Recent developments indicate that white is emerging to be the top choice when it comes to revamping the floor. White oozes purity and makes your room look bigger as it reflects a lot of light. White flooring brings a certain elegance to your room that is unmatched.

Orientbell brings to you a diverse range of white tiles that can bring the look to your decor that you’ve always wanted. Orientbell has whites in both ceramic and vitrified tile types to suit your needs. An added feature of these tiles offered by Orientbell is that they are germ-free which is always an added benefit. This feature makes the tiles safe from any growth of unwanted microorganisms and fungi. Germ-free technology works effectively between mopping cycles which means you don’t need to mop to get away from the germs, the tiles do that job for you.

A big concern for people who plan on white tiles is how they’ll keep it clean. Trust us, it is not difficult at all. The processes to keep these tiles clean are not very difficult to follow.

Listed down are some ways in which one can keep their white floor tiles last long, clean, healthy and looking ever beautiful.

Simple Cleaning

A simple, regular, basic cleaning by a wet cloth should be enough. This regular practice helps you keep your floor keep away stubborn stains, collected chunks of dirt, dust and what not. The only key thing in this process is to be regular at this task. It will surely be more than enough.

Vinegar Solution

This is one of the most popular ways that people adopt when it comes to cleaning tiles. It is a homemade remedy to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the tiles. This solution works perfectly well and is very easy to make too. All you’ve got to do is pour a cup of vinegar in a couple of cups of hot water and stir well to make a solution. Take a soft, dry mop and soak it in this solution. Get rid of the extra liquid and use the mop for scrubbing floors, preferably in a circular motion. You can also pour vinegar-water mixture in spray bottles and spray it directly on the floor. However, there are certain things which one should keep in mind when mopping the floor. The first and foremost is that one should always use a micro-fibre cloth to mop because other materials can cause some damage to the tiles. Make sure it’s not a rough cloth. Please remember that one can always go to the extremes when it comes to cleaning but being tile friendly is perhaps all you need. If you’re gentle and regular with the cleaning, it also extends the life of your tiles.

Commercial Cleaners

This is what people opt for when they don’t have much time to spare. They hire a professional to clean their tiles for them. There are a lot of commercial chemical solutions like Lysol, Pine-Sol and Mr. Clean available in the market. These cleaners are equipped with strong chemicals and acids which can make your tile sparkling again but it is also believed that these solutions have a very high possibility of eventually corroding the tiles. Hence, this cannot be a regular option. Moreover, this is an expensive way to clean your tiles!

To do away with the worries of tiles changing colours, textures and finishes because of cleaning, you should head over to some of the exclusive and amazing floor tiles that Orientbell has to offer. While you’re on the website, do check out the range in Rhino Tiles, Ascend Tiles and Forever Tiles. Tiles of your favorite color and finish are available in both ceramic and vitrified materials to suit your needs.