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Small Bedroom, Big Styling: Interior Design Ideas You All Need to Know

Do you dream of a bedroom that feels like a luxury but have no idea how to move ahead with limited space? Well, many of us find ourselves in this situation with modern living, where flats and houses offer compact living spaces. So, is there any way out? In this blog, we will unlock the secrets to transforming a simple small bedroom into a place where style is not compromised. We’ll be exploring smart solutions to maximise every corner through small bedroom interior design, including small bedroom interior design ideas and approaches tailored to small bedroom interior design in India.

 From incorporating texture and adding shelving to exploring ideas on utilising vertical space and more, we’ll cover it all. With these handy tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a dream bedroom that feels anything but cramped. Not just that, but we’ll explore tricks on how to incorporate tiles in a small bedroom to achieve the perfect look. Embrace these simple small bedroom interior design techniques to make the most out of your space.

Clever Furniture Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Feeling stuck in your tiny bedroom? Don’t worry! With a few smart tricks, you can transform those unused corners of this space and turn it into functional and stylish spaces. 

  • Corner Shelves

The corner space in your bedroom often becomes wasted space. So, use shelves that can easily fit into that space. They capitalise on an area that would otherwise go to waste, effectively adding square footage to your storage capacity. You can also keep your favourite books, and some plants on the corner shelves can handle it all!

    • Floating shelves: They are sleek and appear as if they’re floating on the wall, making the space feel bigger and lighter. Use them to perfectly show off decorative items or framed photos.
    • Cubbyhole shelves: These offer a more traditional look and even come with handy compartments. You can store books, games, medicines or anything you want to keep hidden but still easily accessible.
  • Corner Desks: Work Wonders in Small Spaces

If you are constantly moving your work table from one room to another, then hold on, and learn to utilise available space. Get a compact desk that fits into bedroom corners, because this way you have a designated work area without sacrificing floor space.

  • L-shaped desks: Provide a good work surface with ample legroom. This is perfect for spreading out with your laptop and paperwork.
  • Wall-mounted desks: Offer a minimalist solution, creating a floating workspace that minimises visual clutter.
  • Corner Wardrobes: Clothes Storage Redefined

This part of your bedroom is often considered the most important one. Wardrobes are essential for any bedroom, but traditional styles can eat up floor space in a small room. Corner wardrobes offer a brilliant solution. With these wardrobes, you can make custom corner wardrobes that go well with your room’s design.

  • Going Vertical: Reaching for the Ceiling

A very big problem with small bedrooms is with the way we have been using horizontal space. So, by going vertical, we will create the illusion of a taller room and utilise often-wasted wall space. Tall dressers and high bookcases draw your eye upwards, making the room feel spacious. They also provide more storage without taking up precious floor space. 

Hanging organisers and wall-mounted storage systems maximise your wall space, keeping things off the floor and creating a more open feel. Hanging artwork and mirrors higher on the walls tricks the eye into thinking the ceiling is further away. Utilising under-bed storage, closet organisers, and multi-functional furniture keeps things tidy and maximises functionality in your small space.

  • Keep it Organised

Take some time each week or month to go through your items. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear, donate old books, and toss anything that’s broken or unused. Keep things organised.

  • Welcome Style to Your Bedroom With Tiles

Do you think small bedrooms can’t be stylish? Think again! With a little change, you can add so much worth to your bedroom floor tiles and walls without making it feel crowded.

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  • Bedroom Flooring:

You can incorporate tiles on the floor that are tough, stylish and easy to clean. Plus, with glossy tiles like nu-seawave-rich-gold and the waves in the pattern can make the bedroom look bigger!

Look for a large format, such as silken-desert-marble-beige which are light-coloured tiles from Orientbell Tiles. It creates an illusion of expansiveness, making your bedroom feel more spacious. Wall tiles break the monotony of plain walls and add visual value to the room. Try accent walls and add texture as in baby-satin-calacatta-fantasy-marble without making things cluttered.

Tile Patterns:

There’s not just one basic pattern to lay the tiles. So, experiment with the styles and see how it makes your room look better. Think about BDF Herringbone Bricks Cotto FT or OPV Herringbone Stone Beige in herringbone or diagonal patterns or maybe honeycomb tile design BDP Kaso Honey from Orientbell Tiles. These create a cool, dynamic vibe to your small bedroom floor or accent wall.

  • Colour Choice

Small bedrooms can feel like a challenge to decorate, especially when it comes to colour. Let’s start with the tried-and-true approach: light and bright colours. Colours like white, beige, pale blue, lavender, and green maintain a sense of openness.

But don’t shy away from bolder colours! If you want, choose one wall to paint in a bold colour, like a rich emerald green or a mauve. Play with vertical stripes that can create the illusion of higher ceilings. Also, patterned wallpaper can make the bedroom look bigger and stylish.


So, with these simple small bedroom interior designs, you don’t have to shy away from designing your bedroom even if it’s smaller in size. Experiment with different layouts, and tiles, explore a variety of colours and patterns, and incorporate elements that reflect your unique style. Stay organised because that’s going to help you a lot, especially in a small bedroom. Regular decluttering and smart storage solutions will help keep your room feeling clean and airy.

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