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Simple Wall Painting Ideas for Home

Color shade card for wall painting

Are you interested in giving your home a fresh look? Painting your walls is among the most straightforward and practical methods for carrying this out. A fresh coat of paint can radically change a room and give your home more individuality and character. Painting a wall with distinctive accents may help infuse new life into a space. 

The days of accepting antiquated, worn-out walls in neutral beige colours are gone. Instead, you can choose to focus on an elementary yet creative design sense that fits your preferences and personality. You may research the styles, colour concepts, and design elements that most accurately reflect your interests. 

In this article, we’re going to look at some easy wall painting ideas for home that will help you modernise your home and make it feel more lovely and welcoming. We’ll give you lots of wall painting ideas to start your next home renovation project, from striking accent walls to subdued colour palettes.

Simple Wall Painting Design Ideas: An ABC of All You Need to Know

There are several internet resources in the virtual world that may serve as sources of inspiration and direction for simple wall painting ideas. But it can get confusing due to the staggering number of patterns available. So, we’ve provided you with a clear illustration of numerous wall painting ideas.

Artistic Painted Walls with Murals

Murals are a great way to add some personality to your house. Murals are capable of turning any space, indoors or outdoors, into a piece of artistry. It is undoubtedly among the best creative wall painting ideas, providing a distinctive and interesting environment. 

To make a beautiful mural which will be admired for years to come, invest your patience and pay close attention to everything. Anybody can make their own lovely mural with a little forethought, endurance, and organisation. Why not try it out and check what you can come up with the artistic painted walls?

Geometric Shapes as the Wall Painting Design

Geometric Shapes as the Wall Painting Design

A popular and adaptable design feature among wall decor painting ideas, geometric forms can give any room charm and distinctiveness. Geometric forms are an excellent method to bring colour and originality to your décor, whether you’re seeking to make a strong accent wall or add subtle hints of rhythm throughout your house.

Employing tape to create straight, clear lines in geometric patterns and forms like triangles, squares, and diamonds is one easy technique to make a geometric wall painting design. Just stick the piece of tape to the surface in the design you choose, being careful to maintain it straight and centred for clean lines. Paint and carefully peel off the tape when the paint has dried. Using stencils to make your geometric design is another possibility. To make a recurring pattern on the wall, move the stencil throughout.

The overall style and feel you wish to create should be taken into account when picking colours for your geometric wall painting ideas. If you want to create a lively and energising mood, use bright, strong colours. If you want to create a quiet and soothing ambience, use more muted colours. Don’t be hesitant to get creative with various colour schemes and pattern mixes until you discover the style that works best for your room.

Beautiful Wall Painting Ideas by Using Stencils

Beautiful Wall Painting Ideas by Using Stencils

blue stencil for wall painting

As one already knows, stencils may be useful for painting geometric patterns on walls, but you can also create artistic painted walls by using a stencil.

One benefit of utilising stencils for wall painting is that they do not demand any perfectionist creative ability. It is simple to put into use. Simply pick your stencil design, place it on the wall, and then colour over it with the help of a brush or sponge. To develop a motif that continues or a bigger mural, delicately withdraw the stencil to unveil the layout you created.

You may pick from a variety of stencil wall painting ideas, such as geometric forms, floral concepts, and abstractions. Be bold to tinker with various designs and colours once you discover the appearance that works best for your room. Stencils are an easy and efficient method to add character and originality to your walls, and you have the option to customise them based on your preferences.

Painted Wall Designs with Effects Similar to Watercolour

Painted Wall Designs with Effects Similar to Watercolour

Watercolour effects may impart a tranquil and unwinding ambience to any setting with their smooth, dreamy look.

Using paint and glaze together is one method to give your walls a watercolour look. To begin, combine many layers of glaze with a smaller portion of paint for each of the colours you have selected. Remember that glazing expands the paint’s drying time and gives it texture and depth.

Start by colouring the wall in the deepest hue first, forming a rough, cloudy, muddy or turbid-like shape with a roller. Then, soak a big brush with water and soften and smudge the sharp edges of the brush lines. Use an absorbent towel to wipe away extra paint.

