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Modern Study Table with Bookshelf Design

A home office with bookshelves and a chair.

Gone are the days when study tables used to be an accessory in your home that you would sometimes use – now study tables have become a crucial element of many houses as more and more people are either working or studying from home or need extra space in their home where they can continue their work with focus and precision. Dedicated work and study tables have become a vital element in any space that is used for work, learning, or related tasks. Having a good, dedicated study table can in fact improve the user’s ability to focus and thus, improve the quality and the quantity of the work. This reason alone makes a study table a necessity for kids and adults alike. 

Study tables are available in a variety of materials, designs, shapes, colours, spaces, etc. so it is necessary to make an informed choice while buying or installing one in your space. Some common and popular study table designs include modern study table with bookshelf design, corner study table with bookshelf design, study table with bookshelf design, wall mounted study table with bookshelf, l shape study table with bookshelf, and many more. Let us take a look at these and various other designs of study tables to get you inspired. But before moving on to the designs themselves, let us take a quick look at how to pick the right study table according to your needs and requirements.

How do you pick the right study table for your room? 

Once you have decided to install a study table in your room, you must consider a few things to find the perfect table that matches your needs as well as the existing décor.


Size is one of the crucial aspects to consider while installing a study table. It should neither be too big nor too small. A massive table will take up extra space that can be utilised for other purposes. Similarly, a small table may prove to be futile, as it won’t hold all your work-related paraphernalia. Don’t get a table that is too low or too high as compared to your seat, as it will cause problems with your posture and may lead to back pain and eye strain.


Currently, study tables are available in many materials such as wood, metal, and even stone. Wood is classic and durable, but if you want something more durable, especially if you are prone to dropping things, a metal table can also be a great option. Along with the table, it is necessary to consider the material of the seat. Your chair should be comfortable, rounded, and should allow for longer hours of seating.


Design includes the material, texture, and colour of the table. Consider choosing design elements that match the overall look of your room. Nowadays, many modern study table designs are available in the market that are ergonomic, look good, and are highly functional.

Beautiful Modern Study Table with Bookshelf Designs To Inspire You

A study table can prove to be multipurpose if you add additional elements to it, such as a bookshelf. This section will cover some simple yet elegant study table designs with inbuilt bookshelves.

1. Study Table Design with Open Bookshelf
A child's room with a desk, bookshelf and teddy bear.

This simple study table design does not take up a lot of space and is made to match the light and neutral design of the room. It is a perfect addition to your kid’s room as it is an elegant study table with a bookshelf for kids design. Each element of this design is separate, meaning you can move and adjust them according to your needs and desires. The open bookshelf is especially great for kids as it can not only hold regular-sized books, but also larger picture books. The bookshelf can also be used to store boxes of toys and craft supplies. If you too would like to use the table for work, it can serve as a study table with bookshelf and computer.

2. Wall-mounted Bookshelf and Study Table Design

A home office with a desk, chair and bookshelf.

If you are looking for a more modern study table with bookshelf, then this wall mounted study table with bookshelf might be perfect for you. This industrial study table design with an almost monochromatic colour palette is perfect for people who like a minimal design aesthetic. The wall-mounted bookshelf can hold enough paraphernalia without taking up a lot of space. For other items, you can use the inbuilt drawers in the table.

3. Kids study table with bookshelf

A child's room with a desk, chair and colorful rug.

This small study table with bookshelf design is a perfect addition to the room of your teens. Its compact size allows for ample room for other activities and elements, but does not compromise comfort and elegance. Paired with a comfortable chair and an ottoman this table design allows your child to study and relax whenever they want. The bookshelf behind the table can hold various items, along with books, as shown in the image. The simple white hues are enhanced and accented with a bold rug.

4. Wooden Study table with bookshelf and chair

A desk with a study table, bookshelf and a plant in front of it.

If you want a simple, traditional, and industrial-looking study table design then this might work for you. This modern bookshelf with study table combines white and brown shades seamlessly, along with a covered bookshelf, to protect your books and display them simultaneously. The legs of the table can serve as storage racks too. Finally, to enhance the overall look of the setup, some indoor plants have been added that can make the space feel greener and organic.

5. White study table with bookshelf

A white office with a desk and bookshelves.

If you love a monochromatic colour palette and feel inspired by it, this design of study table can work wonders in your home office. All the pieces of this design are separate and can be moved and used individually and also in combination together. Along with the usual table and an open bookshelf, this design also includes other storage elements, such as a ladder-shaped rack. To enhance the beauty of the shelf and the table, plants and artwork have been used judiciously so that these elements complement the items and do not overwhelm them.

6. Modern White study table with bookshelf Design

A white desk with two white chairs and a computer.

