28 Nov, 2019
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How to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger and Better

It’s a dream for most of us to own a spacious, luxurious bathroom with a massive bathtub, a separate shower panel and the most stunning accessories. Whether you live that dream or not, you can certainly decorate your bathroom in ways that’ll make it look bigger and better! Right from selecting the colour palette to going for the right fixtures, everything is important. Why not make a stop at any of the nine Orient Bell Tile Boutiques in various cities across India and discover a range of tiles suitable for your space? We think it’s a great idea!

Meanwhile, here’s what you need to keep in mind when you revamp your bathroom:

Choose white on white

The first thought most of us have is: white is so high-maintenance. While that may be true, but opting for lots of white (be it white tiles, paint) makes your bathroom look both spacious and luxurious. What’s more, it also reflects light instead of absorbing it. Unleash your creative genius and go all out with picking your favourite wall or floor tiles in white from Orient Bell Tiles.

Generally, most bathroom fixtures like the sink or toilet is already white in colour. Adding some more white for other surfaces gives the impression of an airy space. If you want a dash of vibrancy, you can also add a range of textural elements or some wood, here and there. Trust us, it will add to the richness you’re looking for!

How about tone-on-tone?

Some of you might consider white to be boring. Fret not, you can go for a tone-on-tone colour palette in warm beige, soft grays or even colours like light blue. Go for a bathroom tiles with these colours and you can paint your walls on one of the hues within it. It will have a cooling and airy effect, and make your bathroom look spacious, just the way you want it!

Choose the right accessories

Since you do not have much space, it is better to go for accessories that look classy but don’t make your bathroom look cluttered. For instance, get a floating vanity. You can not just store essentials easily, but it also makes you feel there’s much more space. Now, isn’t this what you are looking for?

Don’t clutter

We all like to fill our bathrooms with cute little souvenirs and anything that catches the eye! When you do not have a large bathroom space, it’s best to go with ‘less is more’. Buy a smaller vanity or shelf that does not occupy a large area. It’s best to leave a little negative space, so your bathroom looks bigger and better.

A big mirror looks good

A bathroom mirror is an essential, so why not go for a large one instead of the standard size. Yes, you heard it right. A large mirror can double the size of your space and in fact, it can give your bathroom a classy look. Trust us, this is a great investment to make!

Opt for a glass panel

Here’s another way to make your bathroom look bigger and better: go for a glass panel. You can replace a shower curtain with a frosted or tinted glass panel (in case of privacy). This will also help you get in more light, as you take a leisurely shower. That’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss for sure!

Light it up

It’s important to install good lighting in bathrooms, especially since there’s not much natural light they get! You can have a grid of ceiling lights, sconces or a well-lit mirror that will make your space look more refined and beautiful.

Go for long lines

In any bathroom (be it a rectangular shape or any other), there’s always a wall or area that’s longer than the rest. You can add a shelf or a band of tile here to create a long element and draw attention here. This is simple and creates a visual effect of a bigger bathroom!

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