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Low Cost Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

Remodelling a kitchen not only brings nightmares to the homeowners, but also comes at a price that not everyone is willing to shell out. You may wonder, how is it even possible to redo a kitchen without spending a certain amount on it? Well, it’s possible. These simple yet effective design ideas and inspirations will give your kitchen the desired makeover within a cost-effective budget.

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  • White Cabinetry and Countertops:

A lot of us may think, ‘Is white a smart choice for the kitchen, considering the amount of exposure it has to food fumes and heat?’. White cabinetry and countertops bring in the kind of synonymy that would make the kitchens look classy and timeless. White is also a colour that is reflective in nature, thus illuminating the kitchens in daylight. Not to mention that for smaller kitchens, white will also make them appear to be more spacious. So all in all, for those of you who like the simplicity and elegance of kitchen designs in monochromatic tones, this idea is great for you.

  • Wooden Elements:

Adding wooden elements in any form in the kitchen will add a modern touch to the kitchen. There are many simple, low-cost kitchen design alternatives to incorporating wooden elements in the kitchen. You can choose to have wooden flooring. Although this is not the best flooring choice for kitchens since they are the most exposed to humidity, and humidity does not go very well with wooden flooring, the best way to do so is by adding wood-look tiles, that are again available in a wide range of designs that would look just like a real wooden flooring minus all the hassles that come with hardwood flooring. You could add wooden cabinetry to give your kitchen a more natural look. If you have a spacious kitchen, you could have a tall wooden table overlapping the kitchen island that would make the kitchen look contemporary.

  • Pops Of Colour:

For those of you who don’t mind adding a pop of colour in your kitchens to add that extra drama, this one is the perfect idea for you. You could add tints of blue, pink or even green to make your kitchens look more interesting. Add them in the form of tiles as a panel in your accent walls or behind your kitchen backsplashes for that eccentric, modern and quirky look. There are also some great designs that are available in the market that you could also consider.

  • Combination of Rustic and Mid-century:

Another great, affordable and simple kitchen design is to add the old-school charm to your kitchens. If you plan on having an accent wall in the kitchen, then you could think of having a brown subway wall with distinct grout lines or even go for a brick look wall that would make your kitchens look rustic and vintage. You could also add in a whimsical chandelier if you have a spacious kitchen or some archaic wall lamps that would exude the mid-century vibe in your kitchens.

  • Sculptural Lighting Or Statement Lighting:

In any room, lighting makes the biggest difference in how the room looks. Having chunky, statement lighting in your kitchen will draw all the attention to the kitchen to that and make it a focal point in your kitchen. These days there are some interesting options available in the market in metallic lighting that would not only make your kitchen brighter but will add some bling to it too. Adding a few extra LED ceiling lights in the kitchen is another great way of illuminating kitchens that don’t have access to daylight.

  • Crowd-seating Layout:

Today, we may not have the privilege of having humongous kitchen spaces because homes these days come in very compact sizes. The living rooms and the bedrooms are all confined to being spacious enough for accommodation but having huge spaces is a challenge of the modern day. In this case, a great idea to make a dining area that doubles up as your kitchen island would not only look super stylish but would also be very functional and solve the space problem. This is called a crowd seating layout in the language of interior design. Get some sleek, modern high chairs that blend in with the design aesthetic of the kitchen or those that stand out; the choice is up to you.

  • Storage-First Design:

In any kitchen, the most fundamental aspect is to have ample storage to fit in your pots and pans, cutlery, lentils, and all the other things that one needs in the kitchen. Without storage, you are sure to get frustrated and have your things lingering on the countertops, making them look messy. The secret to a clean and good-looking kitchen is having all the things concealed inside storage cabinets. Once the storage of the kitchen is designed, the largest part of the kitchen remodels is out of the way. It also gives you a sense of how much space you have and plans your purchases accordingly.


Additional Ideas that could set the look of the kitchen apart:

  • Make a smart partition:

This is a super cool idea for modern-day kitchens that come in compact sizes. Having doors can make the space look awfully small so you can make a subtle, smart partition in the form of a distinctive frame or have a breakfast counter to make a semi-open kitchen that looks uber chic and modern.

  • Flaunt exposed beams:

If your kitchen homes any exposed beams, design them in contrasting colours or embellish them with wooden panels and let them do the talking. Exposed beams could be a great focal design point for your kitchen. You could also add some nice floating storage cabins around the beams and make them functional too.

Use stylish kitchen floor & wall tiles to add interest:

Thanks to the insane range of tiles that are available in the market in various designs, patterns and textures, a great way to amp up the look of the kitchen are to install stylish kitchen floor and wall tiles. This will add the right amount of character to the kitchen and will make them look attractive and playful.

  • Replace kitchen cabinets with drawers :

Small kitchens come with their own set of challenges, the most predominant one being space. Modern kitchens come with storage that is sleek and functional, making the kitchens look less overwhelming and cluttered. Kitchen cabinets with doors are now long gone and are replaced with drawers. Having drawers makes the kitchens smarter and more efficient in storage. They also make life easy since you don’t have to work too hard to enter the deep ends of the cabinets. All you need to do is pull and the drawers are out and accessible.

