1. Composite Sinks

Sinks are not only a functional necessity but can also transform your kitchen interiors completely. Composite Sinks are made of the highly durable material and can give you a stylish and robust alternative for stainless steel sink.  One other advantage of composite sinks is that they do not let water stains sit on the surface, giving you a cleaner looking kitchen. 

2. Modular Cabinets and Storage Units

Storage is a crucial factor in kitchen design. Lack of sufficient storage can lead to messy and chaotic kitchen experience. Modular cabinets and Storage units give effective storage solutions and also help you conceal them, giving you a stylish and neat looking kitchen. There are a considerable number of materials to design your modular kitchens, like wood, MDF, plywood, particleboard, laminate etc. Modular kitchens help to customize them for your requirements. 

3. Tile Flooring over Hardwood

Hardwood is not a very wise choice for building kitchen floors, but people still use it for its aesthetic value. Ceramics tiles are undoubtedly a better choice because they are more durable and easy to maintain. Floor tiles do not have the risk for rotting and have a wide range of designs. Orientbell Tiles offers an extensive range of stylish and durable floor tiles ideal for wet areas like Kitchen, Bathroom and outdoors. 

4. Germ-Free Kitchen Tiles

If you keep up with the latest trend in materials, you must know about germ-free tiles. Germ-free tiles have an antimicrobial layer which fights against germs – killing 99% of them upon contact. Unlike disinfectants, a germ-free tile gives you 24*7 protection between mopping cycles. They are an ideal choice for kitchens because the kitchen needs utmost cleanliness and hygiene. At Orientbell, Germ-free tiles are available in a range of design options that do not compromise the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

5. Open Floor Kitchen and Living area

A trend for contemporary homes, open floor plan kitchen has evolved from its strictly functional regime to a garnishing element in interior design. Open Kitchens and living area give a warm feeling to the inhabitants. They promote co-membership and participation between the people working in the kitchen and hanging out in the living room. Apart from improving social life, this concept also saves space and offers flexible design choices. 

6. Outdoor Sit-Out Dining

You don’t need a trend to have an Outdoor Sit-Out Dining. They are just so elegant and comfy. You can have a picnic without having to step a foot out of the house. It gives a nice change in scenery and a place to have a little celebration.

7. Designer Chimney Hoods

Chimneys suck out the food vapours and odour out of the room. They do get dirty and greasy in the process. Having a chimney hood can not only help you conceal the grime, but you can use them to create a focal point in your kitchen.  It adds a design element as well as keep the Kitchens visually clutter-free.

8. Accented Backsplash Area

The backsplash protects walls behind cooking stove from a food spatter. They usually have a practical use but what’s stopping you from using it as an opportunity to add a little drama to kitchen interiors. Accented backsplash area gives an incredibly voguish look.