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Renovation Tips On Combining Tiles And Other Flooring Material

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Floors are the base of a home, not just structurally, but also aesthetically. The floor is often the most dominant feature of a space and helps in setting the mood and vibe of a space. With open home concepts being on the rise, the trend of using the same flooring throughout the house has become very common. But, this can get boring soon. So, to spice things up and visually demarcate the space it is best to combine multiple flooring materials to create distinct looks, while still maintaining a seamless look.

Combining different flooring materials can be tricky – after all the materials not only need to match aesthetically, but functionally too. This is why it is important to consider all aspects of the flooring material, visual as well as functional, before making a choice.

Why Combine Multiple Flooring Materials?

combine multiple flooring material

Most modern homes, especially open plan homes, come with the same flooring throughout the house. Most people like the cohesiveness this brings and are happy with the aesthetic. But, sometimes, adding another material into the mix helps create a contemporary look that is unmatched.

Here are six reasons why one may opt for mixed flooring:

  1.   During partial renovations you may not need to or want to tear up or change the whole flooring throughout the house.
  2.   You might have an old-school beautiful floor in one section that you may not want to remove.
  3.   Using multiple flooring materials can help break monotony in the space.
  4.   To create distinct sections or to visually break up a large multipurpose space into multiple smaller sections.
  5.   Using a flooring material as a focal point for the décor.
  6.   Using flooring as a tool to inject colour into neutral or monotone space.

Types Of Mixed Flooring

types of mix flooring

There is no real set of rules or guidelines when it comes to mixed flooring. More often than not the choice of mixed flooring highly depends upon what you need from the room and your personal space.

However, to speak generally, there are three distinct types of mixed flooring combinations observed:

  1.   Using the same material, in the same exact hue, but with a different texture
  2.   Using the same material, but in a different colour, giving the space a very distinct mix and match effect
  3.   Using completely different materials

If you are looking for a low contrast look, it is best to opt for option 1 where the change of texture adds a contemporary yet subtle look to your décor.

If you are looking for something more dramatic, yet harmonious, it is best to vary the colour of your flooring while keeping the material same. You can either use the colours in an alternating pattern or use a dominant and highlight colour – either way the result will be eye-catching. This is known as the “mix and match” approach and is the perfect way to showcase your creativity.

Sometimes, along with the aesthetics, you need to mix up your flooring materials due to functional reasons, such as the area requiring a more durable solution or a softer material for your underfoot. Here is when you need to use multiple types of flooring materials to create an aesthetically as well as functionally sound space.

Mixing And Matching For A Distinct Floor!

Let us see how you can spice up your floor using tiles and how you can create a classy, elegant, and unique floor for your space!

1. Using The Same Material, In The Same Exact Hue, But With A Different Texture

Using a combination of two different types of textured tiles is a great and ingenious way to inject texture into your space, without being too obvious about it. Take for example matte and glossy tiles – the soft and rustic look of matte tiles has a sobering effect on the gleaming glossy tiles, while the glossy tiles reflect enough light around, keeping your space bright despite using matte tiles! Similarly you can use various combinations – rough lapato tiles and smooth glossy tiles or metallic tiles with rocker tiles – the possibilities are endless!

Using the same shade ensures that your floor still remains at the background of your décor, but it still possesses its own distinct charm.

2. Using The Same Material, But In A Different Colour, Giving The Space A Very Distinct Mix And Match Effect

different colour and tiling ideas for room flooring

Shop this look here.

With tiles of two distinct colours you can create a distinct pattern to give your floor a unique look. You can opt for any design – checkerboard, herringbone, Versailles – the possibilities are endless! As a rule of thumb, opt for one bold tile (in colour or pattern) and one neutral tile – this will ensure that the design of your floor has a healthy balance between wild and boring. You can also opt for patterned tiles that mimic the look of having used multiple tiles – such as the tile in the image above! It creates an illusion of a meticulously laid out chequered floor, but in reality it is a chequer imprinted tile.

Using a dual colour scheme for your floor will give your floor a playful feel – making it the star of the show!

Using Completely Different Materials

Use different flooring material

With tiles often less is more. With tile available in a wide variety of colours and designs you can achieve the look of your dreams quite easily. But, if you want to change things up, while adding a soft underfoot you can add a small area rug to your space. Rugs help add a warm, inviting feel to your space and can often be used to inject colour into your space without making permanent changes to your décor! You can easily use a rug pad to ensure your rug stays fixed to your floor without any permanent adhesives, increasing the safety aspect and preventing mishaps.  

 The floor is the literal foundation of your home and along with durability it is best to select a look that can be decorated using multiple décor schemes, without having to redo your floor again and again. A good neutral floor will last you for years, if maintained well.

How Can Orientbell Tiles Help?

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