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How to Mix and Match Tiles in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most private spaces in a house and is a room where people freshen up and relax. A clean and pretty-looking bathroom only helps make this space even more refreshing. If you are looking to design your new bathroom or want to renovate an existing one, read on for some excellent ideas that you can use to revamp the tiles of your bathroom.

Bathroom Tiles Combination:

Tiles in bathrooms are essential as they are used not only on the floor, but also on the walls of the bathroom as well. This is why it is necessary to pay close attention to the colour scheme of your bathroom tiles. Here is a brief list of various bathroom tiles combination ideas and bathroom tile combination designs that you can use as inspiration to change the way your bathroom looks!

1. Industrial Grey and White

Grey is a classic colour that never goes out of fashion. It is also an easy way to add a touch of elegance and classiness to any space. This stunning grey and white combination is definitely a great way to incorporate grey in your bathroom. The steel grey tiles on the walls work well with the hexagonal white tiles used on the floor, with the mirror tying everything together. The use of sleek accessories helps emphasise on the industrial look of the space. 

2. Black and Yellow 

Black and yellow is an ultra-chic colour combination for bathroom tiles that can make your bathroom look modern. Inspired by honeybees, this combination goes well with a modern style. The black tiles have been paired with a yellow wall, creating a dramatic contrast. For added elegance, the fixtures such as sanitaryware and the bathtub too are black, contrasted with white accessories and green plants.  

3. Pastel Blue Dreams


Pastel is currently a popular trend, especially in interior design. A pastel-themed bathroom with a combination of blue tiles with white tiles will make your bathroom seem fresh, airy, and full of light. For instance, this one has incorporated a soothing shade of aqua with ivory white tiles, accessorised with white fixtures, plants, and of course, the two large windows letting in all the natural light, brightening up the space.

4. Pastel Pink shades

Pastels, as mentioned earlier, are quite a popular trend currently where light shades of blue, yellow, green, and pink are used in conjunction with other neutral or darker shades. In fact, pastel on pastel works quite great too. Here, simple pastel pink tiles are used on the wall, which are complemented by the white on the floor for an airy and fresh-looking bathroom.  

5. Herringbone Blue Tiles with Wooden Floor

If you are looking for a different design, then why not choose unique bathroom combination tiles that go well together? Here, blue tiles have been installed on the wall, which is paired with light wooden flooring that gives the bathroom a light and airy feel. You might be wondering-wood in the bathroom? Don’t worry, you can always install wooden tiles that may look like wood, but come with the benefits and convenience of regular tiles. 

6. Elegant Bathroom Design with Beige & Black

Beige and black go hand in hand and can make your bathroom feel luxurious and timeless. This combination of black marble walls complemented with beige tiles looks not only elegant, but also bold and stylish. Marble is a classic natural stone that is available in different shades, but if you want to introduce marble in your bathroom with minimal care and maintenance, you can select from a variety of marble tiles that look equally good, but are easier to maintain. 

7. Oriental Mosaic Tiles With Printed tiles

There is no doubt that minimalism is a popular trend, but if you are one of those people who prefer things that are larger than life, then a combination of mosaic tiles with printed tiles might be the best option for you. To avoid making the bathroom look too chaotic, pick a simple print and combine it with mosaic tiles. This is definitely one of the most unique bathroom floor-wall tile combinations we have ever seen!

8. Classic Textured Black and White Combination 

Nothing beats the elegance of a classic black-and-white combination. This combination can be enhanced further by introducing textured tiles. These black textured tiles go well with the smooth white sink and walls, creating a contrast not just in the colour, but also the texture. 

9. Patterned Black with White Combination tiles for the bathroom

If you are looking for a tile colour combination for a small bathroom then a simple patterned floor tile with a neutral shade, such as white can enhance the look of the space, making it seem bigger than it is. Do add a lot of natural light to the mixture for a fresh-looking bathroom. You can also introduce plain black tiles as accents in this combination. 

If you would like to check more ideas for designing a small bathroom, visit How to Choose Best Tiles for Your Small Bathroom – 5 easy steps.

10. Green and Wood for A Natural Feel 

Want to bring the beauty of nature to your bathroom? Then a combination of green and wood might be the best option for you. The beautiful textured green tiles paired with wooden plank tiles not only look inspired by nature, but also make the bathroom feel cosy and inviting. The foliage wall adds to the nature theme of the space and gives the bathroom analmost Tropical feel!

11. Hexagonal Bathroom

This is one of the best bathroom tile combinations as it incorporates two basic shades – black and white yet manages to look different and unique. This is done with the help of different-shaped tiles – in this case hexagonal. The hexagonal black and white tiles create a beautiful contrast, which is enhanced with a golden grout and wooden drawers. The look is further accented using a round mirror with a golden edge that helps break the monotony of the hexagons. 

12. Accentuate your bathroom with patterns and colours

Use different colours, shades, and patterns together for an iconic and stunning bathroom design. Here, white marble tiles have been used in conjunction with golden-brown patterned tiles for an elegant and luxurious design. The design is tied together using white bathroom fixtures and a large mirror. 

13. Marble Tiles and Patterned Floor

White marble walls have been paired with black heringbone patterned tiles for a classic and elegant feel. To enhance the luxurious appeal, dark mahogany wooden cabinets are used along with a pure white bathtub. 

14. Green Mosaic and Checker Tiles Combination

If you are thinking of going with a monochromatic theme, you can choose different patterns and designs of the same colour and use them together. Here, for instance, different shades of green tiles with different patterns are used in combination with white accessories to create a simple, but grand bathroom design.  

15. Blue and White Patterned Tiles

Mixing different patterns, especially if you are looking for small bathroom tile colour combinations can look quite chaotic, but with proper designing and planning, different patterns can create a seamless harmony. Here, shaded blue wall tiles have been used with hexagonal white and grey tiles for a muted yet elegant look. Additionally, the golden accents add a touch of panache to the look, oozing royalty. 


These are just some of the many tile combinations that you can incorporate in your bathroom for a new and different look. Allow these looks to serve as inspiration for you and let your creativity fly free!

If you are confused about which tile to choose for your bathroom, head over to the Orientbell Tiles website and check out the amazing TriaLook feature. Trialook is a tile-visualiser tool that can help you visualise how a particular tile will look in your space, instantly, making choosing tiles a piece of cake. 





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