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Summer Assessment: How Effective are Cool Roof Tiles in Temperature Control?

Cool roof tiles have gained popularity for providing a cooling solution to roof tiling in recent times. In simple words, cool roof tiles mean tile flooring for roofs but possess many different features than regular tiles. While you would expect to get a cool, comforting feel when you step on your bedroom tile flooring, cool roof tiles are laid to keep the interiors cool. 

Regular roof floor tiles have zero role to play in cooling down the indoor temperatures, especially during the harsh hot summer days in Northern and Southern India. Some homeowners even consider installing ceramic wall cladding to reduce heat, but its cost-benefit ratio is not very beneficial. 

So, if you are wondering how to protect roof from sun heat in India and beat the heat in your interiors, you should consider laying cool roof tiles on your roof or terrace. The cooling tiles for terrace are more effective in controlling temperatures during summer. 

What are Cool Roof Tiles? 

Cool roof tiles are specially designed tiles to maintain a pleasant temperature indoors during summers in India. They are made using ceramic material with a Solar Reflective Index (SRI) value of 98, which is much higher than the recommended 78. The SRI value indicates the ability of the tile surface to reflect solar and infrared heat to the atmosphere. Because of the high SRI value, cool roof tiles can reflect sunlight, which can cool the indoors and make the interiors pleasant. So, if you are wondering how to keep top floor cool in summer in India, you should pick these cool tiles or heat resistant tiles for roof. By laying them on your roof, you can lower the inside temperature significantly and enhance the comfort level. You can lay them on roofs, terraces, balconies, and every area exposed to direct sunlight.

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How Do Cool Roof Tiles Work? 

Cool roof floor tiles feature a special glazed layer, which provides high reflective properties to the tile surfaces. So, they can reflect most of the sunlight they receive and quickly radiate the heat to the surroundings. This helps to keep the base of the tiles cooler than their surfaces, thereby, providing a cooling effect to the interiors. That’s why these tiles are an ideal roofing choice for buildings in hot climates. 

When you install cooling tiles for terrace or roof, you can easily keep the indoor temperature cool and pleasant. They are perfect for maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the buildings, even on the topmost floor, which thereby helps in lowering energy consumption.

The heat resistant tiles for roof help in reducing electrical expenses as you no longer have to depend on air conditioners to maintain a comfortable and pleasant temperature within your indoors, even when the outdoor temperature is 40°C or more. If you own a residential or commercial building, you can easily save money on your energy expenses by installing cool roof tiles. 

Ordinary Tiles vs Cool Roof Tiles 

Even though cool roof tiles are made with ceramic materials, they are different from ordinary ceramic tiles. There are some visible and technical differences between the two. Let’s explore their differences a bit and understand their effectiveness as heat resistance or solar reflection. 

Ordinary Tiles Cool Roof Tiles 
Durability Low water absorption. However, an additional glaze is needed for better durability in humid areas. Low water absorption. Cool tiles are designed to survive in the most extreme weather conditions. 
Strength Low weight-bearing capacity.Made using the finest raw materials that ensure longevity.
Usage Perfect for indoor walls and floors.Perfect for exterior walls and floors, including terraces, and balconies. 
Reflective Property Low Solar Reflective Index High Solar Reflective Index that reflects sunlight and radiates heat better than other tile options. 
Advantages Lower abrasion, scratch, and stain resistance. Comparatively higher resistance to scratches, abrasion, and stains. 
Affordability More common and affordable. Relatively costlier and used for keeping spaces cool. 

Heading into Cool Roof Tiles by Orientbell Tiles

Orientbell Tiles offers an exclusive range of cool roof tiles with high SRI that block the sun’s heat and harmful rays from penetrating your building’s structure. When you lay Orientbell Tiles’ floor cooling tiles on your terrace, balcony, and open corridors, they can help you combat the heat and conserve energy. These tiles are specially designed to boost the thermal efficiency of your building. 

So, if you are planning to upgrade your roofing, why don’t you consider checking out Orientbell Tiles’ cool tile options? These tiles are perfect for roofs and terraces in hot areas. Also, they come with a matte-finished surface which can provide a risk-free walking experience. You can pick cool roof tile options like OPV Orient EC Cool Tiles, PAV Cool Tile White, Orient Cool Tiles (EC) Bianco, and Hulk Cool White which come in light tones and prevent absorbing any heat and bounce back heat and rays to the atmosphere. So, irrespective of where you live in India, if your domestic or commercial building gets exposed to extreme temperatures, you can opt for Orientbell Tiles’ cooling tiles for terrace

Advantages of Orientbell Tiles’s Cool Tiles 

Orientbell Tiles’s cool tiles offer multiple benefits. Here are some of the advantages that you can expect if you install these heat resistant tiles for roof.

  • Reduction in Energy Expenses: The cool tiles help bounce back the heat and warm UV rays, maintaining a comfortable and pleasant temperature indoors. Thus, they reduce heat transfer into the buildings, the need for air conditioners, and energy costs.
  • Heat and Moisture Protection: Cool tiles protect the rooftop from extremely high temperatures during summers in India, and safeguard the roof against excessive moisture during monsoons. 
  • Ease of Maintenance: Orientbell Tiles’ cool tiles are also easy to clean and maintain. You do not need to follow any additional maintenance steps other than simply wet mopping the floor. 
  • Beautiful Rooftop Look: Orientbell Tiles offers light-toned elegant cool tile options that you can pick if you are looking for a beautiful roof tiles design India to create a simple yet elegant rooftop look. 
  • Environmental Advantages: Thanks to their ability to reduce the urban heat island effect, cool tiles can lessen the use of ACs, which can help reduce the emission of CO₂, thereby reducing global warming and safeguarding the ozone layer. 


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Cool roof tiles are highly recommended for rooftops and terraces if you want to beat the heat during hot summer days. They can not only lower indoor temperatures but also protect from moisture during rainy seasons. Thus, they are perfect for tuning your rooftops or terraces into a comfortable living space. Orientbell Tiles offers different varieties of cooling tiles for terrace and roofs. You can select from a range of cool roof tile profiles if you visit Orientbell Tiles’ website or the nearest offline store. 

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