To understand the pros and cons of matte finish tiles, you must first know what matte tiles are. A special layer is added on top of matte finish tiles to give it a more subtle look. Matte tiles are known for their non-shiny, non-slippery surface that makes it a perfect fit for not just spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, offices but also bathroom and kitchen floors. They effortlessly add elegance and sophistication to any space be it floor or walls.

Once popularly used as bathroom floor tiles and can be easily combined with glossy finish wall tiles, today, with technological advancements and innovation in designs and textures these tiles have slowly become a trending choice for all floor spaces of homes and commercial spaces.

Depending on your choice and mood board, you can fit matte files wherever you deem fit and where their properties are put more to use. Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of matte tiles:


matte finish tiles in the bathroom

They Are Low Maintenance: Be it matte or glossy, ceramic or vitrified, tiles are much easier to clean and maintain over natural stones like marble or granite. Matte finish tiles require low to no maintenance and can be mopped or washed as per your requirements. Owing to this, matte tiles are an amazing choice for busy places like the kitchen, living room, lobbies, and commercial spaces such as libraries, restaurants and pubs.

flooring design for kitchen with drawers and island

Available in Ceramic and Vitrified Body: To suit your need and budget matte finish tiles are available in both ceramic and vitrified body. This not just give you multiple designs to choose from but decide which is better for your floor and wall as per your need.

Want to have a matte finish kitchen walls? Choose from a range of ceramic wall tiles available in matte finish. These can be clubbed with other matte finish tiles like highlighter walls tiles to create a wall concept.

You can also choose from an array of matte finish vitrified tile ready to adorn your floor and walls in multiple designs like; marble, stone or even wood.

Not just this, they are great for outdoor spaces like parking lots, garden walkways, balconies and terraces etc. You can now explore the latest paver tiles here. 

They Can Give A Natural Rustic Finish: Along with the durability and shelf life, they also give a naturally rustic look. So if you’ve decided to have that look and feel in your tiles, matte tiles are the perfect fit.

From providing a colonial charm to giving your spaces an elegant scandinavian look, matte finish tiles can pull it all.

flooring idea for living room

They Are Non-Slippery: Matte tiles are non-slippery as they have better friction than gloss tiles. This quality makes them the go-to options for bathrooms and wet areas. Matte floor tiles are also a better option from the safety point of view if you have kids, senior citizens and pets living with you. However, you must ensure that the floor is not wet as that can hamper the slip resistance. Moreover, wet surfaces can be a breeding ground for moss and algae that can make them slippery. Keep wiping the floor regularly.

living room facing swimming pool and garden

Available in Multiple Sizes: From small format tiles in 350x450mm to larger size tiles of 800x1600mm. Matte finish tiles are available in multiple sizes. The variety of sizes ensure that there is a size available for every space.


office entrance design

Stains Can Be More Stubborn: Though they are easy to maintain, it can be a little difficult to remove stubborn stains from matte tiles. Having said that, it is not impossible. As their surface is not as smooth as glossy tiles, the stains can take a little while longer to remove. You might just need to give the sticky stains a rigorous scrub than usual. You can also read our blog post on ‘How to Clean Matte Finish Tiles’ here.

Not A Good Choice For Darker Rooms: The biggest disadvantage of matt tiles is that they are not reflective. In darker rooms like basements, the presence of reflective surfaces is important. If the surface isn’t reflective, the space may look darker and can become dangerous. Even from the décor point of view, it will only make the room look closed rather than opening it up.


You must use matte tiles depending on the size and lighting of the space. Of course, it also depends on the atmosphere you prefer to create. Ultimately, it comes down to individual choice and how you want to make your space your own.

If you are still confused about whether matte tiles are good for your space and fit your criteria, then one of our in-house tile experts will help you solve your queries. Alternatively, the ‘See tile in my room’ option on our website, which Orientbell Tiles is one of the first companies to adapt, can show you in real time how every tile on our website will look in your rooms. You can either choose from the preset images to see how they look or you can upload your own space by choosing that option. Either way, it will make your choosing tiles easier.