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Study Table Decoration Ideas for Your Home

A desk with a laptop and books on it.

Creating a well-decorated study table is not just about style; it’s about setting up a space that helps you focus and enjoy learning. A study table is like your personal command centre for homework and projects. By adding colours, organising things, and making them look nice, you’re making it visually appealing for yourself and creating an environment that encourages concentration and productivity. From personalised touches to organisational solutions, discover study table decoration ideas that seamlessly blend style with productivity and let you do your best work.

Creative Decoration for Study Table Ideas

We understand the importance of fostering an environment that encourages learning and creativity for you. In this section, explore practical and imaginative ways to enhance your study table. Let’s dive into these inspiring study table decoration concepts to make studying a positive and engaging experience.

1. Use colourful flowers

colourful flowers on the study table

Flowers are a fantastic way to decorate spaces. They give out a natural beauty and add a refreshing touch. With their vibrant colours and pleasant fragrance, flowers can instantly uplift the mood and create a positive atmosphere altogether. Similarly, decorating a study table with flowers is easy and fun. You may consider putting a small vase of fresh flowers like roses or sunflowers at the corner of your study desk. If one cannot get fresh flowers readily, use artificial ones that are made from paper or plastic.

2. Books! Books! Books!

books on the table

We cannot emphasise more how books are awesome for making your study table look cool! You can put them on the shelves near your table or just stack them under the table if there’s no shelf. They give a fancy touch and make your room look better. You can get creative with book covers to add a personal touch, making your study table a visually delightful and inspiring spot. So, beyond their educational value, books can also bring an elegant and appealing look to your study area.

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3. Add greens

A laptop on a study desk next to a potted plant.

Not just do plants enhance the visual appearance of your room but they clean up the air and make it fresh. If you are a student or are someone who cannot spare much time, then try to get plants that require little maintenance and care. Some of them include fern, jade or philodendron. Try putting plants on both sides of the table so there’s good air moving around. It’s like having a breath of fresh air while hitting the books or the laptop!

4. Wall posters or frames

A desk with framed pictures, a plant and a notebook.

Here’s another cool idea to decorate your study table without painting the walls – try adding some framed artwork and posters around your room! You can get creative with this by using different frames or using pieces of art from old calendars or magazines. It’s a budget-friendly way to add a personal touch and have fun arranging the pieces. Wall decorations, like paintings or posters, can bring colour and life to your study area. You can either hang them on the wall or put them on stands for a classy and beautiful look!

5. Organise Stationeries

A desk with books, pens, and a plant in front of a window.

Decorating a study table with stationary can be both fun and practical. Pick some study table organisation tools to keep things neat – like pen stands and trays. Choose pens and pencils in lots of colours to make studying fun. You can also make your pen holder with a mug or jar, making it special just for you. And here’s a cool idea – put up a calendar above your study table where you can mark important dates. Lastly, get creative with DIY bookmarks using colourful paper or ribbons. With these simple tricks, your study table will not only be organised but also look nice.

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6. Create shelves on the wall

A home office with a desk, bookshelves, and a vase.

Shelves are a perfect way to help you store and display things. So, we can say that they’re not just for looks – they’re really useful too. You can put all sorts of things on them, like books, pens, and study materials. They come in various materials such as metal, wood, etc and can create more storage space without using up a lot of room. They’re like little wall-mounted platforms where you can keep your stuff organised and show off things you like, such as photos or small objects.

7. Whiteboard and chalkboard

School supplies on a table with a blackboard in the background.

Whiteboards are one of the study room decoration items which are clean boards where you can write and draw with special markers. Chalkboards are similar, but you use chalk instead. You can use them to jot down important notes, practice maths problems, or even draw doodles when taking breaks. These boards make studying interactive and exciting. Plus, you can change what’s on them whenever you want! It’s like having your little creative zone right at your study table.

8. Get sticky notes

A desk with sticky notes, plants, and a potted plant.

Sticky notes are like colourful friends for your study table! You can use them to make your table look fun and organised. Stick them on your desk to remember important things like homework due dates or cool quotes that inspire you. They’re not just for reminders – they’re also a cool way to add your style to the table. So, grab some sticky notes, make your study area pop with colours, and turn your study time into a creative adventure!

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9. Have a table lamp

A desk with a lamp and a plant on it.

Having a study lamp in your room is great for studying. It gives out extra light and helps your eyes feel better when you’re reading or writing notes. You can pick a lamp in your favourite colour or a design that you like. When you turn it on, it not only helps you see better but also adds a cosy glow to your study space. It’s like having your little light buddy that makes studying more fun. Plus, there are so many styles to choose from, so you can find one that matches your room and makes your study table look awesome.

10.Decorate with candles

Two candles and a book on a table.

