With this list, we’ve explored various open spaces and flooring options that can bear pet paws, stilettoes, car wheels and more. Keep reading!

Garden or Patio

patio or garden flooring option

A natural wooden flooring might create brilliant coherence with the grass, flowers and pebbles of your garden? However, we must take into account the daily moisture exposure that this area is likely to receive. While you water your plants every day, an open space is exposed to weather conditions, such as dew and rain on a regular basis. Under such circumstances, it will be difficult to maintain hardwood flooring. A digitally vitrified tile comes in natural wooden finish flooring. Wooden-finish tiles can withstand various climatic conditions and bear heavy footfall. They are more durable than wooden flooring. Pets with their padded paws can move about comfortably on a tiled flooring as well.

Parking and Driveway

parking flooring option

Safety and durability are the prime concerns for a home owner, when they are picking the ideal parking tiles. Yet, it is important to note that aesthetics don’t have to be compromised for great strength, safety and durability. This definitely won’t be the case with vitrified parking tiles from Orientbell. Available in a wide variety of shades and patterns, these tiles can give your parking space an instant style upgrade. Moreover, they have a great slip resistance with their anti-skid properties and ensure the safest driving & parking experience.


Balcony tiling idea

This part of your house is where you sip a cup of your favorite coffee and watch the world pass by. It is likely, that you want a royal and luxurious appearance for that space and un-wind your long days in the comfort of its finesse. Finished with a unique and contemporary edge, Kerinox Tiles from Orient Bell are just what you need for your spot. The bold metallic shades of this range decorate your balcony with the trendiest of details. These tiles are manufactured with frost resistance and anti-slip properties to provide you with the most durable flooring.


terrace flooring idea


Nostalgia kicks in when we think about this space of our house. Cards night with our cousins, kite tussles, aligning diyas on its edge and sour savories drying under the sun are the warm and joyous memories that we have shared with our terraces. Our rooftops are exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions. Hailstorms, blaring heat, rains etc. can cause a great deal of wear and tear and hence the most durable tiles must be chosen for the flooring of this area. The exposure of beautiful natural light can be used to your benefit with our exclusive range of Gilimkar Tiles. The subtle finish of the surface replicates a star-lit night sky when its light falls on it. To ensure superior quality and durability this range is manufactured with Gilimker granules, imported from Spain. Satin-like surface, slip-resistance and elegant shimmer of this range make it a perfect cut for your terrace.

Our outdoor areas have been wonderful hosts to festivals, togetherness and some precious moments of solitude as well. Apart from care, comfort and safety, a striking balance of brilliant looks is the promise of Orientbell. Walk into an Orientbell store near you and let the tile-experts guide through the best of outdoor tiling options.