Choosing tiles is never an easy job; after all, they are going to stay in your spaces for a very long time. The tiles should speak your personality and style. This is the reason why everyone spends hours and sometimes days to pick the perfect tiles for their homes or offices. But there might be days when you enter a restaurant, a shop, or even your friend’s house and like the tiles installed on the floors and walls. You want them too, but how can you find similar tiles? To make this possible, Orientbell has launched a new feature called “Same Look” on its website. This allows consumers to search for tiles similar to a particular design just like google image search.

Yes! Finding similar tiles is not an issue anymore. You can search, select, and finalise the best-suited tiles for your spaces with your smartphone. Visit the Orientbell website and click on the camera icon (located to the left of the Tile Search bar). Now upload the pictures of the space or tiles that you liked, and the website will show tiling options that are most similar to your picture. You can go through all the options and select the best tiles according to your needs. Isn’t it a great feature?

This unique tool is also beneficial while restoring your spaces. Revamping your residential or commercial spaces is sometimes trickier than decorating them in the first place. This is because while redecorating a specific area of your home and offices, it is essential to buy tiles similar to the old ones – something that is not easy. But you can’t just install brown tiles in the place of red, or floral tiles in place of geometric tiles. In such cases, the “Same Look” feature will come to your rescue. Just upload the picture on the website and select perfect tiles for your spaces through the visual search. With Orientbell’s latest tools, you can now choose tiles while sitting on your couches and at any time of the day.