  • Align your Accents to Your Marble:

Marble is a fabulous choice of flooring for any space, be it small or big. They exude opulence and come in beautiful, naturally veined designs that could make your kitchens stand out. Since marbles already come with some design elements in them, it is preferred to match the accents of the kitchen to make the kitchen look more put together.

  • Extend cupboards above the cabinets all the way to the ceiling:

A great way to manage the storage in the kitchen is to have cupboards that go all the way up to the ceiling. There is so much space that you can put to use above the cabinets. Having cupboards that go all the way up to the ceiling will also create an illusion and give height to your kitchens.

  • An L-shaped kitchen with an edge:

Kitchens have countertops according to the space assigned to the kitchen. In any case, an L-shaped kitchen is a popular choice in most homes. This is a great way to use the corners of a kitchen by drawing a countertop and having more usable space. This is super efficient in small and medium-sized kitchens. This is a perfect layout for those who plan to have an open kitchen set up in their homes. It allows more moving space in the kitchen as the corners are used for an L-shaped kitchen, thus making them appear bigger.

  • Get glamorous with appliances:

Nowadays, there is a wide range of everything to suit the needs of everyone. The same applies to kitchen appliances. Fancy up your kitchen by adding in those fancy Juicer Mixer Grinders and Nutriblenders. Can your fridge and oven be sexy too? If you look for it, you will surely find one that will sit fancy in your kitchen. All you need to do is some shopping. Or even browse the internet for some inspiration!


8 Low-Cost Simple Kitchen Design Ideas:

  • Opt for Open Cabinetry:

Closed kitchen cabinetry is great for keeping things concealed and making the kitchens appear clean and tidy. But for moderate to small kitchens, having closed cabinetry may obstruct the space of the kitchen, thus making them appear smaller in size. Open cabinetry is witnessed in a lot of modern kitchens these days. It offers easy access to everyday kitchenware and also makes the kitchen look modern and stylish. It allows you to flaunt those stylish pots, pans and other cutlery that have been sitting in closed cupboards for so long. Very less raw materials are required to build open cabinetry set up in the kitchens; thus, this is a great low-cost, effective method of sprucing up your kitchen design. Because they are open, there is no obstruction to the eye and this makes the kitchens look bigger. This budget-friendly option is great for those who are okay with having a little display in their kitchens.

  • Countertop materials:

Kitchen countertops are the most widely used place in the kitchen. All your preps of chopping, blending and so on take place on the countertops. Modern-day interior designs are witnessing some amazing countertop ideas that are making it to the top of the inspiration charts for many homeowners. Marble, granite, and quartz are some of the best choices for countertops. Not only do they look rich and opulent, but they are also durable and easy to clean and maintain; thus, they make great choices for countertops.

  • On a tight budget for tiles? Paint it:

Tiling the walls of the kitchen is any day a better choice given the amount of exposure the kitchen has to humidity and moisture, but it is a rather expensive option. Not many of us may have the budget to install tiles. In this case, you can paint the kitchen walls. Even better, choose a different, brighter, bolder colour for your accent walls to add that nuance to the kitchen!

  • Consider a freestanding kitchen island:

For those of you who may not be clear with what this exactly means, freestanding kitchen islands are those that are not permanently fixed or immovable. These islands stand on their own like a table, and they can be configured anywhere in your kitchens depending upon where you have the space. This is a great choice for those who move in and out of cities very often so that they can dismantle them and put them to use wherever they go next. They come with ample storage space and a countertop which makes it multi-utility cabinetry.

  • Go for smaller changes in accents like cabinet handles:

You don’t necessarily need to make big changes to make your kitchens appear more enticing and attractive. Sometimes all you need is minor changes that could instantly make your kitchens more modern and stylish. If your cabinetry looks great and is functional, you can replace the old handles with the latest knobs and handles that come in the best designs. Right from colourful to metallic, you will find a ton of options to choose from.

  • Opt for affordable kitchen appliances:

Fancy kitchen appliances don’t always have to be a mandate when it comes to choosing appliances that up the face value of your kitchens. If your appliances are functional and affordable, choose those over fancy-looking appliances, as that would be a huge cost saver, and they would do the job just right. Not to mention that you get new appliances too!

  • Go for affordable sinks:

There is a huge market for sinks that come in various sizes, designs and price points. No matter how expensive your sink is, it is going to perform just like any other sink, and there will not be any difference in the performance for the price you would pay. Instead, choose sinks that suit the size of your kitchen and your requirements and that also fit within the designated budget. This way, you will not end up making unnecessary expenses and will save some money too.

  • Hang wallpaper in the kitchen:

Wallpapers are a great way to change the look of the kitchen and are a great low-cost kitchen design to consider. For those of you who like to change things every now and then, installing wallpapers is a great way to make those kitchens look attractive and beautiful. Wallpapers may succumb to the pressures of heat and humidity in the kitchen and may not be that easy to clean compared to wall tiles, so there will be a need to replace them at regular intervals to maintain the health of the kitchen. You can also play with various hues and shades of colours and designs to add colour and delight to your kitchens!


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