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A Comprehensive Guide to Unlocking Noida’s Porcelain Tile Solutions

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Finding the ideal porcelain tile solutions in Noida is quite important when you are crafting your dream paradise or renovating your old space. Any renowned tiles showroom in Noida will offer you a vast collection of porcelain tiles, which can make any space more functional and elegant. Plus, if you visit a good tile store with fairly decent popularity in the market, you will find some excellent porcelain tile solutions that you cannot wait to infuse into your space. So, get ready to check out amazing porcelain tile solutions for a broad spectrum of interior designs. 

Exploring Porcelain Tile Solutions in Noida

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Noida’s tile markets have an array of porcelain tile options with varying patterns, designs, and colours. Here are some popular porcelain tile solutions that you can look for in the local tile market in Noida. 

Marble Tiles 

A living room with marble floors and a dining table.

Marble has been prized for its enduring beauty and opulent appearance for several centuries. From historical monuments and sculptures to contemporary interior designs, marble is used to infuse a traditional yet understated aesthetic appeal into any space. Thanks to technological improvement, infusing a classic marble look into any space is not a hard task. You can go for marble porcelain tiles that come in a variety of looks and shades, ranging from Italian white to dramatic black. 

3D Tiles 

A black and white patio with 3d tiles, a grill and furniture.

In recent years, 3D tiles have become extremely trendy. People have liked them well because of their distinctiveness and unique looks that can deliver an additional layer of textures and depth into any space. You can find uncountable 3D porcelain tile options, ranging from bold and geometric patterns to organic and glowing designs. Thanks to their innovative manufacturing process, they come with resistant properties towards water, moisture, and stains, so you can use them in bathrooms, kitchens, and other living spaces. 

Wooden Tiles

An image of a wooden floor in a kitchen.

Consider enhancing your space’s design with contemporary wooden porcelain tiles if you want to create a home look that will set trends. These tiles are more hard-wearing, and stain, moisture, and spill-resistant than real wood. Installing these wooden tiles can make your room more visually appealing and useful, giving you the freedom to use them any way you see fit. They come in several wood textures and looks, including oak, teak, walnut, cedar, and many more. You can check out all these wooden tile options by visiting any trusted local floor tile shop in Noida. 

Pattern Tiles

A bathroom with a beige and brown pattern tiled floor.

If you want to add a touch of art to elevate the style quotient of your space, think of using pattern tiles. There are innumerable designs with intricate patterns of patterned tiles that you can come across in any space, encompassing traditional, classy, and modern styles. You can install these tiles according to the vibe you want to create within your space. Go for a stylish design to add modernity and class or opt for corner designs and borders to create a traditional look. You can check out different porcelain tiles with intricate patterns to elevate your space decor. 

Plain Tiles 

A white tiled front porch with a bench and railing.

Undoubtedly, plain tiles are the embodiment of elegance and charm as they can make any space look refined and visually pleasing. They can elevate the look of any space if you combine them with artistic highlighter tiles like 3D or patterned tiles. You can find them in a variety of shades that can provide a long-lasting base for decorative tiles. They are highly durable and can blend into different interior settings. 

Cement Tiles 

A blue and white kitchen with a table and chairs.

Cement tiles are another popular type of porcelain tile that is suitable for different house styles, ranging from traditional to semi-classic to modern. You can find these tiles in diverse designs and with rich colour palettes. These tiles are highly durable, need low maintenance, and have good bearing capacity, making them suitable for flooring in busy spaces. 

Slate Tiles 

A patio with wicker furniture, slate tiles and a view of the lake.

Slate tiles are an exception tile option made using porcelain material and come in a rich array of shades and sizes. They can offer a beautiful, unique look to any space by adding a sense of class and luxury. By laying slate tiles, you can elevate the visual appeal and functionality of your space. Besides, they require less maintenance and are resistant to bad weather conditions. Visit a reputed local floor tile shop in Noida today and check out quality slate porcelain tiles. 

Renowned Tile Stores to Visit in Noida

Here are some well-reputed tile stores in Noida that you can consider visiting. 

Orientbell Tiles 

Orientbell Tiles is a well-known tile manufacturing brand with a good reputation in Noida. They have multiple showrooms in Noida where you can explore a vast collection of porcelain tiles along with ceramic and vitrified tiles, catering to the needs of a variety of interior decor styles. 

Address: Gupta Steel, No E/95, Sector 9, Noida – 201301

Contact: +919167356004

Address: Khandelwal Tiles, No I/15, Sector 9, Noida – 201301

Contact: +919167089042

Selecting The Right Porcelain Tiles for Your Paradise 

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Before you start your tile-buying journey in Noida, you need to follow a strategic approach to make sure you get the best porcelain tile solutions for your space. Here are some tips to select the best kinds of porcelain tiles to craft your dreamy paradise. 

  • Set your budget: Fix your budget before visiting the market. 
  • Visit multiple stores: Visit different tile shops in Noida to explore the tile quality, prices, and the latest tile trends. 
  • Select tile size and shapes: Choose the tile shape and size wisely to elevate your space. 
  • Select the tile design: Go for your preferred tile designs for different areas so that you can take your interior decor to the next level. 
  • Seek professional advice: Talk with the tile dealers if you are confused about your tile choices. They can help select the ideal porcelain tiles for your space. 

Consider Buying Porcelain Tiles Online

Other than visiting tile stores in person, you can explore various tile options and buy them sitting at home from various reputed tile brands’ websites. Here are some online websites where you can discover a plethora of tiles to unleash your space’s true potential. 


  • Orientbell Tiles Boutique: With a strong online presence in the tile market, Orientbell Tiles has an amazing online platform that displays thousands and thousands of tile designs, which you can explore from anywhere without the hassle of visiting a wall and floor tile shop in person. 

Also, you can utilise their tile visualiser tool – TriaLook to select the right tile design for your space. Don’t forget to go through their customer reviews, payment, shipping, and return policies before placing an order. 


A good and well-recognised tiles showroom in Noida can help you choose the ideal porcelain tile solutions. So, don’t worry and reach out to trusted tile dealers to receive genuine help and guidance. Hopefully, this blog has helped you locate some amazing tile stores in the city. Now, take your call and start exploring porcelain tile options! 

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