Patterned tiles can effortlessly add a good dose of character and personality into the decor of different indoor and outdoor areas of the home. Patterned tiles are not only available in different materials like ceramic, porcelain and cement tiles but also in a wide range of designs like floral, herringbone, geometric, basket weave and chevron patterns to name a few. Use these tips to bring in patterned tiles into the decor of your home.

How To Use Pattern Tiles?

Pattern Tiles can be used as:

  1. In the Kitchen Backsplash
  2. As Carpet Flooring
  3. Create an Accent Wall
  4. As Highlighter Tiles
  5. In the Stair Risers


In the Kitchen Backsplash

Patterned tiles can be introduced in the kitchen backsplash of an all-white or neutral-toned kitchen and give it a designer look. Alternately, one can go with patterned tiles which offer good contrast and blend well with the colour scheme of the kitchen cabinetry.

As Carpet Flooring

In an open plan design home, install patterned tiles in certain areas like the entrance to make a good first impression or between the living and dining areas to create a visual demarcation between two zones. Patterned tiles always take the centre stage and give the appearance of permanent carpet flooring which is easy to maintain. Additionally, these tiles are perfect for the bathroom flooring and outdoor areas like the patio and the terrace.

Create an Accent Wall

Consider patterned wall tiles to create an accent wall in areas like the entrance foyer, living room, bedroom, balcony, or terrace. This is one of the best ways to highlight certain areas of the home and transform them into a focal point.

As Highlighter Tiles

Install patterned tiles in a bathroom to highlight the wall behind the sink and mirror unit, run the tiles as a border or install them within a niche. Consider patterned tiles on one wall of the shower area so that it transforms into a feature wall.

In the Stair Risers

Give a dynamic look to the staircase by installing patterned tiles on the risers which can creatively demarcate the treads from the risers.

Therefore a good selection of patterned tiles can enliven your space and take your home decor to a whole new level. When choosing patterned tiles make sure that the tile’s colour and design blends with the surroundings. Keep in mind that tiles with small patterns are suitable for smaller areas while large patterns look bold and are more appropriate for expansive spaces.