Another white design for all the minimalists out there, this design is softer than the previous one. It is complemented by the rich and warm brown wooden shades, along with an off-white aesthetic. The shelf and the table are compact yet offer enough space for your needs.

7. Corner study table with bookshelf design

A white desk with a laptop and bookshelf in a home office.

If you don’t have a lot of space but would still like to have a study table along with a bookshelf in your room, this design is perfect for you. It consists of simple wooden furniture accented with white paint. The bookshelf is an open-concept bookshelf, allowing for ample space for books as well as larger files. The setup is accessorised using an industrial floor lamp and some simple indoor plants.

8. Ladder Bookshelf and Table Design

A home office with plants and a desk.

If you are looking for an eclectic modern study table with bookshelf design, this ladder-design bookshelf and table is perfect for you. Set up near a spacious window, it allows for ample natural light to keep you focused yet connected to nature. It also has added greenery for an overall organic look. The ladder bookshelf is big enough to hold stacks of books along with other items such as boxes and crates of miscellaneous office and craft supplies.

9. Small and simple study table with bookshelf

A white desk with a laptop, plants and a clock.

A simple, small, and elegant bookshelf plus study table design that is perfect for smaller spaces and rooms. It uses a combination of white with engineered wood for a modern aesthetic. The shelves are easy to reach and a large metal table lamp allows for ample light to avoid eye strain. This design uses a lot of negative space to make a statement, however, you can always fill it with other shelves and items to increase storage.

10. Quirky Squares Study Table and Bookshelf Design

A white office with a desk and bookshelves.

In smaller spaces, it is necessary to save horizontal space to avoid making the room cramped. In such cases, it is best to use the vertical space as much as possible. This study table and bookshelf design use this principle, albeit uniquely, by adding small square cubicle-like shelves on the walls that can be used to store everything from books to files, to even accessories such as vases and clocks. The table and shelves are accented with a muted gold lining along with a simple pearly white shade that is enhanced by natural light coming from the large glass window. For added storage, the table has drawers as well.

11. Open Concept Study Table and Bookshelf Design

A home office with a desk, chair and plants.

This study table and bookshelf design incorporates minimal design and colour elements for a beautiful look. It also includes a drawer cabinet that can be moved around as per your needs and convenience. The table is accented with green indoor plants for a touch of nature. A comfy pseudo-leather chair will keep your posture correct, allowing you to work longer hours.

12. Scandinavian-style study table and Bookshelf

An office with a yellow chair and bookshelves.

If you stay away from boring, usual, and the same old designs, you can consider this particularly unique and eclectic bookshelf and study table design that employs different shapes such as hexagons, rectangles, and cuboids for shelves. The hexagonal wall shelves are sure to help give you a unique look, along with providing ample space to store your items. The table set up on a wire frame is paired with a uniquely shaped chair that is comfortable yet enables you to work efficiently.

13. Study table and Large bookshelf Design

A home office with a desk and bookshelves.

If you are looking for a bigger, larger, and bolder study table with bookshelf design in corner then this might work well for you. This engineered wood shelf and table designed to look like wooden planks look amazing as it harkens back to a traditional look which is enhanced by large industrial windows and chairs. The bookshelf has a side table for quick storage. This design is perfect for people who need a lot of space.

While the table and shelf design both are iconic in their own right, what makes the overall setup looks even better is the flooring. Out of the many  flooring ideas for study room, this one with wooden planks that match the overall aesthetics of the table and the shelf elevates the look. Do consider the floor and the walls while installing a shelf and a study table in your room, as all these elements together can surely make your room stand apart.

14. Study table with bookshelf ideas: Attached

A white desk with a laptop and a plant in front of it.

If space is a constraint, you may choose to invest in a table that can double as a shelf. For instance, this simple, small, yet elegant table has inbuilt storage space available on its feet that can be used as a bookshelf. If you do not require a lot of storage space and still want to have a bookshelf, this might be the perfect design for you.

15. Modern computer desk study table with bookshelf rack

A modern office with wooden slats and a desk.

If you have ample space for different elements and want to focus on aesthetics along with functionality, a table with a large bookshelf and elevated design elements can make your room look decadent. This simple yet elegant table has multiple drawers along with a large shelf for books and other items installed on the wall. But the centre of attraction in this setup is the wooden table design with lights that are accentuated by the large window next to it. The wooden hues of the table and the overall setup is paired with a dark tile floor for a great contrast.

16. Study Table Design with Cabinets Above and Below the Table

3d rendering of a home office with shelves and a chair.

