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Blue Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

If you are looking to revamp your bedroom with the alluring, mysterious, and soothing shades of blue and want to redecorate it to make it new, here is our helpful guide on making your bedroom look fantastic with two-colour combinations using blue walls! 

Your bedroom is your special place, and choosing the right wall colour combination with blue can change how it feels. 

In this blog, we’ll explore cool ways to use blue as the main colour and mix it with other colours to create amazing looks. From soft pastels to strong contrasts, we’ll share secrets to make your bedroom look great and feel peaceful using a blue colour combination wall.

So, if you want help in finding the best two-colour combination for bedroom walls in your house, or want to try out different designs and patterns, then this is the perfect blog for you.  Get ready to learn how to use two colours to make your bedroom look awesome and reflect your style.

Blue Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Out of the many blue room colour combination ideas and plans, the two-colour combination using blue is one of the most popular trends in the world of interior design- especially for a regal and fantastic-looking bedroom.  Let us have a look at some of the most intriguing colour combinations with blue that can change the way your bedrooms look- 

1. Black Beauty with Blue Elegance

For people who love the aura of darker tones and their mysterious effects- the combination of blue with black is the best combination for you. A nice black and blue colour combination wall can not only make your bedroom look regal,  but it can also add a gothic allure to it.  

2. The goodness of Grey with Rich Blue

A blue and grey combination wall option is a classic option that adds a sense of mystery to the bedroom without making it look too dark and depressive. The muted shades of grey, combined with rich dark hues of blue are sure to pull all the eyes and make for a relaxing and calming sleep. Greys can be added to the walls- or you can also include it in upholstery and other fabrics for a unique look. 

3. Bright and Airy- Sky Blue and White

For people who love the airy and bright feeling of a sunny day, the sky blue and white colour combination is the perfect combination for your dreamy bedroom. This combination makes for a pristine-looking bedroom that has the delicate charm of a pastel blue with the calming presence of white. 

4. Tantalising Teal with a Cool Sky Blue Colour Combination for the Bedroom

For a bedroom that is entirely blue but avoids being dull or monotonous, experiment with various shades of blue and blend them to craft a striking masterpiece. The teal and blue colour combination for wall utilises different shades of blue together for a uniform yet equally unique look.

5. Shades of Red with Beauty of Blue

For a more dense, deep, and ‘avant-garde’ bedroom, choose a red colour combination with blue colour shades. This rich combination evokes a sense of affection and love with the darker shades of blue adding a certain sense of elegance to the space. Red hues can be added to the walls, in the form of tiles, or even accent pillows. 

6. Classic Charm of White with Navy Blue

While a white and sky blue combination can create an airy feeling in the room, a room colour combination with blue in shades of navy and simple white hues can make the bedroom look classy and modern. The deep shades of navy and royal blue combined with the pristine elegance of white can make any bedroom look stylish and bold in no time. 

7. Layering for A Mesmerising Look 

You can always add layers while creating a blue colour combination for wall in your bedroom. To do this, choose various shades of blue and combine them, without letting any one particular shade overpower the other. Add green plants and flowers to break the monotony in the bedroom and to make it feel organic and fresh. 

8. Delicious Denim with Ostentatious Orange 

Inspired by the ‘farmhouse’ aesthetics aka ‘country decor’, the combination of denim blue with rusty orange colour combination for the bedroom can make for a nice, rustic-looking bedroom. This combination can be paired with other earthy tones for a nice earthy look or can be combined with greys for a modern yet traditional look. 

9. Rich Combination of Blue for Bedroom

Different rich shades of blue such as navy, royal, sapphire, etc. can be used in combination to create a stunning piece of art in your bedroom. These rich walls can be made even richer by choosing sheets in a similar shade. To make the room pop even more, use green plants, wicker furniture, and other, simple but bold accessories.  

10. Expensive Jewels: Midnight Blue and Emerald

Jewel tones such as sapphire blue and emerald green can be combined for a rich and aesthetically pleasing bedroom. These colours, combined together can evoke regality. To enhance the look, you can choose stylish lamps, large windows, or even chandeliers. Different shades of green can also be added to the bedroom using various foliage plants. 

11. Teal Blue Wall and Silver Bedroom Colour Combination

Silver and teal blue is the best choice for people who want a bedroom that is stylish but not too loud. Both silver and teal shades evoke a sense of calm without compromising on style. To make the look more coherent, add earthy tones such as beige furniture. 

12. Royalty Defined: Blue and Purple Colour Combination

The two colours that have always reflected the essence of royalty are purple and blue. Both these shades, with their rich tones and elegance are enough to make any space look bold, rich, and glamorous. Combining these two in your bedroom in the form of a purple two colour combination for bedroom can make your bedroom stand out among the rest in no time. 

13. Beach Vibes: Green and Blue 

Another great blue colour combination for bedroom is blue and green. The charming shades of blue and green combined together can create a sea-like aura- making for an amazing ocean-themed bedroom. To make it even more ‘beachy’, use accessories in warm neutral shades such as beige and cream. 

