02 Dec 2023, Read Time : 1 Min

Orientbell Tiles: 100% Tiles, 0% Celebs

Who doesn’t love celebrities? But making a purchase just because your favourite celebrity is endorsing the product does not make sense. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that celebrities often don’t even personally use the products they’re paid to advertise. We believe celebs will sell anything for money, which is why Orientbell Tiles comes with the promise of 100% Tiles and 0% Celebs. Our massive selection of over 3000+ tiles available on our website as well as our 2000+ offline stores are more than enough to prove our merit and superior quality. 

Our large selection of tiles ensures that every customer will get what they are looking for, and if you find it difficult to make a choice, you can always check our innovative tool called TriaLook– a tile visualisation tool that allows you to check how a tile will look in your own space in real-time. This innovative tool, based on VR is a boon for both interior designers and homeowners alike. 

Orientbell Tiles cares for the customers and understands the value of money, which is why we offer correct prices according to the PinCode of the customer. You can check this service on our website or visit one of the 2000+ offline tile stores in India today.

And while it’s easy to point fingers at celebrities for what they persuade you to buy, you can choose to share something genuine, something real with the people you care about, so let our tiles vouch for themselves and avoid getting fooled by tall and false claims of celebs, because remember- Orientbell Tiles = 100% Tiles, 0% Celebs

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Mannika Mitra

Mannika Mitra is an Arts Graduate from the Delhi University & a Post-Graduate Diploma holder in Journalism and Mass Communication. She has worked as a digital producer with new agency; ANI, NDTV & Hindustan Times before joining Orientbell Tiles as a part of their digital and content marketing team. Her interest in interior design and knowledge of tiles comes from her family of architects and Tile Shop owners. In her quest to write useful blogs that help users pick the right tiles and renovation inspiration, she frequently does research with architects, tile dealers among others. Apart from writing content for the website she loves to travel, know about various cultures and binge watch on OTT platforms.

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