Building a home is always something very personal. It is a space that you keep closest to your heart and it represents you. One always puts one’s heart and soul into building a home and rightly so. Recently, tiling has emerged as one of the most popular options when it comes to renovating or re-decorating a space. It can be the whole house, certain rooms, or specific areas. Irrespective of the size of the house or area, the feel that you want to create, or the decor you want to build, tiles will make everything possible in a very convenient way. Tiling has also emerged as a popular option because of many factors like cost-efficiency, easy installation, durability and low maintenance.

With tiling emerging as a very popular option, you’ll find an array of products in the market. A recent trend that has hit the tiling industry is the surge in the demand for natural-looking tiles like marble tilesgranite tiles and cement tiles. These tiles have a fair advantage over actual marbles or granites in terms of installation, prices and maintenance.

Orientbell has always believed in giving people what they want and that, too, the best version of it. Orientbell has come out with its latest range of granite tiles with the Granalt Series! We wish we could tell you how happy we are to be able to bring this series to you. The Granalt Series aces almost all aspects and qualifies for being one of the best options if you’re looking for something in a granite look.

You can mount these tiles on your tabletops, in your kitchens, as your door frames, window frames, and of course, wherever your mind’s creativity suggests you to do it. These tiles come in large sizes like 800mm x 2400mm and 800mm x 1600mm. Granalt Brown, Granalt Royal Black, Granalt Ivory, Granalt Portoro Gold, Granalt Galactic Blue and Granalt Royal White are just some of the really attractive and classic options that this series features.

Some of the other advantages and plus points that these tiles bring to your tabletops (with themselves) are mentioned below.

Value for Money

One of the deciding factors in every purchase is the cost factor. This factor alone has the power to shift the game and mold decisions. Tiles from the Granalt series are value for money when compared to the costing and pricing of actual marble or granite.

There is no argument about the looks that actual marble and granite provide but with that, they bring a lot of other catches like lengthy and tedious installation process, high maintenance and, overall, cost-efficiency. In comparison to that, Granalt tiles bring to you easy installation, low maintenance, and prove to be a very cost-efficient option.

Cut, Trim, Chip and Style

You are most unlikely to have a space that is exactly of the shape and size in which the slabs and tiles will fit. In 99.9% of the cases, tiling and mounting require a lot of cutting, trimming and chipping. With natural marble and granite, it is a little difficult to come through neatly when it comes to cutting slabs into the desired shape and size, whereas, with tiles, it is comparatively easy and handy.

Attractive Designs

When it comes to natural marble and granite, you will mostly find them in the shades of grey, white and black. As much as these colours are popular and forever trendy, there is a huge audience that prefers not to go for any of these shades. The lack of colour options and design options in natural marble and granite is a big disadvantage for them when they run against our series, Granalt.

The tiles in the Granalt series are a treat for all those people who prefer glossy tiles in their homes as these tiles bring that extra shine to your decor and take it up a notch.

The Granalt series comes in a plethora of new colours that are bound to impress you with their gloss and designs. To have the look and feel of natural granite and marble with all the benefits of trendy designs and colour options is a win-win situation for everyone. There has never been a doubt that marble and granite bring a certain class to your decor but to mix that class with trending shades and designs makes it a lot better and eye-catching. This is where Granalt series wins the race.

Stain Resistance 

Stain resistance is a very important feature that should be present in every product that you choose. Natural marble and granite are prone to get stained very easily. This results in making their maintenance a tad bit difficult and expensive. For a material that already costs a little extra, bearing more cost for its maintenance is something that most homeowners don’t opt for. It is not every day that you plan to redo your house so the tiles that you choose should last really long. To have tiles that can get stained very easily will not help you in the long run. Low maintenance is a factor that every homeowner wants in their tiles and Granalt provides you just that.

You should definitely check out this latest series, Granalt, if you’re on the lookout for tiles and plan to renovate your home or a certain space. Orientbell’s website will help you choose your desired tile in a very hassle-free and convenient way.