12 Jan, 2021
‘Tile Buying Journey’ with Architect Narendra Nagade

‘Tile Buying Journey’ with Architect Narendra Nagade

Pune based architect Narendra Nagade spoke to Orientbell tiles at length to share his experience with Orientbell tiles 

Here is our interview with  Architect Narendra Nagade...

When choosing a tile, what qualities do you look for?

I always look for good quality tiles which are durable and can retain its original shine for a period of at least 5 years. Also, the tiles should have a very good finish so that it gives a neat and aesthetically pleasing look after installation.

Since how many years and in how many projects have you used Orienbell tiles?

 I have been using Orientbell tiles since the last 4 years and have installed these tiles in at least 300 flats that have been constructed in Ratnagiri and Pune. The areas of installation commonly include vitrified tiles for the base flooring of the flats in the size of 600x600 mm. For the bathroom I use matte finish tiles for the flooring and high gloss tiles for the dado in the size of 300x600 mm. 

I also use tiles in the water tanks and as a backing for wooden wardrobes in areas which receive a lot of rainfall so that the wood does not get damaged by dampness caused due to excess rainfall. Tiles are also being used as a cladding material for the building elevation

What is your experience with Orientbell tiles?

Orientbell has a very professional approach when dealing with architects and clients. They invest a lot of their time and energy during the selection process without pressuring the client to purchase tiles from their store only. The best part about working with Orienbell tiles is that the rates are affordable and the website as well as the Orientbell showroom has a tile visualisation tool that enables the client to have a quick look at the final view of the tiles after installation. This makes it easier for the clients to choose the tiles so the selection process becomes quick and efficient.

Additionally, since Orientbell keeps on adding new designs to their tile collection, we can choose trending designs for our projects as the client is also always looking for something new.

Which tile do you prefer the most and why?

My most preferred product is the double charge vitrified tiles from Orientbell because it retains its look and shine for a long period of time. However there is a misconception that double charge vitrified tiles are only used for commercial spaces but I extensively use it for my residential projects.


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