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Purple Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Purple two colour combination for bedroom walls

Popular Purple Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Bored of the same neutral colours in your bedrooms? Looking for some refreshing ideas that are completely unusual and out of the box? Why not use purple two colour combinations for your bedroom walls? This may sound strange and unconvincing to you at first, but these purple two colour combinations for bedroom walls are going to give you a fresh perspective.

Purple has become a popular bedroom wall colour, thanks to its opulence. Even according to Vastu Shastra, the purple colour wall in bedrooms can attract wealth and prosperity. However, having only one colour in the bedroom can make it overwhelming. So, it is a smart idea to create a stunning purple colour combination for wall design with another colour to maintain the vibrancy of the colour. You can combine different shades of purple colour wall for different visual effects. So, you should go for a purple colour bedroom look to create a sense of royalty, authority, and power.

Here are some amazing purple two-colour combinations for bedroom walls

1) Grey and Purple Colour Combination:

Grey and Purple Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls
Purple bed with grey wall and hanging lamp

Purple is known to exude royalty, richness and a luxurious boldness in homes. When coupled with a subtle grey, purple, with its opulence will create an attractive and sophisticated look. Grey being a rather cool colour will amplify the tones of purple colour combination for wall, going along with it and making your bedrooms more welcoming and mysterious at the same time. Pair this purple and grey combination with similar coloured wall tiles, soft wooden furniture and humble decor elements to make your bedrooms cosy.

2) Purple and White Colour Combination:

Purple and White Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

White is the colour of purity, calm and peace. This, when combined with a light shade of purple colour combination for wall, creates a room that is elegant and lush. Go with sleek, luxurious home accents to bring the best out of your white and purple colour bedroom. This purple and white combination will help your bedrooms look more spacious, illuminated and playful.

3) Purple and Black Colour Combination:

Purple and Black Colour Combination for bedroom walls

Black and purple are both dark colours and both stand up for being bold, royal and elegant. Combining these two colours will help you create a bedroom that is modern and contemporary. Back is an authoritative colour and purple is a rich colour. Be sure that both these colours will definitely make your bedroom look opulent and niche. Go for a charcoal or a matte black to beautify your bedrooms with this two-colour combination. Because both these shades are dark, it may make your rooms look less spacious. Make sure to use light-coloured decor elements to make them stand out.

4) Purple and Blue Colour Combination:

Purple and Blue Colour Combination
Bedroom with Blue Wall and Purple Bed Back and White Lamp

This is yet another combination where both shades are dark and bold. Blue is a colour that represents calm and it is a great choice that aids in sleep. Purple, on the other hand, is a vibrant colour that stimulates the imagination. Whilst using these colours, make sure to go for more powdered, pastel shades as they will bring the right amount of calm and vividness to your bedrooms. Also, ensure to have furniture and other design elements in more neutral shades for these two colours to come out in the best possible way.

5) Pink and Purple Colour Combination:

Pink and Purple Colour Combination
Pink Bedroom Wall with Purple Furniture for Kids

Pink is a colour that resonates with playfulness. It is a great colour for a child’s bedroom as it is by default their favourite colour. Pink is a colour that instantly lifts your mood and boosts self esteems so it is a great colour for both kids and adults. Pair the hue with delicate, pastel purples such as lilac, lavender or iris. Incorporate neutral-toned furniture and upholstery to showcase the best aesthetics. Here is the list of entire pink two colour combination for bedroom wall.

6) Beige and Purple Colour Combination:

Beige and Purple Colour Combination
Beige and Purple Colour Combination for Bedroom Wall

Beige is a versatile colour in homes. Beige with purple is a great combination for bedroom walls if you want a fashionable and dignified ambience. Imagine your bedroom walls being painted a warm, sand-like soft beige with royal purple accents. Your bedroom will exude elegance and refinement if you choose the proper tiles from a reputable tile dealer to accentuate this perfect blend further. Thanks to the interaction of beige and purple and carefully chosen tiles, your room will become a refuge of contemporary charm and classic beauty.