14. A Pastel Pink and Blue Colour Combination for the Bedroom

If you are a lover of pastel shades and are looking for a ‘bedroom pink colour combinationthen why not combine the decadence of blue with the serenity of white and the bubbliness of pink? Pink and blue look ravishing together- adding a playful charm to the bedroom. You can choose pink furniture for a unique and purely eclectic look and then combine it with different shades of blue for an interesting effect. 

15. Blue and Yellow Combination For A Charming Bedroom

Blue and Yellow colour combination for your bedroom can add a combined effect of warmth and calm thanks to the inherent properties of both the shades. Blue and yellow is a great combination for any bedroom which is in dire need of a new and refreshed look.


  • What is the best blue colour for a bedroom?

There are many different shades and hues of blue that you can use in your bedroom, including different blue colour combination styles as well- but the choice ultimately depends on the taste and aesthetic choices of the homeowner. You can always contact an interior designer to help you out with choosing your blue bedroom colour options as well.

  • How do you style a bedroom with blue walls?

Different blue two-colour combinations for bedroom walls can be used to create a stunning-looking bedroom that is beautiful and inviting. Create an inviting and beautiful bedroom by exploring various two-colour combinations for blue walls. Thanks to the versatility offered by the charming shades of blue, you can use this colour in almost all kinds of design and decor ideas. To make it pop further, you can combine the blue with various shades of different colours in your bedroom. 

  • How do I select the right shade of blue for my bedroom?

There is no ‘right shade of blue’ for a bedroom as all shades can be ‘right’ as well as ‘wrong. The choice of shades or any other interior design-related item or material solely depends on the person who is going to use the space. This means the person who plans to use the bedroom should choose the shade of the blue that they find the best and most ‘right’. Regardless, it is recommended to choose lighter shades of blue if you want an airy and bright-looking bedroom while going for darker blues for added cosiness. 

  • What colour goes with blue walls in a bedroom?

When it comes to choosing colours and shades that complement blue bedroom walls, the options are limitless. The decision hinges on the specific space and the homeowner’s personal aesthetics. Popular colour combinations for bedrooms featuring blue include blue and white, blue and beige, and even eclectic choices like blue and orange.

  • What tile goes with blue walls?

Light-coloured tiles in whites, creams, or greys complement blue bedroom walls, creating a balanced and calming ambience. Any neutral tile colour combination with blue colour walls will look decadent- enhancing the overall aesthetic of the bedroom.

  • Can I combine different shades of blue on the same wall?

Mixing different shades of blue is highly recommended as it leads to various interesting results on your wall. Opting for a two-colour combination in blue for bedroom walls can result in a striking look. The essential aspect is to uphold a harmonious colour scheme, ensuring that the various shades work well together. Experimenting with light and dark blues or integrating patterns can introduce depth and interest, fostering a personalised and lively aesthetic in your space.

  • What furniture colours work well with blue walls? 

For a blue wall colour combination, incorporating neutral furniture colours such as white, beige, or grey can achieve a balanced and elegant appearance. Neutral shades can work great with blue as they are versatile and can create quite a uniform look. You can add neutral shades to the bedroom in the form of metal, wood, rattan, fabrics, and more. 

  • Why choose blue for bedroom walls?

Blue and various shades of the colour are considered to be some of the best choices when designing the interior of a bedroom as blue is a colour that is known to project calmness. This calmness then can be reflected upon the person who uses the bedroom- making for an amazing experience and great and relaxing sleep. 

  • Are there specific blue colour combination ideas that work for smaller bedrooms?

For smaller bedrooms, it is recommended to go for lighter shades of blue and combine them with neutrals, soft pastels, or white. These colours together can create an illusion of a larger and brighter space- making the small bedroom look a lot bigger than it really is. These combinations can also make the bedroom look more alluring, airy, and inviting. 

  • Can I mix patterns and textures with blue walls?

Combining patterns and textures with blue colour combination walls enhances depth and interest in your space. Textured paints and tiles are an easy as well as long-lasting way to add texture to your bedroom. You can also add texture in the form of fabric to your bedroom.  Avoid combining too many different colours and patterns otherwise the bedroom may end up looking too chaotic. 

  • Can I incorporate other accent colours with blue walls?

Introducing accent colours with blue colour combination walls enhances visual interest. Complementary shades like yellows, oranges, or neutrals create a balanced and harmonious look. Experiment with accent furniture, decor items, or artwork to infuse pops of colour. When choosing accent hues, consider your style and the mood you wish to evoke in the space.


In conclusion, using two-colour combinations with blue for your bedroom walls is a creative way to personalise your space. We’ve explored various options, from calming pastels to bold contrasts, providing tools to transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and style. 

Don’t be afraid to play with colours and discover the magic of creating a bedroom that reflects your unique taste and brings joy to your everyday life. Sweet dreams in your newly styled and personalised bedroom!

For more appealing and charming design ideas, connect with Orientbell Tiles today. Our expert staff will guide you in achieving the best design for any space in your home or office according to your taste and style. 

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