With a wide range of floor tiles readily available in the market, picking the right tiles for your home can be tricky. The right flooring can enhance the beauty of your personal space and add a hint of that ‘classy’ you always wanted. And since you cannot replace flooring frequently, it is only essential to choose the perfect tiles for your home. If you are looking for the best floor tiles in terms of strength, resistance to stains and scratches, along with ease of installation, then full body vitrified tiles should be your choice.

What are Full Body Vitrified Tiles?

Full body vitrified tiles also known as Rectified Tiles are formed by mixing clay, feldspar, quartz, and silica at high temperatures. During this process, grains of the required color get added to the base tile, which creates a homogenous color that runs throughout the tile. During this process of manufacturing, all the raw materials are stored in dedicated silos to prevent any impurity from ruining the composition. These raw materials for the base color and grains are added in tanks, and specifications are measured continuously. This mixture is then passed through a sieve. The finest particles fall on the conveyor belt giving rise to superior quality tiles. Now you know what goes on behind those absolutely perfect-looking and almost-impossible-to-damage tiles.

Why Full Body Vitrified Tiles Should be Your Next Pick

vitrified tiles for balcony

Full body vitrified tiles are processed in a way that makes them more durable and resistant to damage. Not just this, to a great extent, they are immune to most acids as well as to alkalis. The pigment that runs through their entire body makes scratches and stains considerably less noticeable and leaves your home with a seamless finish. Full body vitrified tiles have negligible water absorption, making them moisture resistant. The color and finish of these tiles are not affected by sunlight either, which makes them the best fit for your porch, garden area, bathrooms, and swimming pool deck. These tiles are available in six shades and are a great choice to add more elegance to your already beautiful home.

Another major advantage of these tiles is that their installation is easy and less time-consuming. Also, with a significantly lesser number of joints, the overall look is cleaner and classier. It is no secret that cleaning and polishing tiles can be a tedious and long process. But with the full-body vitrified tiles, you don’t have to worry at all. These matt tiles hold their look for longer periods, taking away the need to polish the tiles frequently- saving you both time and money.

green vitrified tiles for kitchen

The entire range of Sahara series can be used in commercial places, exteriors of your house, parking lots, and pathways. Due to the color resemblance of Sahara P Kota green with Kota stone, it has numerous applications in various places like the Kota stone, including metro stations, airports, hospitals, and educational institutions. Unlike the traditional Kota Stone that can be stained easily as a result of high traffic, Sahara P Kota Green tiles can beautify your outdoor spaces and the busiest of areas, maintaining its finish for years.

grey vitrified tiles for outdoor sitting

Flooring has a prominent impact on the overall look of your house. Sahara series full body vitrified tiles have incredible merits up their sleeve when it comes to open, sun-exposed, high-moisture, or industrial spaces that are exposed to grease, acids, and other lubricants. So, if you want to give a tasteful finish to your terrace, pool deck, patio or you want to revamp a commercial space, then these tiles are just what you need.