With the valuable feedback of more than 100 channel partners, leading architects, and our consumers, we offer a plethora of new tile designs, patterns, and colours. These latest series will completely change your store’s range for good.

Estilo Tiles Collection

This stunning range of wall tile series is ideal for both retail and project consumers. Considering the increasing popularity of matt tiles, we have added 300X600 mm matt tiles in our catalogue. You can choose from unusual browns, different greys, mono colours, or different punches in various designs for your spaces. Wave and arrows are two of the many wonderful designs that are best for your living rooms or balconies.

You can go through our new designs and punches in glossy tiles. We have expanded the design range in marble and other concepts as well. Inspired by the Lucknowi chikankari, shell art concept in blue, pink, and white with shiny edges is an incredibly creative design.

High reflection punches and punches with contrasting tones are other new additions in our catalogues. These can be used as it is or in combination with other tiles to impart a continuous pattern on your walls. The multiplica effects of these tones can create 6 concepts with only 3 SKU.

12×18 mm tile size is more prominent in glossy finishes, but now you can also find matt tiles(12×18) in never-seen-before textile patterns and floral, and echo punches. Beehive design with textile patterns and the repetitive designs of echo punch will be loved by your customers.

The range of our latest designs would have been incomplete without introducing 3 new kitchen concepts in 12X18 glossy. In kitchen tiles, we have also added a black highlighter for the very first time. And just like Valencia, we have 3d options in 12X18 as well which can be installed in the lift lobby and entrance.

With more than 100 SKUs and over 300 different concepts, the new Estilo Range from Orientbell can meet everyone’s unique needs.

Forever Tiles

Our high-quality scratch-resistant Forever Tiles are now germ-free as well – another reason to choose them. We have added new colors in the wood that are apt for both commercial and personal spaces. Stylized design in cement and wood are also available to make your places look more classy.

We have launched four new colours in the slate design as well. The best of all is, however, the gorgeous geometric design that will provide multiple patterns with just one SKU.

Inspire GVT

We have added the latest GVT designs in both the sizes 600×600 and 600x1200mm. After the success of our light and dark combinations launched in January, we have curated more such combinations that will capture your heart at once. With these tiles, you can now enjoy the texture of marble and not just its look. Stone finish tiles for floors or feature walls along with rustic, metallic, and glue finishes are some of the best tiles that are ideal for your spaces. Inspired by Chanderi silk, the chevron print tiles in glue finish is exemplary of creative innovation.

Highlighters in 2×4 with rocker effect are also introduced for the first time. We also have a new pair of zebra-like super gloss black and white tiles. As per the feedback from our customers, we have added several lighter shades in marble tiles, such as Botticino Marfil, Prime Dyna Grey, and Royal Dyna Beige are some of these designs.

Apart from these, you can choose new designs in Super White or Travertine both in gloss and matt in a wide variety of colours and designs. Single tile book matches are other trendy and creative options you must go for.


After the success of 10 mm Sahara Series full body vitrified tiles, we have brought the same five shades, Sahara Nero, Kota Green, Gris, Beige, and Crema with 16 mm thickness. This time they possess the strength of 6000 Newton which can withstand the weight of a Boeing 757 (around 100 ton). It is hence ideal for open spaces, warehouses, parking, and factories with heavy vehicles and machinery.


Inspired by the planets of our solar system, our Zenith range is truly a wonderful collection from a different world. These double charge vitrified tiles in the size 600×600 are not only perfect for outdoor spaces, but they will do extremely well in your bedrooms and living rooms. With great strength, high scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and less water absorption properties, this incredible Zenith range will modify places into a unique and artistic wonder.

Orinetbell’s new range of tiles offers a tremendous opportunity for everyone to increase their sales by “unlocking” their growth during the time of the pandemic. With incredible designs, latest tools, such as Quicklook and Trialook, you can make the most of this opportunity.