30 Nov, 2021
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Everything You Need To Know About Installing A Wardrobe In Your Room

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The wardrobe is a lot more than just a storage space to stow away your belongings. It is a versatile unit that not only doubles up as an essential part of your room décor, but also helps keep your personal space clutter-free. 

When it comes to choosing the right wardrobe, you will be spoiled for choices by the sheer variety available to you. From fitted wardrobes to standalone wardrobes, from classic wardrobes made of wood to modern and sleek wardrobes made of glass, the possibilities are endless. Choosing the right cupboard for your space can be a daunting task. This blog contains everything that you need to know about wardrobes and will surely help you make the right choice!

Types Of Wardrobe Design

There are basically two wardrobe designs commonly installed in homes. These designs come with their own set of advantages, so choose one that works best for you.

1. Fitted Wardrobe: If you lack space or want to make an eye-catching style statement, then a built-in or a fitted wardrobe is the perfect choice for you. The biggest advantage of installing a fitted wardrobe is that it makes maximum use of the vertical space available, making them the ideal choice for smaller rooms or rooms with less storage space. Built-in wardrobes are also a great way to revamp an awkward corner of your space.

Fitted Wardrobe Design

  1.  Standalone Wardrobe: This is one of the most commonly seen wardrobe designs across households. These standalone cupboards are available in a variety of colours, designs and styles, making it easy to find one that suits your design scheme. The standalone wardrobe is ideal for the people who love to change the layout of their rooms and the placement of the furniture every few months.

Standalone wardrobes are also available in the market that have wooden or aluminium bodies. These can be moved and shifted from one room to another easily. If opting for such wardrobes ensure you have a flooring that doesn’t get scratched easily. You can opt for Orientbell Tiles’ Forever Tiles that are absolutely scratch-free and if you are looking to keep a standalone wardrobe in your room then a flooring like this might be a better idea. 

Standalone Wardrobe Design

Materials Wardrobes Are Available In

Wardrobes can be constructed in a number of different materials. Of these, the three most popular are wood, glass and MDF. In this section, we shall discuss in brief about each of the three materials and the advantages of using them for your home.

  1. Wood: One of the most commonly used materials, wood can add a warm and inviting rustic look to any given space. The classic look of wood goes well with most design schemes, making it the go-to option for most people. You can choose between different colours and grains to find a wood that goes well with your décor. Wooden wardrobes are extremely durable and have a timeless look that won’t feel out of place over time.

Wood Wardrobe

2. Glass: Glass is a new wardrobe material that is gaining popularity. Glass wardrobes can give your room a stylish and modern edge, elevating the entire aesthetic of your bedroom. See-through glass wardrobes are ideal for people who do not mind displaying their belongings. If you love the aesthetic of a glass wardrobe, but do not want to display all your belongings, you can opt for a frosted glass wardrobe that will not only add a contemporary touch to your room, but also hide your belongings.

Glass Wardrobe

  1. MDF: Medium density fibreboard or MDF as it is popularly known is a type of engineered wood material. Usually, extreme fluctuations in the temperature and humidity of a space can cause traditional wood to go out of shape. You can prevent this issue by installing a MDF wardrobe that will not get distorted despite temperature and humidity fluctuations. You can spruce up your simple bedroom with MDF wardrobes in bright colours.

MDF Wardrobe

Types Of Doors Of Wardrobes

There are mainly two designs of doors available for wardrobes – sliding and hinged. In this section, we will discuss both in detail.

  1. Sliding: Wardrobes with sliding doors are the latest designs available in the market. With a sleek and contemporary look, the sliding door wardrobes are an ideal choice for urban homes. These wardrobes are usually very large, providing you with ample space to stow away your belongings like clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.

Hinged Wardrobe

2. Hinged: If you wish to keep things traditional in your room, you can opt for wardrobes with hinged doors. Hinged wardrobes will never go out of fashion. These conventional wardrobe doors are available in a plethora of colours, designs, and finishes and will go well with almost any kind of design scheme.

Styles Of Wardrobes

Wardrobes can be designed in various styles to include a variety of features. In this section, we will discuss some of the most popular styles.

1. Wardrobe With A Mirror: In the tiny apartments of most urban cities, there usually isn’t enough space for a lot. In such scenarios you are forced to come up with innovative design ideas to incorporate a lot of features in a small area. One such popular idea is to attach a mirror to the door of the wardrobe. This not only saves some precious space, but also helps create an illusion of more space and looks extremely stylish.

Wardrobe With A Mirror

2. Wardrobe With An Attached Dressing Table: Another smart way to save some space in your bedroom is to choose a wardrobe that comes with an attached dressing table. In a compact bedroom design, such a wardrobe design can help you make the most of the space available to you. You can even add a mirror to the wardrobe to create a complete dressing area in the space.

Wardrobe With An Attached Dressing Table

3. Wardrobe With An Open Storage: If you wish to display your tiny knick-knacks and mementos that you have collected over time, but lack the space to create a special display area, a wardrobe with an open storage might be right for you. You can display all your precious items without having to dedicate a specific wall to them.

Wardrobe With An Open Storage

Accessories For The Wardrobe

A wardrobe is quite incomplete without the right accessories. Make the organization of your clothes, shoes, and other items a breeze with these accessories. Here is a selection of must-have accessories in your wardrobe!

  1. Shoe Organiser: Have a lot of shoes and don’t know how to store them so that you can access any shoe at a moment’s notice? Well, a shoe organiser is a must for you! You can opt for a simple rack at the base of your wardrobe or a hanging rack on the door of your hinged wardrobe to save space. A shoe organiser will keep your shoes dust and grime free, and keep them well-aired to prevent moisture damage.

Shoe Organiser

2. Organisational Baskets: Often, most wardrobes lack the space to store tiny items like lingerie, stoles, dupattas, and other clothes. Organisational baskets are a great way to keep the small things together in an organised way. These baskets can be made using a variety of materials, such as wicker, fabric or metal, and can be easily stowed in the wardrobe. You can even use a mix-and-match of materials to create an interesting juxtaposition in your wardrobe.

Organisational Baskets

3. Drawers: The wardrobe is incomplete without drawers to store small items like jewellery, small purses, ties, cufflinks, socks, and other miscellaneous trinkets. Consider adding pull-out drawers in your wardrobe so that you can easily find your small items without rummaging through the entire wardrobe.


Vastu For Wardrobe Placement

Vastu can play a very important role in attracting positive energy and repelling negative energy from your home. For this, you need to ensure that you place the wardrobe according to the Vastu principles. According to Vastu, the wardrobe should be ideally placed in the southwest or northwest part of the room and the doors of the wardrobe should open towards the south or east direction. If the wardrobe has a mirror, it should be placed in such a way that the mirror doesn’t reflect the bed.

And there you have it, everything that you need to know about wardrobes – from the types of wardrobes, material to use, types of doors, styles, accessories, and the ideal placement according to Vastu. While installing a wardrobe in your room, keep in mind the dimensions and the overall look of your room to ensure that the wardrobe doesn’t overwhelm the space, nor does it have a very low impact on the aesthetic of the space. Hope this blog inspires you and helps you make the right choice for your room!

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