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Can You Believe That Wooden Tiles Look Expensive But Actually Aren’t

It’s fallacy to say that wooden tiles are expensive. In fact, wooden look tiles are much less expensive than traditional hardwood flooring, which are not just costly but hard to maintain. If you want the same look but don’t want to spend a lot, you can consider wooden look tiles which look as natural as real wood. Orientbell has a large variety of wooden look tiles in a wide array of shades, finishes and textures to choose from. Traditional oak, rich cherry and rustic driftwood finishes are just a few of the many options available at Orientbell both for wooden floor tiles and wooden wall tiles.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is an increasingly popular alternative to conventional wood flooring. It can recreate the look of real wood flooring at a much less cost than natural wood. Wooden look tiles have many advantages over natural wooden planks for flooring. Most importantly, wooden look tiles are less expensive, require low maintenance and have longevity. Wooden finish tiles are attractive and give a contemporary look to any area at a much lower cost than natural wood planks.

Let’s Talk about Wooden Tiles 

Wooden look tiles of Orientbell are much in demand because of the assured quality and price.

The variety: Orientbell produces wooden look tiles for floors, walls and elevations. Wooden look tiles come in multiple sizes, patterns, colours and shades. The fact that they are available at pocket-friendly prices compared with wooden planks, they are the ideal options.

At Orientbell, wooden look tiles are available in different types. You will find glazed vitrified tiles, digital glazed vitrified tiles, polished glazed vitrified tiles, polished vitrified tiles, printed double charge vitrified tiles, nano tiles and full body vitrified tiles in wooden look. All these tile variants are available for floor tiling, wall tiling and as a wooden elevation tile.

Low prices: Orientbell tiles of all ranges are less expensive. There may be marginal variation in prices but that will depend on the kind of tiles you choose. You can check MRP of all wooden tiles only on Orientbell Tiles’ website.

Wooden tiles are available in vitrified, ceramic and porcelain options and you can choose the one that suits your budget.

Low maintenance cost: Natural wood requires a lot of maintenance for protecting wooden floors and walls from termite and other insect infestation. Before getting wooden panels and planks installed, you would need to get the area treated to protect against termites. Such treatment is mandatory if you want the planks to last long but are expensive. Dampness is another problem you need to watch out for. If there is seepage in the area where natural wood is placed, the floors or walls can easily get damaged and will need frequent replacement.

With wooden tiles, you will face neither of the problems. You won’t need to spend anything extra to get the area treated against termites or dampness, which will save that initial cost. Also, it won’t need frequent replacement because of dampness. Since wooden tiles are not susceptible to damage, they can also bear high footfall.

Advantages of Choosing Wooden Tiles

There are a number of reasons why wooden look tiles should be your top choice.

  1. Wooden look tiles are available  in glossy and matte finish at reasonable prices.
  2. They are easy to maintain, can be mopped, washed and cleaned without a hassle.
  3. They are extremely durable and last long.
  4. The quality of the tiles is guaranteed at Orientbell and you will never find a reason to complain

about it.

  1. Orientbell wooden look tiles are available across the country.

Check out your favorite shade of wood in tiles like never before and explore Orientbell website now!

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