Candles can add an aesthetic touch to your study table. You can use small, scented candles or decorative ones that match your style. Place them in cute candle holders to make them look nice. The soft light from the candles creates a calming atmosphere, making your study time more enjoyable. Just be sure to keep them away from papers and curtains for safety. It’s a simple way to make your study space feel warm and inviting!

11. Make a corkboard or activity board

A child's room with a desk, bookshelf, and a teddy bear.

Imagine hanging a cool board next to your study table- an activity board, corkboard or vision board, and it’s like a space where you can pin up fun things. You can use it to decorate your study table by pinning notes, reminders, or your favourite drawings. Also, you can think about creating a vision board that is like a special board where you put up pictures or words that inspire you. It’s like creating a visual plan for your goals and dreams. So, with a hanging activity board and a vision board, your study table can become a place that’s not only super organised but also full of positive vibes and dreams!

12. Play with colours

Colorful office supplies on a blue background.

Colours can be quite helpful in various ways. They have the power to influence your mood and energy levels. You can start by picking your favourite colours or ones that make you feel happy and focused. Try using colourful stationery like bright pens, notebooks, or even a colourful lamp. You can also add colourful organisers to keep things neat. Another way is to choose a vibrant and compact mural or wall artwork to introduce a pop of colour and style to your study space. 

Enhancing the study area involves not just the study table but also the surrounding environment, and something like flooring design and backsplash wall tiles can play a key role in this transformation. Opting for vibrant and visually appealing wall tiles like a mosaic or wooden around the study table can instantly inject a pop of colour and personality into the space. Pick tiles in fun colours like light blues, greens, or soft creams to give your study area a lively feel. 

13. Get creative with seasonal decoration

A book on a table next to a christmas tree.

Adding seasonal touches to your study table brings a touch of fun and change to your space. In spring, go for fresh flowers or colourful planters, while in the fall, opt for warm-coloured decorations. Winter calls for cool-toned decor like small winter-themed figurines. Thinking these are not enough? Then you have festivals too! Festivals provide an extra chance for charm; think festive ornaments, fairy lights, or a miniature Christmas tree for Christmas, and colourful diya or string lights for Diwali. These simple changes make your decoration for the study table feel different and special throughout the year, adding joy and festive spirit to your study corner.


  • How can you arrange a study table in your bedroom?

Arranging a study table in your bedroom is simple! Choose a comfy spot with good lighting, and place your study table there. Make sure it’s close to a power outlet if you need it for your gadgets. Keep your go-to items, like pens and books, within easy reach. Opt for a desk that fits well in your space and suits your needs – maybe a simple writing desk or a compact study table. Keep your table neat, and add a personal touch with things you like, such as cool stationery or a small plant. This way, you’ll have a little organised space for studying right in your bedroom! You can also give this a read – 18 Design Ideas for a Bedroom with Study Table.


  • What should you keep on a desk?

Things on the study table should be the ones you use for your work or study frequently and should be kept on the desk. These items are your books, pens, pencils and notebooks. A lamp would be good so that you can see well, and perhaps a little plant to liven things up. Have a notepad for quick notes or reminders. By organising your desk with the essentials, it becomes easier to focus and achieve productivity.

  • How to make your study desk aesthetic?

Pick colours and things you like for aesthetic study table decoration. Use colourful pens, and stylish notebooks, and add cute decorations. A small plant can bring freshness, and keeping things organised with trays or containers makes it look neat. Good lighting is important too – it helps you see well and makes your desk feel cosy. Add a scented candle for an aesthetic vibe and a pleasant fragrance. Posters with your favourite quotes, artwork, or motivational images can personalise your space and add an extra touch of style. Just be sure to arrange them in a way that doesn’t clutter your desk, maintaining a harmonious and inspiring study environment.

  • Where should your study table face?

If you look in regards to Vastu Shastra, north and east are considered ideal directions for placing a study table in bedrooms or reading rooms. So, it is advisable to put a study table in such a way that when you sit for reading, you should face either north or east.

  • What is the optimal colour for a study table?

Optimal colours for a study room, according to Vastu, include green, light green, pastel blue, cream, and white. These colours are chosen for their soothing impact on the mind, promoting better focus. On the contrary, dark-coloured study tables are advised against as they may not radiate positive energy. It’s suggested to favour lighter hues for a conducive study environment.


In crafting a study space that’s both functional and delightful, thoughtful decor plays a key role. From choosing the right colours for your study table decoration to considering vibrant wall tiles, every detail contributes to a positive and inspiring atmosphere. For a fantastic selection of wall tiles, consider visiting Orientbell Tiles. Our range combines style and functionality, providing the perfect backdrop to your study haven. Make studying a joy by personalising your space, and remember, a well-decorated study area is not just about looks; it’s about creating an environment that encourages focus, productivity, and a love for learning. Happy studying! 

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