Let us explore the best wall tiles for your modern kitchen:

Tile Materials

You can choose from ceramic, porcelain, subway, mosaic, marble, or even glass tiles as they can be easily cleaned and give a timeless look to your kitchen walls.

Seamless Marble Tiles

The luxury of polished marble is unrivalled but for this, you should have a bottomless budget. The marble same effect can be achieved by using marble tiles for a lot less. With Orientbell marble tiles on the walls of your kitchen, you will get the same bold, luxurious, and everlasting look.

Ceramic and Porcelain Wall Tiles

With the kind of dirt and stains kitchen wall tiles have to take, ceramic and porcelain tiles are considered the best. Both the tiles are made from clay mixtures treated at high temperatures to produce a hard and durable surface. These tiles are available in a wide choice of colours, designs, textures, sizes, and patterns. Tiles in large format styles are most popular as they minimize grout lines and make a small kitchen give the impression of a large one. Both are easy to install and available in either glazed or unglazed finish.

Mosaic Tiles

These small, elegant, and perfectly shaped tiles from Orientbell are a popular choice for the modern kitchen. With a wide range of patterns like hexagonal, brick, triangular, and materials ranging from basic ceramics to glass and metal, and multi-functional usage as a backsplash, full wall cover, or as accent wall they are ready to create magic in your kitchen.

Subway Tiles

As the saying goes ‘old is gold’ the classic subway tiles are still in demand. The timeless choice for kitchen walls are the subway tiles. With bold colours and patterns, these tiles can never fail to impress and maintain a fresh look.

3D Tiles

3D textured tiles are quite popular among home décor enthusiasts these days. Traditional flat finish tiles are now replaced with a more sculpted shape and finish in 2021. They easily allure you with their charm.

Finish, Shape, and Colour

These days home stylists are trying their hands on new colours, shapes, and patterns. At Orientbell, you will find a kitchen wall tile that is a perfect match for your kitchen cabinets, fixtures, and fittings. The high-quality latest range; like Sparkle, Estilo and Eleganz, is available in new shapes such as hexagon, gorgeous mosaic, appealing new shades, patterns, and finish. Here, we are sharing some of the exciting ideas for your kitchen walls.

White Kitchen Tiles

This is the timeless and safest option for your kitchen walls. With these tiles, your kitchen will look wider, fresh, and hygienic. You can add contemporary patterns, textures, or shapes to get an extraordinary vibrant look. Break up an on-trend darker wall with shining white glossy tiles.

Dark Matte Black Tiles

A continuing trend of black walls will create magic in your kitchen. Choose matte black wall tiles instead of glossy to get a dramatic statement. Pair all-black matte finish walls with refreshing natural colours to create a classy look in the kitchen.

Earthy Tone Tiles

You can easily play with different shades of greys to the earthy colour of browns or forest green. Pair your darker walls with coral pink or copper or even metal finish cabinets to get an extravagant look inside your kitchen.

Modern Textured Tile

Different laying patterns can be used while playing with textured wall tiles. With textured marble or slate tiles, you can create multifaceted surfaces in your kitchen. You can team these tiles with oak furniture and cabinets.

Mix and Match Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are perfect to create a stylish kitchen. You can mix and match colours and shades or patterns to give another dimension to your kitchen style. Pair your cabinets of the same or a darker shade.


Backsplashes are considered a jewel in your kitchen. They are functional and at the same time fashionable too. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space and act as a protector of your kitchen wall from splashes and spills. You can choose from a wide range of tile materials and finishes like glass, metal, or mosaic tiles as a backsplash to give your unique style statement.

You can lay these gorgeous kitchen wall tiles in various patterns as you desire, such as straight pattern, basketweave pattern, brick pattern, or herringbone pattern, to create a unique look for your modern kitchen and adore it for years to come.