20 Aug, 2021

Orientbell’s Germ-Free Forever Tiles are Actually Scratch-Free. Lagi Shart?

Orientbell Forever Tiles

Scratched floor in the kitchen because you moved the gas cylinder or pulled the sofa of your living room and left a mark forever?

Small or big, a scratch is a scratch and looks odd on the floor and remains until you change the flooring for that space.

But imagine there is a tile on which you can move your furniture, gas cylinder and any other sharper object without stressing about any scratch and the floor still remains as good as new.

Orientbell Tiles’ presents Germ-Free Forever Tiles are actually scratch-free so you can move any sharp object on your floor without any stress.

Forever tiles have High Compact Sintered Body with low water absorption. The special Forever Tiles glaze with engobe makes it stronger. Not just all these tiles come in an array of high resolution print. A special formula high-resistant Forever Tiles coating makes these tiles scratch-free. But just when you thought that is all, all Forever Tiles are Germ-Free, which means they keep 99.9% bacteria causing germs at bay upon contacts and works efficiently between the mopping cycles.

Don’t believe us? Watch this video to know more:


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