Add your lighter-coloured paint hues following. To combine the colours, keep misting them with water and dabbing them with a rag. This procedure can be repeated until the desired watercolour effect is obtained.

You can make a magnificent wall paint design with watercolour that is guaranteed to wow using some simple tools and methods.

Textured Walls Paint Ideas

Textured Walls Paint Ideas

There are various methods for creating textured walls, from mixing embossed paint to using unique texture techniques and materials, which can give character and flair to any room.

Applying textured paint with a paint roller is one easy approach to making a textured wall. Just randomly apply the paint onto the surface of the wall to produce a distinctive and personalised texture.

Another choice is to texture your walls using unique tools and methods. For instance, you may use a flat plaster paddle to give a three-dimensional appearance. You may also dab or stipple with a brush or sponge to give richness and further dimension.

Consider the overall design while selecting colours for your textured wall painting project. If you want to create a lively and energising mood, use bright, strong colours. If you want to create a quiet and soothing ambience, use more muted colours. 

Abstract Wall Painting Ideas

To add colour and excitement to your walls, try using abstract shapes. It’s creative and enjoyable.

Making free-form forms on the wall using colour and brushes is one easy approach to making an abstract and conceptual wall painting design. To make a special and personalised design, you may use a range of colours and brushstrokes.

The usage of stencils or templates is an alternative choice. Stencils can be bought, or you can make one from scratch by cutting cardboard or plastic into the desired forms. Simply place the stencil on the wall and draw over it with a brush or roller. 

Additionally, you may play around with various colour schemes and pattern combinations to get the ideal appearance for your room. To create a striking and dynamic contrast, for instance, you can choose complementary colours or contrasting colours.

New Wall Painting Ideas with Diagonal Lines

New Wall Painting Ideas with Diagonal Lines

The contrast in this design is wonderful. The diagonal line provides intrigue and innovation, and the deeper painting that yet maintains a bright tone divides the workspace without making it too dark to be mentally stimulating.

Painter’s tape may be used to make precise, straight lines that can be used to formulate a diagonal wall painting pattern. The tape may be used to make many diagonal designs, including stripes and zigzags.

You can use a plethora of colour combinations – contrasting or complementing – in order to create a wall design that works well with the rest of your decor.

Ideas on Painting a Room with Half Height Delights

Ideas on Painting a Room with Half Height Delights

For using this room painting idea, create a sharp, clear line at the required height using painter’s tape. Just stick the tape in an even direction directly to the surface of the wall, keeping it taut and parallel for clean lines. When the paint is dry, carefully take off the tape and paint the bottom part of the wall in the colour of your choice.

Think about the finish you want to attain when picking paint for your half-height delight. There are many paint finishes available, such as eggshell,  flat/matte, semi-gloss, satin, and sheen. Gloss coatings offer a high sheen, are more durable, and are simpler to clean than flat/matte finishes, which are useful for masking wall defects.

Additionally, using premium paint with excellent coverage and longevity is a smart move. For simple maintenance, look for paints which are easily washable.

Wall Painting Ideas Using The Height Of Wall Hooks, A Shelf, Or A Ceiling Line

Wall Painting Ideas Using The Height Of Wall Hooks

A display case or roofline can also be used as an organic demarcation line for a half height wall painting design. Using a darker shade on the bottom section of the wall and a brighter tone on the top half of the wall, which flows onto the ceiling, will visually make the ceiling seem taller. It brings significant change to modern homes, which often have lower ceilings.

Flipping the preceding scenario so that the darker hue is on the upper half of the room and ceiling will visually descend the ceiling and assist in creating a snugger and more intimate area in larger rooms with a desired cosier feeling.

Half-painted walls are another magnificent option to incorporate a darker paint colour you like without having to fully commit to using it, which can lighten the room. The design also offers the chance to experiment with colour schemes that add individuality and liveliness to the room.

Paint Design for Walls by Pairing Your Paint Sectioning with a Fun Wallpaper

Paint Design for Walls by Pairing Your Paint Sectioning with a Fun Wallpaper

In the house, combining paint and wallpaper is an established approach. Choosing the right combination of hues and patterns can truly make a room’s design come to life. To ensure that you get it properly, there are a few factors to take into account when matching your paint and wallpaper. You may put together a stunning combination by harmonising colour palettes or pairing aggressive tones with lighter ones.