Sometimes you need a lot of space for work and storage. Smaller tables and bookshelves may not be enough for you. In such cases, you may need shelves installed on walls above the table and below the table as well. For instance, in this design, the legs of this large table serve as chests of drawers, while a larger shelf sits right on the top of the table with multiple storage racks and cabinets. It also has a longer shelf rack with other storage facilities. Paired with a herringbone floor, this table gets ample natural light from an open window, giving it the space a striking look. Surely a great big study table with bookshelf design.

17. Pretty study table concept for Couples with Open Shelves

study table for Couples with Open Shelves

Nowadays, space is often a constraint, and you may not have an ample budget or a spare room to convert it into a study room. In such cases, you may consider a study table with bookshelf in bedroom design. While a single bedroom with study table can work great, you may take things up a notch if you share your bedroom with a partner by adding another table. This simple design installed on the wall combines two tables and two large bookshelves for ample storage and comfort. This way, both partners can work happily together.

18. Study table with Staircase Design

A home office with a desk and bookshelves.

Reiterating the earlier point, do not allow space constraints to hold you back, instead think of using whatever space you have in a unique and different manner. Out-of-the-box ideas such as this corner bookshelf with study table installed right next to a staircase will not only allow you to use space efficiently, but will also enhance the overall look of your house. With two shelves – one next to the table and one beyond the stairs, this table is perfect for people who love minimal aesthetics with a twist.

19. Study table with Bookshelf and Wardrobe

A modern office with a wooden desk and a large poster.

Another design that can sit right into your bedroom. This study table and bookshelf design incorporates wardrobe-like cabinets that can be used to store not only books, but other items as well. With a distinct contrast of grey and wood, this design looks elegant and classy.

20. Study table Stylish bookshelf

A room with a desk, bookshelf, and a lamp.

Another simple and elegant bookshelf and study table design is elevated with the help of the colour palette. The white, brown, and beige shades make this design setup look quite hip and stylish. Paired with wooden boxes for storage and a glass bookshelf, this setup utilises different styles and aesthetics together.

21. Study table with bookshelf next to bed

Study table with bookshelf next to bed

A small study table with a bookshelf design for a small bedroom, this is perfect for kids as well as adults. To save space, the bookshelf has been installed into the frame of the bed itself. The table is also connected to the frame, making it a single-piece setup that is efficient, looks good, and saves space.

22. Modern Study table and Bookshelf Design for Kids’ Bedroom

A room with bunk beds and a desk.

A bedroom study table with bookshelf is a great choice for not only adults, but kids as well. For instance, this design, which includes two bunk beds along with a large shelf and a small table right next to a large window, not only looks good, but uses the limited space judiciously. It also has stairs to go to the upper bed that double as drawers for additional space. Perfect for households with two kids.

23. Study table with and Partition Bookshelf

A room with a desk and bookshelves.

If you want to add a study table and a bookshelf in your bedroom, but want to keep the two spaces separate, you can use the bookshelf as a partition between the bed and the study table. This way, you will be able to have a study area and a sleeping area in the same bedroom. 

24. L Shaped study table with bookshelf Design

L shaped study table with bookshelf design

L-shaped counters and study tables use space efficiently, even if they are small ones. Instead of wasting corners, L-shaped study tables put them to use, providing you extra space to store things as well as to work upon. Another factor that makes L-shaped tables quite efficient is the use of vertical space. For instance, here we see multiple shelves installed on walls using vertical space efficiently.

25. Under the Stairs Study table with bookshelf Design

A home office with a desk, bookshelf and stairs.

From the many designs of bookshelf with study table attached and non-attached are available in the market, designs that employ space efficiently are considered to be the best. This one, for instance, uses the otherwise wasted space under the stairs for a stylish and bold study table along with a horizontal bookshelf. The stairs themselves are being used as shelves, utilising every inch of space judiciously. 

Reasons To Invest In A Study Table With Storage

There are multiple reasons why you should buy a study table along with added storage for your home. Some of these major reasons are as follows:


A study table has become quite crucial as more and more people are choosing to work and study from home. For this purpose, a private space is necessary where the individual can disconnect from the home and focus on being productive. Productivity thrives in a clean, clutter-free, and organised space for which storage options are necessary. A study table with storage can be used to store everything related to work or study that is not needed immediately, making your workspace available and clutter-free. 


There are many options of storage available such as shelves, cabinets, open shelves, bookshelves, etc. that can be used to store and display things with ease. 


A study table with storage can help you save money which you would have otherwise spent on buying multiple shelves and organisers. Similarly, it can also save space.


This article is just the entry to the world of study tables and bookshelves, and ideally, you should use it to inspire you to create something unique and personal. If you would like to find more inspiration regarding study tables, home decor, and tiles, please visit the Orientbell Tiles blog now!

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