How often do we honour those who put in their sweat and blood into making your dream home come true? How often do we actually recognize their vision, inputs, and foresight to not only give you what you asked for but sometimes, even more than that? This Architecture Day, we at Orientbell Tiles, celebrate the builders of our dream houses for their contribution towards making millions of happy homes.

Celebrated first in 2005, Architecture Day is commemorated on October 4 every year, worldwide, to acknowledge and appreciate the work architects do and to celebrate some of the great global architectural works.

Building one’s own home is possibly one of the most desired dreams people have. And when you finally get to do so, you don’t want to do anything but just the best. You want to pick the best material, furnishing, or fixtures. Building a home is not just putting together bricks and mortar, it is bringing a dream alive and live in for many years. This dream once comes to life becomes a place where new memories are made and older ones are cherished.

And who better understand this dream than an Architect who listens and understands your passion, your vision for your abode and work tirelessly for days, month and even for years to ensure your dream comes to life. Our Architect community spends their blood and sweat to ensure your home has a corner here for your pets, a little sitting area on your balcony to sip tea in the rains, and the terrace garden you saw on the internet. They not just understand your vision but technically analyze them and figure ways out in which it comes into action. Remember last time you saw a tile and you couldn’t understand what the design was, it was him who found that similar design for you. Architects build dreams that narrate a story. Stories from first home together to a home built for parents; to a space built for a dream start-up.

Standing by you right from the ideation stage to developing, sketching, coordinating, troubleshooting, building, and overseeing till the time you get the keys to your home, architects have a huge role to play.

Something as crucial as building a space for you and possibly your posterity to live in is no mean task. We honor the challenge they take upon themselves and see it through right until the end. Architecture Day is, therefore, a mark of collective significance and responsibility for the future of the human habitat.

Team Orientbell Tiles extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who tirelessly bring our dream project alive.

Wishing all the architects and budding architects around the world a very happy Architecture Day! May this day and significance inspire you into creating the earth into a sustainable dream home for all humans!