your space appear tidy. And for your clothes, get a closet with extra shelves for your shoes, hats, or anything else you love. These simple additions make your room super organised and ready for fun.

7. Work on Your Walls

A bedroom with a bed and a window.

Walls are like the background of your bedroom makeover, and making them look good is super important. You can go for a feature wall to stand out with a bold colour or funky wallpaper or play with textures to create it into a focal point of your bedroom. Another option is to create accent walls that can become cool additions, where you highlight a part with a different colour, favourite photos, or fun decals. And with the help of wall tiles, you can manage to bring in new textures and colours, creating a stunning backdrop or adding a splash of style. Giving your walls a makeover instantly changes the whole vibe of your room, making it feel cosier and more personal.

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8. Seek Out Professional Help

A person is drawing a design on a piece of paper.

If you don’t know how to redecorate your bedroom or where to get economical yet high-quality furniture, materials, and decor, the costs can add up quickly. In such cases, it is prudent to seek expert assistance. They can help you create your dream environment while remaining within your budget. Their knowledge guarantees that you get the most out of your makeover while staying within your budget.

9. Set the tone with lighting

3d rendering of a modern bedroom with a bed and a lamp.

Brightening up your bedroom with beautiful lighting does more than simply improve visibility; it also gives your area a whole new mood. Good lighting allows you to see the actual colours and tones in your room, making it seem warm and inviting. Consider adding a bedside lamp for a warm glow, fairy lights for a dreamy environment, flush lights for convenience, or even a contemporary chandelier for an air of grandeur. 

10.Pick the Knobs As Per Your Bedroom’s Vibe

A bedroom with a white bed and a yellow chair.

Knobs are like jewels for your drawers and cabinets. You may select simple ones for a more subtle look or elaborate ones to make a bold statement. Let’s say if you’re­ aiming for a country-style bedroom, swapping out basic knobs with woode­n ones could add a similar vibe. Or, if you’re afte­r a bit of sparkle, replace those­ plain knobs with golden ones. It’s a small change, but it can truly e­nhance the look and feel of your bedroom furniture. 

11. Bring Greenery

A bedroom with green bedding and a plant on the bed.

Get a couple of plants, like a small succulent or a leafy friend, and put them in cute pots. Place them on your side table or a nearby shelf. You can also take Monstera or a Peace Lily, both plants are trendy and easy. Keep them with a bedside table or dresser. Besides the aesthetic value, plants have a little bit of nature in them and will keep your bedroom fresh. It’s a simple and stylish way to give your space a mini makeover!

12. Get Window Panes and a Sunburst Mirror

A bedroom with a white bed and green pillows.

The sunburst mirror, shaped like the sun with rays, reflects light and makes your room look brighter and bigger – like bringing sunshine inside. On the other hand, a window pane isn’t just for looking outside; it adds a neat design to your wall, making it interesting and charming. These aren’t just decorations; they’re like helpers that make your room beautiful

13. Add an Armchair

A green and white bedroom with plants and a bed.

Spruce up your bedroom with something super comfy like a velvet armchair! Imagine having a soft, cosy chair in your room. You can put it in a corner for a reading spot or next to your bed for a fancy touch. This chair not only makes your room look cool but also gives you a comfy place to sit and chill. 

14. Put a Bench or Ottoman Near Your Bed

A bedroom with a white bed and pink pillows.

You can have a cosy spot right near your bed by adding a fancy chair called an ottoman or a long bench. It’s not just there to look nice – it’s super useful too! You can sit on it while putting on your shoes, and some even have secret places to keep extra blankets or stuff. Plus, it makes your room look cool, especially if you pick one in your favourite colour or a fun pattern. So, by adding a simple ottoman or bench, you’re making your bedroom a more stylish place!

15. Experiment With Art Pieces

A bedroom with a white bed and a cactus on the wall.

Art pieces can be anything like beautiful paintings, posters, or even pictures that you like. It’s an easy way to make your walls look interesting. You can also use a ladder to hang blankets, and fancy lamps to set your room’s vibe. You can bring vintage show pieces or modern elegant statement pieces to enhance the overall look. Also, do not forget to add colourful local artwork for a fresh look.


  • How can I make my bedroom look better?