Create a vision for the space first. The next step is to think about the lighting in the space. The appearance of colours will vary depending on the amount of natural and artificial light present.

Get lots of samples and testers! Get dozens of testers, so you can examine how your selected wallpaper and paint colours appear in your space. Make sure you like the way everything appears by placing the wallpaper samples around the room on various walls using pieces of paper.

Simple Wall Painting Ideas: One Colour From Floor To Ceiling

One Colour From Floor To Ceiling

Applying your selected colour to the entire wall with a brush or roller is one easy technique to make this kind of wall painting design. To get an equal and uniform finish, proceed to the top of the wall and work your way down using long, fluid strokes. Make careful to paint over all the wall’s exposed surfaces.

Paint Only Your Ceilings

Person painting the ceiling

The room’s ceiling is frequently referred to as its fifth wall. You can pay attention mindfully to take advantage of a room’s sometimes overlooked “fifth wall.” Interior designers are giving ceilings the royal treatment, not only they’re using pop ceiling design, but filling the blank space with mindful colours.  

Adding paint to a ceiling area may provide a striking and well-thought-out appearance that raises your design strategy very literally.

Out of habit, the ceiling is frequently painted white, but this has a significant effect on how the space will feel. Several alternatives deviate from standard whites, including ceilings in the architectural plan or using them to provide a design focal point.

Artistic Painted Walls with Vertical Division

Artistic Painted Walls with Vertical Division

A gorgeous colour block created by vertical divisions is one of the simplest ways to add appeal to your walls. The walls may be divided into two or three portions using masking tape, and each area can be painted with a distinct colour. For this paint design, a mix of warm and cool tones works well. 

Without fragmenting the space, the vertical blocks separate the room into numerous areas. Choose two complementary hues for a tonal effect, such as beige and tan, or two opposing hues, such as navy blue and burnt orange, for a more striking appearance.

Simple Wall Painting Design With Graceful Lines

Simple Wall Painting Design With Graceful Lines

The wall behind a couch or other seating area where furniture is stored is the ideal location for an accent wall in the living room wall colour combination. The focal wall found in modern living rooms is typically painted in a rich hue to contrast with the room’s primary colour scheme. But in terms of the room’s general colour palette, that may be somewhat boring. At that point, graceful lines become extremely significant. In an unaligned form, it not only gives the eyes a break, but the parallel lines may also impart a sense of infinity. These smooth lines provide a fashionable appearance that is difficult to ignore.

Circle Ombre Wall Design with Paint

Circle Ombre Wall Design with Paint

When you simply need a decorative element to liven up a plain wall, a circle ombre wall painting pattern is excellent. Draw a large circle on the wall and split it into multiple sections vertically to make a desired pattern. Paint the centre portion, beginning with the original colour of paint. Painting the outside segments requires dilution with white paint. As you work your way outward, gradually add more and more white paint to lighten the colour by starting in the centre with the deepest shade. To produce a seamless transition between colours, use a dry brush or sponge to mix the colours where they overlap.

Simple Wall Painting Design by Using Paint as a Room Divider

Simple Wall Painting Design by Using Paint as a Room Divider

Partition the walls into two or three portions using wrapping tape, and then paint each area with a different colour to create a room divider. For this paint design, a mix of warm and cool tones works well. These blocks of colour will help you demarcate spaces, without creating smaller pockets of space – ideal for spaces that adorn multiple hats, such as a living room that doubles up as a dining room or a bedroom that doubles up as a home office.

There are no particular popular hues when applying paint to partition rooms. To make a design that looks good, you might choose colours that contrast or complement one another. The finest colour scheme for this paint design is a mix of warm and cool tones.

Coating Just The Trim: Cool Wall Paint Ideas

Coating Just The Trim: Cool Wall Paint Ideas

An exquisite and unusual technique to give your space a fresh feel is to paint just the trim. You can conceal or emphasise just about everything in your area with a simple coat of paint. All house designs may use this straightforward layout, which enables other design features in the space to take centre stage. To produce a pleasing wall painting design, you might select a colour that contrasts or enhances the colour of the walls. 

