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Contemporary Italian Marble Flooring Design Ideas for Home

Home flooring is everything about comfort, warmth, and elegance, and marble flooring is the most admired choice for every luxurious home. After all, marble is the epitome of beauty and class. It is simple yet stunning. Even though there is a plethora of marble floor design variants in the market, none come with a long lifespan. That’s why you should prefer marble tiles for your home flooring, which not only look like marble but also come with longevity. So, here, we have listed down some contemporary marble floor tile designs that you can look for in any nearby tile store to build a marvellous marble flooring for your home. 

Marble Floor Tile Options for Contemporary Homes 

Makrana Marble Tiles

If you are looking for a classic white marble design for your home, Makrana marble tiles can be the ideal choice for you. They possess an elegant look with delicate veining to offer an exceptional feel of purity, just like the natural Makrana marble. Consider tile designs with soft veining like DR PGVT Makrana Bianco and ODG Makrana Crema for a neater and minimalist look. Also, you can consider tiles with veining patterns like PGVT Triangle Makrana Bianco BM to create an interesting floor design, if you have a large floor space. 


Onyx Green Tile

The onyx green tile design is a stunning marble variant that features rich green hues characterised by uneven twirls of green and light cream. They are popular because of their unique appearance and natural bands of colours. You can go for tile options like ODG Onyx Green, ODG Onyx Marble Aquagreen, and Super Gloss Onyx Marble Aqua if you are looking for floor tiles that come with naturally occurring colourful veining with a majestic colour palette. Also, you can explore mosaic marble tile designs like OHG Mosaic Onyx Aquagreen HL which can be a great addition to bathroom floors for a tranquil atmosphere. 

Carrara Marble Tiles

The Carrara marble design is an Italian marble variant that is pretty commonly used in residences. You can find a range of marble floor tiles that come with the elegant look of Carrara marble. They feature a white or light grey base with soft grey or blue veins, adding a touch of luxury to interior floorings. You can consider tile options like PGVT Carrara Natura, SDF Carrara Bianco FL, and PCG Carrara Venato Marble if you are looking for an elegant marble design for home flooring. 

Calacatta Marble Tiles

The Calacatta marble is another Italian marble design that features a white background with bold and prominent veining in brown, blue, or grey tones. So, you can consider marble tile options that mimic the Italian marble design, like PGVT Azario Gold Calacatta Marble and PGVT Calacatta Marble. Also, if you are looking for the latest marble flooring design that delivers a dramatic floor look, consider tile designs like DR PGVT Dramatic Calacatta Marble.

Emperador Marble Tiles

The Emperador marble design offers an example of excellent craftsmanship of Italy that comes in dark tones and colourful veinings, offering a luxurious touch to spaces where they are used. Imitating their natural beauty, the Emperador marble tiles generally come in varying shades of brown. For example, you can consider DR Super Gloss Emperador Honey which is a big slab tile with a glossy finish to reflect light and offer a brighter and spacious look. Also, you can explore Emperador marble tiles with matte finishes like HFM Anti-Skid Emperador Brown. You can pair them with a lighter-toned Emperador marble tile design like HBG Emperador Marble Beige or highlighter tiles like OHG Emperador Marble Strips HL for a captivating overall space look. 

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Crema Marfil Marble Tiles 

The Crema Marfil marble is an Italian marble variant which comes in a smoother cream tone with subtle white veining. Sometimes, it also has rustic veins. Replicating these looks, Crema Marfil marble tiles come in diverse natural tones with many tonal variations. For example, you can consider soft-toned tile designs like SBM Crema Marfil Lt and PGVT Crema Marfil. Or, if you are looking for a bit darker marble design for your home, consider SFM Crema Marfil DK and SBM Crema Marfil Dk

Alberta Marble Tiles

The Alberta marble is an Indian marble variant that generally comes in white tones with grey coloured pattern, creating a sense of purity and sophistication. However, thanks to the digital printing technology used in the tile industry, you can find this marble variant in other natural colours too. So, while looking at the latest marble flooring design, you should also consider checking out Alberta marble floor tile options, like ODM Alberta (EC) Brown FL which comes in a brown tone, making it a perfect choice for bedroom marble flooring. You can pair them with Alberta wall tiles, like ODG Alberta Beige, to elevate the luxury quotient of your bedroom. 

Bottichino Marble Tiles

Bottochino marble possesses excellent luxurious appeal, which can add a timeless feel to the interiors. Mimicking its look, Bottochino marble tiles, like SBG Bottochino Beige LT, SBG Bottochino Beige DK, and SFM Bottochino Beige DK, come with warm beige tones with subtle veining, offering a classic appeal to interiors. Also, you can find them in other lighter tones and veining, like PCG Bottochino Light. These marble tile designs complement both contemporary and traditional interiors, which seek a touch of refined elegance. 

Black Marble Tiles 

Among all the latest marble flooring design options, black marble truly has its place and stands out in all ways. It has a striking look, thanks to its dark colour, with wasp white, pale grey, or dark grey veining. You can find black marble tile designs in both matte and glossy finishes, which are excellent for setting a luxurious ambiance in any environment. Try choosing a large-format tile with a super glossy finish for your bedroom marble flooring to add lustrous elegance to the space. Also, check out other black marble tile options with golden veining, like DR Super Gloss Portoro Gold Marble and DR Super Gloss Emperador Brown to add a dramatic look to your home’s flooring. 

Statuario Marble Tiles

Statuario marble is an Italian marble featuring a white background with striking grey veining to deliver an opulent and dramatic pattern. This marble variant is used for injecting elegance and refinement into spaces. Thankfully, its tile replicas also come with the same graceful looks, allowing homeowners to craft luxurious retreats at a fraction of the cost. So, if you want to upgrade the flooring in your living room or bedroom, consider Statuario marble floor tile designs, like PGVT Style Statuario and PGVT Statuario Ultra. If you prefer busy and dramatic veining with white marble designs, check out PGVT Nature Statuario Marble-B and  DGVT Nature Statuario Marble.


By now, you must be already in love with marble tile flooring. So, are you ready to transform your home into a regal and sophisticated space? Then, visit a reputed tile store, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique, and find every marble tile variant to liven up your space. 


How to maintain marble tile surfaces? 

To prolong the lifespan of marble tiles, you can regularly mop or dust their surfaces with pH-neutral cleaners. Also, make sure to seal them periodically.

Is marble tile a good alternative to natural marble? 

With their features like low porosity, low maintenance needs, and longevity, marble tiles are a great alternative to natural marble. 

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Where can I explore numerous good-quality marble tile designs?

To explore a large collection of marble tile designs for floors and walls, you can visit any tile store of reputed tile brands, like Orientbell Tiles, which has a presence in most Indian cities. 

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