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Nawabi Style Tile Designs for Lucknow Home

Elegantly furnished living room with a mix of modern and classic elements, featuring a wooden accent wall, plush seating, and decorative lighting.

A city rich in traditional descent and royal etiquette, and known for its Nawabs, has become a centre of modern technology with infrastructural development and a progressive outlook. As the city offers a fusion of cultural grace and new developments, the local citizens love to embrace modern outlooks while following their traditions and commemorating the glorious days of history. This is quite evident from their customs, the way they live, and especially their home decor, which is influenced by Nawabi traditions. So, if you want to give your living space a touch of the Nawabi style and culture, consider using traditional tile designs that are reminiscent of royal grandeur and can take you to the time of Nawabs to experience cultural richness and sophistication. As a renowned tiles shop in Lucknow, Orientbell Tiles offers a range of tile options that effortlessly exude a sense of limitless luxury and sophistication in your interiors. 

Tile Designs to Give Your Home a Nawabi Vibe 

Classic Marble

Modern kitchen and living area with monochrome decor and large windows.

One of the best ways to add touches of luxury to your interiors is by laying luxurious-looking marble tile designs. With marble tiles, you can easily create a Nawabi-style home interior with a classic concept and a contemporary feel. Consider marble floor tiles design options like PGVT Calacatta Bellissimo Marmi and PGVT Endless Calacatta Bianco which have a classic white look with elegant veining and let you enjoy a real sign of a beautiful domestic setting. Besides that, if you want to have marble flooring of a different lighter shade, consider Cresent Bianco, which is in a light beige tone and perfect for luxurious bedrooms and living rooms. 

Timeless Terrazzo

A modern bathroom featuring a freestanding bathtub, terrazzo tiles, and a floating sink vanity.

If you are looking for a classic floor tiles design other than marble for your luxurious classic residence, consider terrazzo tile designs. These tiles offer timeless elegance, which resembles the organic charms and regal looks of natural stone, offering the Nawabi feel in your interiors. You can think of using premium-quality terrazzo tile designs, such as Carving Terrazzo Grey LT and Carving Terrazzo Grey DK, which are perfect for creating luxurious home interior designs. Be it your bathroom or bedroom, you can easily turn this space into a really beautiful part of your home with the charming elegance of terrazzo tiles. 

Magnificent Moroccans

A mosaic of traditional blue and white patterned tiles.

Your Nawabi-style home interior can have the most luxurious design if you think of using patterns. Be it on walls or floors, intricate patterns and vibrant colours can make any space appear more traditional and have more cultural richness. So, to let your Lucknow home have some glimpses of the intriguing past, consider laying Moroccan-inspired tiles, which have colourful Arabic designs and patterns and can add a charming yet traditional look to your space. You can opt for vibrant and captivating Moroccan tile designs, such as DR Decor Portuguese Art Multi and BDF 5×5 Moroccan Blue FT for your kitchen backsplash or flooring. Also, you can consider some Moroccan room tiles design options, like SHG Moroccan Art HL and OHG Armani Spanish Art HL for accent walls in bedrooms and living rooms. These tile designs can seamlessly integrate cultural elegance while making the space more functional. 

Glorious Geometric 

Elegant interior of a spacious home with shiny tiled floors, ornate pillars, and a decorative balustrade.

For setting up a royal-style home interior, think of having a geometric floor design. You can go for a classic diamond-patterned floor look using BDM Anti-Skid EC Diamond Carrara, which has a black-and-white pattern with a marble design to give your space a stunning yet traditional look. Also, this floor tiles design has an anti-skid feature to offer a comfortable space for walking. Plus, if you want to give your walls a regal look, you can consider wall tile designs, such as Decor Square Triangle Grey, OHG Atlantic 3D Diamond HL, and SHG 3D Endless Blocks HL. You can think of visiting a tiles shop in Lucknow to explore a variety of wall and floor tile designs of geometric patterns to create a classic cosmopolitan feel. 

Luxurious Wall Patterns

A blue armchair in front of a wall with geometric patterned wallpaper.

If you wish to create royal decor, consider giving your walls a classic look by laying patterned wall tiles. This can elevate the visual interest in your space while allowing you to admire the beauty of traditional prints from the past. You can think of using classic pattern tile designs, such as SHG Vintage Damask Art HL and SHG Petal Black HL, to create a stunning yet elegant accent wall look. Also, you can consider using a subtle wall tile design like SBG Arches White to create a lighter version of Nawabi-style decors. Besides that, these room tiles design options can easily blend with contemporary decor elements, such as a chandelier. To elevate the royal vibe, you can add wooden furniture, printed carpets, luxe rugs, and curtains in rich jewel tones. 


A bedroom with a bed and a tv.

Most luxurious and royal-style home interiors have wooden elements, ranging from wooden furniture to wooden artwork carvings, displaying the exquisite skills of local craftsmen. However, handcrafted wooden decor elements can be quite expensive. So, if you are looking for a more affordable way to infuse wood into your interior setting for warmth and a high degree of sophistication, go for wooden tiles. These tiles represent the glamour and elegance of the overall interior setting. You can check out various wooden tile designs, such as ODM Tuscany Wood Brown and DR Carving Oak Hardwood Brown. Also, if you would like a pattern flooring that has a woody appearance, consider DR DGVT Double Herringbone Wood, which can provide a royal and classy look. Not just for floors, you can even consider a wooden highlighter tile design, like SHM Veneer Oak Floral Strips HL, to elevate the walls of your interiors. 

Simple and Bold Tile Colour Combo 

Modern lobby with artistic decor and elegant furnishings.

Combining tiles of light and dark colour schemes is an excellent way to give a luxurious look to any interior. Lighter hues such as neutral and pastels are great choices for anyone looking to create a classic and royal look for any interior setup. However, if you want to infuse a dramatic effect into your Nawabi-style decor, consider deeper tones. You can infuse these colours in a wall-and-floor ensemble – using tiles of darker shades on walls and lighter shades on floors. For example, you can consider darker room tiles design options, PGVT Plain Black and ODM Sanskriti Blue, for walls and lighter tile options, such as Granalt SNP White and Cloudy White, for floors. With this combination, you can add depth and effortless luxury to your walls and floors. 


Which tile design can provide a more Nawabi look depends on you and your taste. But if you select from the above list of Nawabi-style tiles, you can effortlessly give your interiors a royal touch and a luxurious look, providing an awe-striking visual to your guests and creating unique spaces where you can relax and enjoy. To explore these amazing tile options, reach out to Orientbell Tiles Boutique, our tiles shop in Lucknow that offers a wide range of tile designs that embody the essence of Nawabi style and beauty. So, visit our tile store today and adopt a lavish look for your interiors! 

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