Wall Painting Ideas for Kids Rooms

Wall Painting Ideas for Kids Rooms

A bedroom is a place for kids to recharge, dream, and rest. To pass peaceful hours alone or with the company, many kids relax and chill in their rooms. The colours for kids bedroom design should express a sense of renewal and dynamic calmness, while also speaking to the kids’ perception of self. For children’s rooms, we should eschew gender-specific hues like pink and blue. When the entire rainbow is there for your kid to explore, there is no sense in confining them to this limited colour pallet. For kids’ bedroom design, you can also choose a combination of warm and cool tones to create a visually appealing design.

Wall Painting Decoration By Creating A Marbleized Look with Paint

Wall Painting Decoration By Creating A Marbleized Look with Paint

Marble is a common material in home decor because of its delicate shading, pleasant veins, and unique appearance. Even though marble may be gorgeous, there are numerous factors to take into account before installing it. For starters, marble weighs a lot and needs certain supports to be put in if your foundation is weak. It’s a pricey material that needs regular cleaning and maintenance.

With a marble paint wall treatment, one of the unique ideas for walls, you can duplicate the aesthetic you adore. A marble painting is an imitation of a stone painting that resembles marble in a particular way, such as look, texture, or colour. But it doesn’t have the same inherent worth as real, natural marble. Without the expense or labour of actual marble, it’s a simple way to add a touch of refinement and beauty to any place.

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Colours for Your Simple Wall Painting Ideas for Home Design

Choosing the right colour is similar to choosing your wardrobe; even if you love many colours, you won’t wear them all at once. The same holds true when picking a colour scheme. Going back to the fundamentals might be helpful when selecting the colours for your house.

Remember the room’s intended usage.

Consider the intended use of the space while choosing the colour scheme. For instance, if you’re painting the walls of your bedroom, you may want to go with tranquil hues like blue or green to promote a restful environment. On the other hand, you might want to use more energising colours like yellow or orange if you’re painting a playground or a home office.

Check out the room’s illumination.

Both natural and artificial lighting in a space may influence how colours seem. Bright colours may seem more lively, for instance, if you’re painting a space with plenty of windows that allow in natural light. On the other hand, colours may look more subdued if you’re painting a space with little natural light and largely artificial lighting.

Take the room’s dimensions into account.

When selecting the ideal colours for your wall painting design, the size of the space is a crucial consideration. The appearance and mood of colours in space might vary depending on their size. For instance, utilising light colours in a tiny room might help the area feel bigger and more open. On the other hand, employing darker or more intense colours in a large room may help the area feel cosier and more personal.

Don’t Forget to Use the Colour Palette

Colour palettes may be used in a variety of ways to help you pick the ideal shade for your area. You may base a colour scheme on your favourite colour by using it as a starting point. You may find colour combinations that go well together by using a colour wheel as well. 

Try Some of the Colours

Test a colour on a tiny portion of the wall to determine how it appears in various lighting situations before carrying it out. By doing so, you’ll be able to see how the colour will seem in the space and choose whether it’s the best option for your design.


Simple Wall Painting Ideas for Home – FAQs

Which paints are best for walls at home?

For painting walls in homes, there are several reliable paint brand options from the top wall paint manufacturers in India. Every brand has distinctive qualities and advantages of its own. So, it’s crucial to conduct some research and select the one that most closely matches your requirements and tastes.

How do I choose a wall paint colour?

Finding the ideal colour for your space depends on the ambience you wish to create. Do you want the space to calm or energise you, for instance? Do you typically open the windows to let the sun in? Your colour selections can be influenced by these elements.

Another strategy is to adhere to the 60-30-10 guideline, which states that 60% of your space should be a dominating colour, 30% a secondary colour, and 10% an accent colour. 


Today, unadorned walls do not suffice to keep up up-to-date futuristic house designs. From the most straightforward concepts to the extravagant, crazy wall painting designs, you should let your rooms reflect who you are. Find a distinctive wall painting design for your house using the ideas here as your guide.

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