18 Aug, 2020
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How to Choose The Right Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Have you ever been to ceramic tiles shopping? Have you ever wondered about the ideal finish for ceramic tiles? Been confused about which type, color or texture ceramic floor tiles to choose? Since there is a wide variety of options available in the market it’s easy to get baffled. Ceramic tiles are a very popular and dependable tiling option. You can never go wrong with ceramic tiles. But, sometimes you do, when to don’t select the right tile for the right space. For example, ceramic floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles are both ceramic tiles. And, Ceramic floor tiles can be used as wall tiles but ceramic wall tiles cannot be used for floors because they are thinner than Ceramic floor tiles.

Ceramic tiles are made by mixing clay, sand and other natural materials. These tiles are extremely durable and come in numerous texture and finish to suit every requirement. They are very easy to clean and come in Matte, Glossy and Rocker/Reactive Finishes.

Here are some things that will help you in choosing the right ceramic tiles according to space.

Bedroom Tiles

Scale is an important factor in creating a balanced look. Small areas call for medium to large ceramic tiles size and light color to lessen the number of grout joints. It gives a spacious feel to the otherwise small space. In large spaces though, choose the size and finish as per design.

Bedroom Ceramic Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

A place for relaxing, bathroom ceramic tiles should be in colors that go well together. Avoid Gloss finish ceramic floor tiles but are good to go on walls. Choose ceramic floor tiles that are water and stain-resistant, Anti-Skid and Matte finished. You can also add some bright color tiles to add a little drama to your space.

Bathroom Tiles

Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen is a high movement area. Choose ceramic floor tiles that are tough, do not scratch easily, are skid-free and hide stains easily. Popular color choices are gold and brown. Have colors that contrast to give a more vibrant look. Gloss finished ceramic tiles are ideal for walls as it is easy to clean.

Kitchen Ceramic Tiles

Living Room Tiles

While choosing the ceramic tiles for your living rooms consider scale for the room. Mix and match various colors and patterns to create attractive designs. Ceramic tiles in Geometric, slate and cement look also go well in the living room, also flexible for having different colors and finishes.

Living Room Tiles

Porch/Foyer/Corridor Tiles

These are also high movement areas. Choose ceramic floor tiles that are tough, do not scratch easily, and skid-free. Colors that are dark and earthly to hide dirt and tear are also ideal.

Though, ceramic tiles fit in every space and ambiance. Still, these things are needed to be considered while choosing the right ceramic floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles for comfortable and durable applications.

Ceramic Tiles Tiles


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