Go for subdued shades of purple. Use them as accent walls to create a focal point in the bedroom. Beige as a primary colour, in the form of wall colour or cream-coloured floor tiles will make the purple stand out and give it the prominence it deserves. Keep the furniture muted and the furnishings minimal to do justice to this colour combination.

7) Purple and Gold Colour Combination:

Purple and Gold Colour Combination for bedroom walls
Purple and gold combination for bedroom wall

Gold is a colour of resplendence. This, combined with purple will make your bedrooms a magnificent space in your homes. Incorporating these colours in your bedrooms will improve the look and feel of your bedrooms and also give you a sense of prosperity. Of Course, incorporating gold in highlights and accents is the best way to do it in order to not make the gold too overpowering and over dramatic. A pleasant design is one where there is a striking balance between gold and purple. Use lighter hues of purple like lilac and lavender for that richness or you could also use dark hues in minimal, in the form of an accent wall or decor elements.

8) Purple and Green Colour Combination:

Purple and Green Colour Combination

This unusual yet striking contrast will create a lively yet elegant aesthetic in your bedroom. You could either choose powdered hues of both if you wish to incorporate these two colours in walls or choose dark shades in furnishings and decor. If you want to keep it simple, just go for a powdered shade of purple as a primary colour and include a few plants in the room. Plants are a beautiful and natural way to add hints of green in your bedrooms along with purple.

9) Purple and Yellow Colour Combination:

Purple and Yellow Colour Combination for bedroom walls

Yellow is a colour that sparks up the spaces and makes them even more interesting with its warm brightness. The best way to play with yellow with purple is by adding a nice big ottoman-style yellow chair or furniture to balance the contrast. Mustard yellow is a great shade that is becoming a favourite in furnishings for most homeowners. Make your bedrooms more playful and eclectic with this colour combination.

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10) Purple and Orange Colour Combination:

Purple and Orange Colour Combination for bedroom walls

Purple and orange are both great pairings to have if you want your bedrooms to look more fun and exciting. Although both of them are striking and bold colours, subdued variants of both can help in creating a beautiful ambience in a bedroom. Using orange in highlights either as an accent wall or in the form of accents are both great ideas to consider. You could also have an orange centrepiece in the form of a chair or a mural. Here are other orange two colour combination for bedroom walls you might want to explore.

11) Violet and white colour combination:

Violet and white colour combination for bedroom walls

Violet is a regal colour, from the dark side of purple. It is associated with fantasy and enchantment. The deeper the tint, the more engaging the room. Although it is a great shade to have in your bedrooms, the business of the colour may not turn out to be as calming as you may find your thoughts racing. This may lead to you having difficulty in having sound sleep. If you are headstrong about having this shade in your bedroom regardless, then a smart way to do that is to pair it with white. The simplicity, serenity and peace of white will take the load off of the purple and create a great balance in your bedroom. It will also add some character to it since violet will stand out.

12) Purple with white pearl colour combination:

Purple with white pearl colour combination for bedroom walls

For the ever-energetic purple, there is always a white to bring in tranquillity and elegance. Amongst the various hues of white, pearl white is the perfect white as it is not too bright and not too pale. Purple and pearl white is a classic two-colour combination that brings in a great blend of creativity and sophistication to your bedroom space. The gorgeous contrast between purple and white sets the tone for your bedroom walls. Another great way of incorporating pearl white is by adding white mouldings and furnishings. Contrasting rugs can also do the trick with this bedroom colour combination. Here you can try your hands on the darker hues of purple like royal purple, violet, etc as per the mood of their bedroom area. All in all, purple with white is timeless and steers clear of boring in the world of colour combinations for bedroom walls.

13) Lilac And Light Blue Colour Combination:

Lilac And Light Blue Colour Combination for bedroom walls

For someone who steers clear out of bold dark shades and is a lover of pastels, this is a combination that you are surely going to like. Lilac and light blue will be the perfect combination to make them look eclectic and contemporary, especially if you wish to treat your walls with this colour combination. If you want to venture out into the bold, then you can do so by adding shades of dark blue and purple in the form of accents, so that they can bring the right amount of pop into the bedrooms.