To improve the look of your bedroom, experiment with vibrant colours in cushions or a rug, put up wall decorations and artwork that you love for a personalised style as well as think about changing your bedding set. To contribute to a clearer environment, add warm lighting with lamps or fairy lights and bring some nature into the room through indoor plants. You might even consider installing a mirror for a sense of spaciousness. Fill the room with all your favourite things, and you’ll have a bedroom that both looks and feels good.

  • Where do you start a room makeover?

For a room makeover, you should first gather some inspiration from our ideas or take the help of any professional. Create a budget upon which to anchor your selection and then de-clutter the area to leave free space. Consider the function of the room and what style you prefer. Now that it’s done, choose a focal point and decide on a colour scheme that sets the mood. Plan the furniture layout concerning functionality and aesthetics. Then add accessories like artwork or cushions for a personal touch. Whether you’re doing the makeover yourself or getting help, take it step by step. 

  • Why do I need a bedroom makeover?

A need for a bedroom makeover can be to bring a whole new look to the space. It helps establish not just the aesthetics but the overall functionality of your bedroom.  Be it a touch of your style, creating comfort or just embracing change by whatever means necessary you create in the bedroom to suit yourself. This will also give you a chance to declutter and rearrange to infiltrate your space with a whole new energy. It can naturally elevate your mood every time you step in. 

  • What are some of the budget-friendly ways to update my bedroom’s look?

To economically change the appearance, rearrange some furniture to a new layout. Add a touch of colour by incorporating cheap throw pillows or blankets. DIY projects such as making wall art or repainting vintage furniture can add a personal essence to it. Try visiting thrift stores or browsing online marketplaces for affordable decor items. Think about changing light fixtures or adding fairy lights for a cosy atmosphere. Finally, declutter and organise so that your space feels rejuvenated without the added cost.

  • Can I makeover my bedroom without buying new furniture?

Absolutely! A bedroom can undergo a great makeover without buying new furniture. Begin with rearranging the existing furniture differently. Try using vibrant colours in your beddings, cushions or throws. Experiment with wall decor such as pieces of art, or mirrors on the walls. Add cool lighting like special lamps or fairy lights to redefine the mood. Decluttering and organising your space can also have a huge effect. DIY projects such as the refurbishment of old furniture or repainting rooms could add a sense of personalisation.

  • What should I consider when selecting new bedding and linens?

Balance style and comfort when choosing fresh bedding and linens. Choose materials such as cotton or linen for a gentle feel on your skin. Select a colour and style that matches your bedroom design, with fabric quality being easy to clean. Find high-quality materials that offer a good sleeping experience. Consider the sizes to make sure you get a suitable fit for your mattress. If possible, touch and feel the fabric before purchasing to assess its softness. Consider your personal preferences for warmth, as materials like flannel are great for colder seasons. 

  • Do I have any sustainable or eco-friendly options for bedroom makeovers?

To go sustainable, you can select furniture that utilises reclaimed or ethically sourced materials. Choose linen and curtains from organic or recycled fabrics. Makeover old furniture or décor pieces to give them a different life. Use energy-saving lights and try to opt for thrift store finds or scour the internet marketplace. Making such eco-friendly decisions not only promotes a cleaner environment but also instils an intimate and conscious atmosphere into your newly revitalised bedroom.

  • What are some creative ways to display artwork on bedroom walls?

You can display your artwork in various creative ways. Instead of a traditional straight-line arrangement, opt for a gallery wall by cinching up different-sized frames and artworks. By leaning larger artwork against the wall or placing smaller pieces on floating shelves, you can achieve a distinct focal point in your bedroom. Choose unique positions such as above the bed or surrounding pieces of furniture to add interest. Removable adhesive hooks can work well as a temporary and non-damaging method of display. Hang frame tapestries, textiles and even fabric swatches to impart a bohemian feel. Combine various artwork elements to give it a personal touch. 


Bedroom makeover ideas are an excellent way to make a space that fits your style and feels relaxing at the same time. Although keeping in mind decor aspects such as furniture and paintings, remember not to ignore wall or flooring tiles. The appropriate selection of tiles can also transform the overall look and feel of your bedroom into something aesthetically pleasing. Consider exploring the wide range of options offered by Orientbell Tiles to find the perfect tiles that suit your taste and complement your bedroom’s new look. 

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