The demand for tiling is increasing with time. People have started to realise that tiling can, relatively, be a cost-efficient option, be it for flooring or wall decorations. There are numerous options available when it comes to finding tiles, it all depends on your taste and preference. You could easily go for glossy tiles if you want to give a trendy look to your space or choose a matte finish if classy and rustic is your style.

There is no shortage of designs when it comes to tiles. Choose your preferred colour, and design and you’re ready to roll. Tiles give your space an upliftment like never before. There are different tiles available for each space offering different features. There are special tiles that are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens and tiles that are specifically designed to be mounted outdoors to withstand extreme weathers. One such category is heavy-duty tiles.

These tiles are called heavy-duty tiles for a reason. They have the strength to withstand almost anything that comes their way. In this blog, we’ll talk about areas and spaces where heavy-duty tiles are a perfect fit. These areas demand an amalgamation of strength, unique design, longevity, and low maintenance. Let’s just dive straight into the list!

Car Parking Tiles

When looking for appropriate tile options for a parking space, look for the lot that is anti-skid, has a good grip, has the strength to withstand heavy footfall, and the ability to help users maintain a solid grasp on the floor. It should be able to handle heavy load and still remain scratch-free and water-resistant. These tiles are suitable for gyms, shopping malls, warehouses, factories, and other such spaces. Orientbell has the right tiles when it comes to fit this type of requirement. Heavy-duty tile ranges like Sahara, Canto, and Rhino are suitable for any such setting. Check the ranges out on our website if you’re looking to floor any outdoor space.

Public Parks and Gardens

It is very common for colonies and housing societies to have public parks. People use these spaces for walking, jogging, exercising, and just to be out in an open area to take some fresh air. One much-needed thing in these parks is the right type of flooring and tiles that can provide a safe path to do all those activities. All the exercises that take place in these parks can only be possible if the flooring or the path to walk is installed with tiles that provide a proper grip, are anti-skid, and are easy to maintain.

Pedestrian Pathway Tiles

The climate in India is quite hot, and pedestrian walkways are exposed to all sorts of weather conditions. Tiles from Orientbell ranges Sahara and Rhino can withstand high temperatures without getting affected, even when exposed to harsh sun rays and adverse climatic conditions.

The ranges of heavy-duty tiles that Orientbell offers have more thickness than usual tiles. This extra thickness makes the tiles strong, robust, and tough so that they can sustain any kind of heavyweights and withstand adverse weather conditions.

Orientbell has combined all these features with an appealing look and feel. These tiles come in a variety of stunning natural hues and are quickly becoming a popular alternative for many heavy-duty flooring projects.

These can be installed at industrial areas, gymnasiums, factories, warehouses, mall facade area, educational institutions and such other outdoor places and you’ve got yourself a near to permanent solution to all the flooring problems.