Some other cool ways to use Purple Two Colour Combinations for your Bedroom

Apart from this, there are so many cool ways in which you can use purple in two colour combinations for your bedroom walls. Here are some that you can consider.

1) Use wallpaper:

Purple Color wallpaper in bedroom

A wallpaper is an easy, inexpensive way to amp up your bedrooms and beautify them. The choices in purple colour combinations again are vast for you to choose the one that suits you best.

2) A brick wall:

Purple Colour Brick Wall in bedroom

Leave your brick walls as is, in a worn-out, rugged manner to give it that rustic vibe. Not only are you saving some money, but you are also giving your rooms a unique and tasteful look!

3) Experiment with texture:

Purple Texture Wall

Playing with textures always adds more character to the bedroom. Make your walls more interesting with textured wall designs. A partner with good lighting to complete the look.

4) Ceiling Contrast:

White and Purple Contrast Ceiling

A contrasting ceiling creates an illusion of more height and space, which will make your bedrooms look magnanimous.

5) Purple accent walls:

Purple Accent Walls

You can never go wrong with accent walls. Choose your preferred hue of purple to create a pleasant bedroom ambience.

​6) Contrasting mouldings:

Purple Contrasting mouldings

You need not go all out and only experiment with changes in walls. Go for contrasting mouldings that not only add more detailing but also make your bedrooms look lavish and elegant.

7) Contrasting Upholstery:

Purple Contrasting Upholstery in bedroom

Upholstery can make a whole other difference than you can imagine in changing the look of a bedroom. If changing up the whole room is not on your agenda, this is the best way to incorporate colour changes without really having to revamp things.

Is Purple a Good Wall Colour Choice for Bedrooms?

Purple is the colour that defines regalness, wealth, and sophistication. The colour is also associated with relaxation and it can lend a sense of elegance to the space. So, it is an excellent choice for bedroom walls. You can consider going for a purple colour combination for wall in your bedroom and elevate its calming effect on your mind, promoting good sleep.

The colour purple comes in various shades, each one with its distinct visual appeal and quality. According to modern psychology, the lighter tones of purple define romance and light-hearted energies while the darker shades define drama and a mysterious vibe. So, for a calming and tranquil ambience in your bedroom, you can combine a light purple colour wall, like lilac or lavender. However, if you prefer warmth and richness in your bedroom, you should go for a dark purple colour wall, like violet. Also, you can combine different contrasting colours in your purple colour bedroom, adding to its versatility. This colour works wonderfully with light shades like white and cream, creating a balanced look. But when combined with green or yellow, it offers energy and a sense of vibrancy to the room.



1) What colours go with purple in a bedroom?

Colours like lavender, beige and even grey would be some of the colours that would go really well with a purple bedroom.

2) Which colour is the best combination with purple?

It all depends on the shade and hue of purple that you choose to go with. If you are leaning towards stronger shades of purple, it will be best to go with pale, light colours like creamy white, pastel green or even light greys.

3) What colour of the furniture should I have to match the purple walls in the bedroom?

Whilst most of our homes see different shades of brown in furniture, it is not the most preferred choice if your bedroom is purple colour dominant, the most suited colours in furniture would be in white and grey.

4) What colour accessories work best in a purple two-tone bedroom?

There are a lot of colours that would work well in a purple two-toned bedroom in accessories. Accessories form a small yet significant part of the bedroom so a pop of colours would work very well. Shades of orange, green, yellow, blue, red and even violet and lilac would look great.

5) Which dark colours pair well with purple wall paint combinations?

It is always better to have a balance of light and dark colours so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. If the purple is a more muted, lighter shade, then it would go very well with dark grey, green and even black. Even a darker shade of purple itself would go very well with light purple wall paint.

6) What colour goes with light purple colour wall paint?

Light purple, when clubbed with powdered shades of colours like green, yellow, and ivory white would make a great colour combination in bedrooms as they will make the spaces look bright and positive.

Here are other two colour combination for bedroom walls you might want to explore.

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