Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design concept is a way of including nature in our day-to-day life. In our hectic schedule, where we get little time to spend in nature, this design approach enables occupants to have exposure to nature. We are confident that biophilic design will contribute to your psychological and physical well being. 

Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design is about focusing on the essential elements and features of space. Minimalism does not mean compromising your living standards but reducing things to their requisite nature. It is not only good for your wellbeing but also good for the environment.  

Multifunctional Spaces

In today’s time, homes have become offices, schools, entertainment centres, sports fields, etc. Multifunctional space just reflects this reality. Creating a multifunctional space would free you from the rigidness of the built structure and develop a variety of options to perform various functions. Multifunctional spaces do not mean labelling an area as multi-functional but using to foster connections. A well-designed multifunctional space will create the illusion of more room. 

Pastel and Earthy Tones

Pastels shades have always been popular in interiors. Combined with earthy and rustic textures, they give a stunning interior effect. It is a way of creating very basic yet modern interiors. Another way to including earthy tones is by combining different kinds of metal in your interiors. They look stunning for both walls and floors. You can create these stunning interiors by using the range of wooden wall tiles options at Orientbell.

Accent walls

Accent walls are a great way to emphasize your walls or an area in a space. They are easy to create and look stylish. When decorated with the right tiling trends, they contribute tremendously to the aesthetics. Not only wall tiles last longer than wallpaper or paint, but these are also highly economical and easy to maintain. At Orientbell, we offer a fantastic range of accent wall tiles available in a wide variety of colours, designs, patterns and finishes that will transform your home into an artistic wonder.