There is no denying the fact that tiles have emerged as one of the go-to options when one decides to renovate or remodel a particular space. People for the longest of times refused to move on from the more conventional methods. Alternative and more conventional options included painting, using natural stones like marble and even wood. In fact, wooden and marble floorings were considered a class indicator and a status symbol.

In recent times, people have realized all the positives that tiles and tiling your space bring to the floor. The fact that tiles are highly cost-efficient, low maintenance, have unparalleled longevity and many more such features have made people shift their mindset in favor of tiling their respective spaces.

Tiles are available in unreal numbers these days. There are a plethora of options in the market when it comes to tiles. You’ll find different types of tiles that serve a different purpose, you’ll find an amazing range of designs, colors, sizes, and whatnot. If you have a parking lot to tile, you’ll be presented with tiles that can withstand the weather and can handle heavy traffic whereas if you require to tile a living room, you’ll have a completely different set of tiles to choose from.

The bathroom is a space where people have started using tiles in abundance. There has been a sudden surge in the demand for bathroom tiles. However, there are certain sects of people who still have their doubts. One major dilemma is between the options of tiling and painting the walls.

In this blog, we’ll cater to this question and try to find out the right answer to this question.


While selecting bathroom wall tiles may appear to be the more time-consuming of the two options, once installed, bathroom tiling will outlast painted walls. Have your tiles mounted around a center bathroom piece and you’ll have plenty of alternatives to designing a place that leaves an impact.

Painting your walls might sound more convenient and a cost-effective option, but it will not sustain for a longer period of time. Bathroom tiles are a good option if you don’t want to paint your bathroom to fit the season’s style trends on a frequent basis. You can go bold or choose a more neutral tone, and then simply change up your accessories whenever you want to give your bathroom a fresh look.

Damn the Damp

It goes without saying that bathrooms must be designed to handle excessive moisture, as this can soon show up on painted walls if sufficient ventilation is not provided. Dampness can cause a slew of issues, quickly spreading across each wall and wreaking havoc on not only the appearance of a bathroom but also the health of the homeowner.

Although bathroom wall tiles will not eliminate the problem of wetness if the space is not properly ventilated, they will make it much easier to clean if the issue arises. When the paint is exposed to long-term dampness, it can get degraded and discolored, and it can be difficult to remove — even with a repaint.

Changing Trends

One problem that people have with the concept of the tiling is that they don’t stay in trend for long. It is not easy to keep up with the latest trends as they change overnight. To be happy and to expect your bathroom’s design to stay in trend forever would not be that wise an expectation. It is always better to tile your space with a concept that you feel is evergreen. For example, monochromatic tile concepts, mosaics, tiles with neutral colors, and base could be some of the numerous options available.

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