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Blue Bathroom Tiles Design – Ideas You’ll Love

A calming colour scheme is among the simplest ways to transform your space into a retreat, and what better colour to begin with than blue?Blue Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas

When you are working on your interior design, soothing blue tones have the ability to calm a room and make you feel at peace as you prepare for the day, find some time for self-care, or finish your evening skincare routine.

There are various ways to use blue in the bathroom, including lovely blue hue tiles or other artistic touches. It means that it’s simple to select the perfect tiles for your needs, regardless of whether you’re prepared to do a complete bathroom remodel or simply want to brighten up your area.

Here are some of the ways how to decorate your bathroom with different shades of blue tiles:

1) Experiment with Patterns

blue pattern tile for bathroom

Incorporate eye-catching patterns and colours to create a bathroom that stands out. Whenever it comes to bathroom tiles, you can try out different shades of blue – whether they are vibrant or subtle. You can try out blue colour tiles with well-defined horizontal and vertical textures. You can club pattern design tiles with plain tiles to create a contrasting yet elegant wall concept. You can find a wide range of blue colour pattern tile options at Orientbell Tiles, such as ODG Linsey Blue DK, and ODG Hanger Blue DK tiles.

2) Try a Fresh Style

Fresh blue tile idea

If you want elegant and classy tiles for your bathroom, go for highlighter tiles. You can creatively put these tiles in various styles to create a more imploring sight. You could even pair the highlighter tiles with sophisticated marble design tiles. The combination of the marble’s shine and the highlighting blue colour of the tile will make it look so appealing that it can entice anyone at first glance.

3) Peaceful Mosaic Design

Blue mosaic tile design

The stylish and contemporary mosaic design is simply impossible to overlook. To create an astonishing look, you can lay down mosaic tiles in a brick or straight pattern. These tiles can be paired with plain tiles to create a serene ambience. The soothing hue will ensure you do not forget to spend extra minutes looking at yourself.

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4) Create a Moroccan aesthetic with Moroccan design tiles

Moroccan blue tile idea for bathroom

Bright Moroccan design tiles add to the beauty of a bathroom, providing them with a unique aesthetic. Moroccan tiles consist of vivid and detailed tile patterns that complement one another. The unique texture, floral and pattern style in these tiles makes them a classy addition to any space.

Moroccan design tiles with a glossy finish are a perfect option for your bathroom. The glossy finish will intensify the design of the tile and will add to the sheen and elegance of the surface of the tile. While employing Moroccan tiles on your walls, keep the floor as simple as possible. The same can be said for vice versa too.

5) An aqua-blue tile bathroom design in a minimalist style

minimalist blue tile idea for bathroom

You can create a modern bathroom that has a unified, minimalistic design aesthetic. The azure blue twist prevents the interiors from appearing overly plain, while the white helps balance out the colour and keeps things pristine and serene. Combine the sophisticated white plain wall tiles with serene blue colour tiles to create an artful look. Keep the space clean and uncluttered to make the combination of white and blue the spotlight of your decor.

6) Geometric design will bring out the beauty

Blue geometry tile design idea

You can create a contemporary blue bathroom that displays a lovely interior design with an intriguing combination of shades of blue and white hues. White and dark blue are combined in the bathroom to produce a vibrant representation of tones. The white and blue geometric wall tiles are the true stars of space. If you’re seeking bright blue bathroom ideas, the white and blue bathroom is an ideal choice for you.

8) Floor to Wall tile design

floor to wall blue tile idea for bathroom


Choose the stunning design of marble blue bathroom tiles that climbs up the wall from the floor. Use a white accent to contrast the room’s basic blue colour scheme. Additionally, adding visual direction, the design of the blue bathroom tiles makes the room appear taller. You can try out marble tiles or PGVT tiles for floor-to-wall designs made with glazed vitrified material. The vitrified material adds an extra layer to the tile’s surface, making it a durable choice. PGVT Endless Onyx Blue is one of the options that you can try out.

If you are in a dilemma about whether you will be able to find a different range of blue tiles in one place, then Orientbell Tiles is the right place for you. You can also checkout Which Is The Best Colour For Your Bathroom Walls.

With a wide range of tiles available in different sizes, colours, and designs and for specific areas, you will definitely find what you seek. The visualisation tool, Trialook, will allow you to visualise your selected tiles in your space, making the process of tile buying easy. You can also use the store locator feature to find your nearest store

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