Darker shades give a classy and stylish display to anything. If we particularly talk about the interior of a place, then people often prefer a combination of dark and light colours as that can make the interiors look elegant and beautiful. Floor tiles and wall tiles play an essential role in modifying any space and a combination of light and dark coloured tiles can make all the difference and give a charming effect to your room decor. But one of the questions that people juggle with is should floors be always darker than the walls? To know further about what role do colours actually play, read on.

The darker the floor tile, the more spacious the room looks!

Darker shade floor tiles can make your room appear spacious and bigger. But the fact is you need to have light coloured walls for the combination to work well. The dark and light combination can make any space look classy and bigger.

Give a classy look to your room with contrasting colours

The other option is to give a contrasting effect to your walls and floors with the help of unique floor tile and wall tiles designs. You can look for contrasting colours such as terracotta red and beige, blue and ivory, and many more. These colours give a warm and stylish appearance to any place. Moreover, if you use the darker shade of floor tiles design, then it will drastically make your walls appear more elegant.

Go for different shades of wood look tiles

Wooden flooring is available in different shades and styles. Similarly, wooden tiles are also available in different shades. You can use light coloured walls and darker shade tiles for floors. This way you will not only give an aesthetic touch to your decor but also make it look way more natural just like wooden interiors. Orientbell’s wooden tiles are an absolute choice for any place as they are not just available in a wide range of shades but also gives an eye-catching look to the area.

Places where you can use darker floor tiles

Darker shade tiles can give a warm and classy look to the place. Sometimes it becomes hard to decide where we can creatively lay dark floors with light walls. You can club the dark floor tiles with light wall tiles and can lay them in various areas, including the bathroom, kitchen, living room and even exterior areas. If you use light coloured bathroom floor tiles with darker shade bathroom wall tiles, then it might make your bathroom appear smaller.

Dark coloured floors and light coloured walls can make a bold appearance and, therefore, it is important to club the tiles accordingly. So go ahead and make your space look attractive and classy.