Ceramic and vitrified tiles are most popular when it comes to tile shopping and are now available in various finishes, textures, sizes and colours.

To help you choose tiles that will sort your needs for today and tomorrow, we bring to you all-time classics to adorn tour spaces beautifully.

1. Wooden tiles for colonial warm vibes

Wooden tiles are timeless classics, they cover floors and walls beautifully giving your spaces a cosy and inviting vibe. Bring home wooden tiles or wooden planks in ceramic or vitrified bodies. Wooden tiles are available in an array of shades of wood and sizes to suit any space of your choice; be it residential or commercial spaces.

Wooden tiles absorb less water and are easy to maintain versus the actual wooden floorings. You can mop, dust or clean them just the way you wish to. Wooden tiles can also be used as wall tiles to accentuate a wall or clubbed with other colours to create a statement wall.

What’s even better? These tiles can be installed in heavy traffic area or even outdoor spaces like; porch, terraces and balconies. Explore a wide range of wooden colour to suit all your spaces here.

2. Charming Grey Floors

Shades of grey are not just in-trend but this trend is to stay for years to come. They can be coordinated with furniture of all types and looks charming. Grey floor tiles can be installed to give your spaces a calm and composed look. This can be run throughout your home or can be mix and matched with any colour of wall or statement walls.

Grey floor tiles are the perfect choice for a living room or master bedroom, as it makes your room look bigger. The tiles are easy-to-clean and low on maintenance.

You can choose tiles by-colours on orientbell.com.

3. Traditional tiles for modern spaces

Fusion décor is the next big thing and this trend is here to stay for years. The minimalist approach of combining traditional tiles with modern décor works well and is so Instagram-worthy.

The stylised tiles from our Sanskriti range that are inspired by the rich culture and heritage of our country. These tiles have been clubbed with plain white tiles with a hint of modern accessories.

Fusion décor is tried and loved by the west and it is slowly making its mark in India too. It is time to get your spaces the latest collection of our – Sanskriti Tiles to create spaces that will always remain in fashion.  

4. Trust floral patterns to last you very long

Pretty floral patterns will never fail to impress you. They can be used as highlighters in kitchen and bathroom walls or you can very well-experiment with them as an accent or statement walls. Floral patterns automatically give a positive and happy vibe to your spaces.

They can be clubbed with dark and light shades to create wall concepts or can be used as-is.

Looking to explore floral patterned tiles? Click here.

5. Trendy Marble Tiles

Marble tiles can never go out of style, they rather keep evolving in different patterns, sizes and even colours. White marble tiles clubbed with black marble tiles have the potential to create spaces that can take your breath away.  

Be it white marble tiles in gloss or matt finish or marble tiles in other shades than white like grey marble tiles, black marble tiles; they look a class apart and give your spaces a luxurious look.

6. Marble Elegance

Marble tiles inspired by the marbles procured from across the globe are making way into our spaces giving them the much needed elegant and sophisticated look.

Marble tiles like Emperador marble inspired from Turkey or Soapstone or Onyx marbles are now available in elegant looking tile patterns that are easy-to-clean and never go out of sheen.

There exist a tile for everyone and every space.

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