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Best Tile Showrooms for Urban Living in Bangalore: A Shopper’s Guide

Bangalore is India’s most developed tech hub with a huge metropolitan population migrating to the city every year. With its contemporary architecture and rich cultural heritage, the city offers tile lovers among the natives and the migrating population an empty canvas to display their creativity and thoughtfulness. Explore the best tile showrooms in Bangalore that offer a wide variety of tiles, ranging from modern designs like 3D and geometric to traditional designs like checkerboard and herringbone. If you plan to buy tiles soon for your next tiling project in this tech city, start by exploring the local tiles wholesale market in Bangalore and finding out the best stores to buy quality tiles at great deals. 

Visit Tile Showroom to Experience the Quality of Tiles

Bangalore has a large tile market, offering a wide range of tiles, from poor quality at cheap rates to high quality at reasonable rates and high rates. So, you need to look for the best tiles shop in Bangalore that offers quality tiles in a broad spectrum of styles and at pocket-friendly rates. Besides offering a fruitful experience, there are many more advantages of choosing a reputed tile store to buy tiles for your tiling project. Here are some advantages that you can look forward to getting while visiting a good tile store. 


  • High-Quality Control: Reputed tile showrooms prioritize offering premium quality. They obtain tiles from premium and recognized brands, ensuring aesthetics with durability and versatility. 


  • Vast Collection: Well-recognised tile stores sit in the market with an enormous collection of tiles in varying materials, sizes and hues. When you reach out to these stores, you can find tile options that meet your expectations and cater to your needs. 


  • Reliable Customer Reviews: Trusted tile dealers often have a history that includes suggestions and evaluations from their previous clients. You may learn more about these evaluations, product selection, and their satisfaction level when you talk with them. 


  • Dependable Expertise: Not every tile store in Bangalore is run by a professional tile expert who has in-depth knowledge about tiles. However, if you reach out to a reputed tile shop, you can consult with its skilled staff. Their knowledge can guide you in making the final calls when you are uncertain about the tile materials, looks, and even the installation process. 


  • After-Sale Support: Good tile stores consider customer satisfaction as their top priority ever after selling the products. They can let you know about some easy ways to maintain the tiles or how to handle problems, spills and scratches, and above all, a satisfying after-sale service. 

Things to Remember While Choosing The Tile Store 

While looking for the right tile store in the tiles wholesale market in Bangalore, consider these things and reach out to a reputed tile store.

  • Variety and Versatility: Go for a tile dealer that offers a large variety of highly adaptable tiles. You must explore a wide variety of tiles to find the right tile kind that suits your style and needs. 
  • Reviews and Reputation: Do not visit a tile store without verifying their online and offline reputations. Read their online customer reviews and testimonials to learn more about the products and after-sale services that a particular store offers to its previous customers. 
  • Affordability and Value for Money: Make sure to compare the tile prices offered by multiple vendors to find the most affordable tile store in Bangalore. Alongside, ensure that the tile options you are going for are durable and value for money. 


Furthermore, there are a few more things that you should consider while choosing the right tile store for your tile purchase. 


Expertise and Customer Support

Even though most tile dealers in the tiles market in Bangalore claim to have years of experience in selling tiles, you must look for a tile dealer who is not only familiar with the tile variants but also the current tile trends. With their expertise, they can guide you in selecting the right tile option and installation method, alongside the must-know upkeep tips. Besides that, you should consider the responsiveness of the tile dealer to your questions for a smooth and satisfying tile-buying experience. After all, good customer support is crucial ever after you make the transaction. 

Bonus Advantages and Extra Services 

Some trusted tile stores in the tiles wholesale market in Bangalore offer additional services and value-added benefits. Like, some tile dealers offer tile installation services while others connect you with professional local tile installers. They can also guide you on the right placement of the tiles to prolong their lifespans and improve the overall aesthetics of your space. Besides that, you can inquire with your suppliers if they offer customized choices as well so that you can design your space with your creative touch. 

Best Tile Showrooms in Bangalore to Visit 

If you are searching for a tile store in Bangalore that has a good reputation in the tiles market in Bangalore, you can reach out to any of the following trusted tile dealers. 


  • Orientbell Tiles Boutique – 01 T C, Thambu Chetty Palya Main Rd, Akshaya Nagar 1st Block, Akshaya Nagar, Ramamurthy Nagar Extension, Bangalore




  • Orientbell Tiles Boutique – No 155/3, Adithya Paradise Basement, 9th Cross Rd, Brindavan Layout, Ashirvad Colony, Horamavu, Bangalore


  • Orientbell Tiles Boutique – 1st Floor, Site No. 138/6, New No. 51/6 Khata No. 192, K R Puram Opp To Lvs Apartment, Bangalore


Expert Tips for Tile Shopping

When you visit the tiles market in Bangalore to buy tiles, going through thousands of tile designs can be overwhelming, making it hard for you to select just one among them. However, you can make your tile shopping easier, if you follow some advice. 


  • Budget: Fix your budget before you step into any tile store. This will prevent you from spending more while buying tiles. 


  • Visit Multiple Tile Shops: By visiting multiple tile stores, you can explore a wider range of tile designs compared to the options available at one store. 


  • Compare Price: While visiting multiple stores, you can get a rough idea of the tile prices in the market, and you can go for the most competitive price deal. 


  • Consult Professionals: Talking to an expert tile dealer can not only help in choosing the right tiles but also prevent you from making regretful purchases. 


Visiting the best tiles shop in Bangalore can help you get premium-quality tiles at fantastic deals. Just follow this guide while exploring the local tile market and finding good tile stores, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique to make an informed tile purchase. 

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